13 Player Tips to Cheat on Your Boyfriend and Not Get Caught

This publication explains how to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught. However, note that infidelity in a relationship is a breach of trust.

how to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught

Before you cheat on your boyfriend, consider if you are interested in the relationship anymore. Perhaps, you feel the need for a polygamous relationship or no longer love your boyfriend. Nonetheless, it is better to leave the relationship instead of cheating.

But if you decide to cheat on your boyfriend and remain in the relationship, follow this guide to do so and get away with it.

How to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught

You want to keep your bf (boyfriend) in the dark while everything looks normal and natural to keep them from being suspicious. Do the following:

  1. Give yourself reasons to cheat

Think deeply about cheating on your boyfriend. Merely being angry at him or feeling trapped in the relationship is not enough reason. In fact, there is always no valid reason at all to cheat and remain in the relationship.

Perhaps, the relationship is growing dull and lifeless, and you find yourself or your bf taking out frustrations about something that is not related to the relationship.

You may be suspicious or caught him in the act and believe the only way to amend your hurt is to be a cheat. Cheating is not also the answer if you feel played.

These and many more could be your reason but make sure to have a vaguely justifiable reason, bearing in mind that cheating is not always justified.

  1. Keep your feelings to yourself

Since the objective is to avoid getting caught, you want to start by not letting anyone in your plans. Your close friends may notice a significant change in your behavior but never say a word.

The wind has ears, and the next moment before you know it, your actions go into the light. Of course, you would lose the respect of your friends and family.

  1. Use separate contact information

You need separate contact information for the new guy, including email address and phone number.

Create a new email address and get a new phone number your boyfriend is not aware of. If your boyfriend regularly checks your phone, save the new guy’s name as something he will never be suspicious of. Below are a few suggestions:

  • Eyelash technician
  • My makeup artist
  • Mom’s cleaner
  • Aunt’s employee, etc.

You can even save the number with a feminine name to protect your affair’s identity.

Be clear about one thing with the guy you cheat with – that you have a boyfriend, so they should give limited calls or use your email instead.

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You can be logging into the email address via a browser instead of saving it to your phone.

To use chat apps like WhatsApp, Telegram, etc., clone the app you want to use with your affair. Modern smartphones allow you to clone apps. After cloning, hide the app using the security feature of your phone.

  1. Use private browsing

If you created a different chat app like Facebook Messenger for the new guy, use incognito or private browsing mode. Some browsers call it private session. This prevents your browser from storing cookies of your activities.

You only have to log into the account whenever you have to spend time with your affair.

If you do not want to use incognito or private browsing, always clear your browser history. Clear all your activities that have to do with your affair or related to having an affair with someone outside your relationship.

Clearing all browsing history will look suspicious, so keep unrelated searches when erasing the others. You would have to manually delete histories related to the activity.

Clearing browser history is not a foolproof way to be anonymous because the cookies from your browser show targeted ads. This means that since you searched stuff related to dating, most ads displayed on the webpages will be related to it, and a smart boyfriend can tell you are up to something.

Thus, private browsing or going incognito is always the solution. Most modern browsers, including Safari, Chrome, and Firefox have this feature.

  1. Keep your cell phone locked

If your bf does not know your password, you are in the clear. If he knows your password, you need to clone and hide the chat apps you need for the other guy.

If you tell your boyfriend, “Babe, I need to change my password,” he will suspect something is wrong, especially since you do not have to tell him the new password.

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So, do not change your password. If he does not know your password, it is okay to change it in case he figured out the previous one.

  1. No phone calls in his presence

Limit your conversations with the other guy to keep your bf in the dark. Another thing you want to do is to change the name of your affair in your contact list very often.

For example, if you stored him as “Mom’s hairdresser” today, change it to “Cousin’s delivery person” a few days later. This will bring inconsistency that blocks your boyfriend from suspecting calls from the other guy.

  1. Get a prepaid cell phone

A prepaid cellphone is a pay-as-you-talk phone, and credit is purchased in advance of service use. This allows you to talk about your affair without the charges showing up on your monthly phone bill.

Ensure to keep it hidden. If your bf finds you with it, he will want to know why it is necessary to have one.

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Unless they are not smart, they would be suspicious irrespective of the lies or excuses you manufacture for them.

  1. Use cash for suspicious purchases

Questionable charges from businesses out of town, hotel rooms, restaurants, etc., will show up on your monthly statement.

Use cash only. Make your ATM withdrawals and then use the cash to pay for the services. You could also have the guy handle the bills to prevent suspicious expenses from your account.

Do not also buy any item that is likely to put you on the map. You could trend for that even without knowing, and your boyfriend will question why it is so. Never post the pictures of your outings, even without your affair guy in it.

  1. Have a hidden birth control

Your boyfriend will question condoms or other birth control found in your possession. It is also unlikely that you will need those in a monogamous relationship, so keeping them around is a sign you have skeleton in the closet.

Keep additional or missing condoms and birth control used outside the infidelity. You need separate condoms and birth control when sleeping with your affair.

Get rid of any unused condoms and birth control before you return home. If you are caught keeping them around, you will need more than excuses to convince a smart boyfriend.

  1. Laugh at your bf’s suspicions

When your boyfriend confronts you about being suspicious, do not get mad. Laugh it off and question their trust in you.

A negative reaction to their accusation will only make them follow you closely to confirm their suspicion. Do not also laugh in a mean-spirited way or make fun of him for his suspicions.

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A simple act of surprise or bewilderment will make them believe they accused you wrongly. Of course, he would be back to apologize for just being human.

  1. Talk to your boyfriend

Do not run away from the conversation after your initial lighthearted reaction and act of disbelief. Talk to your boyfriend about their recent development and why they think you are a cheat.

He obviously has no proof and is merely looking to savor proof from your reaction. Speaking to him about his suspicions is a sign that you take his feelings seriously. And soon, his resentment will no longer linger and fester.

Do not apologize for how they feel until they do so. Otherwise, you are sending a message that you are sorry you did what they think.

The point is to be a good listener and regain their trust. Being defensive will only make them stay insecure, reducing your chance of continuing with the affair outside, or crashing the relationship.

  1. Stop or put the affair on hold

Do this by stopping or changing your suspicious behavior. If you listened to your boyfriend’s complaint, you would have gathered information on the factors tipping him about your infidelity.

Have an open conversation with him about stopping the behavior since it makes them uncomfortable. If you just go ahead to change, you would be giving him a sign that you cheated.

Avoid making dramatic changes and remain natural. Suppose his suspicions emanated from your late-night calls. This time around, set up late-night calls with your female friends in his presence to make up for it. Involve him in the conversation, giving him the impression that it was never what he thought it was.

  1. Stop or put the affair on hold

A more important way to cheat on your boyfriend and not get caught is to stop the affair or put a hold on it when your boyfriend brings his suspicion to the table.

Get in touch with your affair and call it off or tell them you need to stop seeing each other for a while. Focus all the time on your boyfriend until he has no cause to suspect your infidelity.

Reassure your bf that you would not do anything to hurt the relationship. Finally, speak to someone you trust for advice.

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