4 Ways to Get a High School Diploma if You Dropped Out

Hey, it’s never too late to get back to school, or for whatever reason. As such, this publication explains how you can get a high school diploma if you dropped out some time ago.

How to get a high school diploma if you dropped out

Students will drop out of high school for many reasons. It could be the need to work to support the family, enlist and leave for war, or even teenage rebellion.

Fortunately, hope is not lost if you left high school before graduation. Your circumstance does not also affect your chances, besides, someone in the U.S. drops out of high school every 9 seconds.

How to get a high school diploma if you dropped out

You can earn a high school diploma in several ways to continue your college education or apply for a job. Follow the steps below if you dropped out:

  1. Re-enroll in high school

If you believe it is the right decision to get back in high school after dropping out, you can re-enroll. The enrollment process and age limitation depend on your city, school district, and state. Just make sure to get in touch with your local school board for information regarding these.

If you are below 21 or under 18, you can visit the school’s front office where you dropped out and ask for re-enrollment papers. If you are 21 or older, you can still get your diploma credentials, or complete your credits.

Consider making an appointment to speak with the guidance counselor of the school if you are not sure of the process or your decision for advice on what to do.

  1. Enroll online

You can enroll online for a high school diploma if you dropped out, irrespective of your age. This is an even better option, compared to a GED certificate, if you have not yet completed high school but need to earn an accredited high school diploma.

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The online high school curriculum is similar to that of any regular high school, except that you get to complete the work at your own pace and schedule.

Some online courses even allow you to work ahead and complete the course early. You could also go to school part-time for a high school diploma, typically in a manner that fits you, especially if you have a job.

If you are only a few classes away from earning your high school diploma, you need to submit your transcripts and receive credit for the courses you already completed. Make sure not to fake the high school transcript though.

Some websites are unscrupulous and have no authority to issue diplomas. However, these fake websites are more than happy to accept your payment for fake high school diploma certificates.

When enrolling for a high school diploma program online, make sure they pass the “smell test”. Find out if the high school diploma is acceptable by employers and colleges.

You also want to verify if the virtual school is nationally or regionally accredited by any agency. You also want to know if the program employs credentialed and licensed teachers.

Request access to a course demo or to sample a program. Review the catalog of the school diploma course as well because credible schools typically have course descriptions for all offered courses.

  1. Take GED test

GED (General Education Development) test is a multiple-choice test that measures if you acquired the necessary skills to graduate high school.

If you decide to take the GED test, prepare to answer questions in areas such as mathematics, science, writing reading, and social studies. Some cities even host low-cost or free GED preparedness courses usually held at night. You will receive a high school equivalence certificate for passing the GED.

  1. Honorary high school diploma

The honorary high school diploma is issued in recognition of the life experiences of honorably discharged veterans and even civilians unable to complete their high school education due to service in the armed forces during World War II. In Missouri, for instance, the civilians are referred to as prisoners of war (POWs). Examples include:

Make sure to search online or contact your state’s veterans services office to inquire about benefits.

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