Excuses Not to Go to School Besides Being Sick

So, what good excuses not to go to school besides being sick can you give to parents, guardians, or even your school management to get out of going to school?

excuses not to go to school besides being sick
An excuse letter

Reddit and Quora have been consulted in the compilation of this list of believable excuses for missing school besides being sick. We filtered out the best suggestions about missing school and have arranged them from top priority to the least for you to pick from.

Excuses not to go to school besides being sick

According to KidsHealth, “When you worry about school, it can affect your body.” Thus, continuing to school might not be particularly reasonable for the day (unless there’s a class test). That said, below are excuses not to go to school besides being sick:

1. “I left my homework/project at home.”

What is a good excuse to miss school besides being sick? Homework being left at home is a good excuse for not going to school outside sickness. If you have an important school project after you had prepared it, unfortunately, you forgot it at home, this could be a good reason to stay back.

Due to the forgotten homework, you can leverage that as an excuse not to attain school. But also, you must understand how paramount it is to your parents that you attain good grades.

2. “I had a hurting toothache.”

Suppose your day is horrible, you’re leaving for school, but unexpectedly you felt a sharp pain in your tooth, and had to go to the dentist quickly. This is another good reason to stay home from school, which is slightly different from faking sickness.

3. “I’m working on a project for another class.”

Once efforts are put into studying, parents tend to be understanding and admiring. And though, they might not understand why you have to skip school, they will be satisfied with your attempt. Handling a project for the next class is quite a better excuse to stay back from school. You could add that the coming class is a bit tougher and you need to be prepared enough to easily understand the class.

4. “I tried to help a little animal I found.”

People, including your parents and teachers, tend to have a soft spot for little animals. So, if you recently came across a little animal and tried to save it, that is a good reason to be absent from school.

So you were going to school, right? You probably wanted to be the overall at the math class, suddenly you discovered a little kitten pacing between the cars, then you decided to help it. Luckily you managed to take it to a veterinarian and it is now safe. You could then add that you lost the urge to be in school.

5. “I was in tears due to something bad happened.”

This excuse could work if you are a girl. If you something or someone affected your emotions, consider crying to give the impression that you won’t be able to pay attention in class if you get to school that day.

6. “Some kids made fun of me. I had to hide.”

Did some kids gang up against you? You could leverage this excuse to be absent from class. You are advised not to use this excuse if your parents are the type that would report to the school immediately. But if you believe the bullying kids would be a problem, inform your school authorities or your teacher immediately.

7. “I needed a mental health day.”

You had wanted to go to school but since you are stressed, you are now unable to. Maybe your best friend had a very crucial problem and you were the only person available to help. Explain that helping your friend took longer than you expected, so you decided to stay back from school and prepare your mind for the next day.

8. “I had unexpected diarrhea.”

You took a walk to the cafeteria to get food, (could be a tuna sandwich, or an egg salad) but on seeing them, you immediately got sick. As a result, you had a running stomach and needed to stay in the restroom. You can add that you could not go to the nurse since you were unable to leave the restroom for the time being due to rumbling and uncomfortable stomach.

9. “You forgot your school bag on the bus and needed to get it back

Forgetting your school bag on the school bus is another reasonable excuse not to go to school besides being sick. You can be deliberate about this act by leaving your bag in the bus if you have to stay back from school. Make sure you don’t leave valuables in the bag.

Or you could claim that some boys came after your satchel. You managed to secure it to yourself but then lost the urge to be in school after the experience. If this is indeed your experience, make sure you inform the police.

10. “I fell off on the sidewalk and went to the ER.”

If choosing this excuse, you must be a good actor as you will have to pretend to be having pains, for example, in your knees and arms.

11. “Hmmm, I had a girl problem.”

Having a girl problem is always be a good excuse not to go to school besides being sick if you’re a girl. It could be painful sometimes and adults know it, so your parents are likely to accept this made-up (or honest) reason. You could tell them it happened on the road and so, you had to return home.

12. “I totally forgot to check in so I was marked absent from classes.”

This could be a great reason to be absent from school without faking sickness, but you’re pretending as though you were at school. You could say you forgot to check in when you wanted to go in when your friend had a problem and so you tried helping them. You managed to solve the problem but forgot to check-in.

13. Just be honest

Without doubt, honesty is the best excuse to stay back from school besides being sick, so, it is the most important among the various good excuses for not going to school without calling sick.

Honesty is quite a hard option since your parents may be furious or tell you off and in the end, you might get disciplined if you get caught lying about going to school.

Parents do listen. The earlier you relay the problems to them, the higher the chances that they will understand your demand.

14. “I missed the bus.”

It can happen that you slept and woke late, then missed the bus. If it indeed happened that you overslept, your parents should understand it (but the school may not, unless you provide them with a concrete reason why you slept late).

15. “I met to talk to my counselor about scholarships.”

Parents would normally be happy with a move like meeting your counselor to discuss possible scholarships. Going to the counselor could take time and so, returning to class, you got marked absent. You might need proof that you met with the counselor though.

How do I skip school without getting marked absent?

You can skip school without getting marked absent by submitting a note for an excused absence some days before you skip. Use a good handwriting for your note and sign it with your parent’s name.

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