How to Get into a Locked Car Through the Trunk

You want to know how to get into a locked car through the trunk if you accidentally left the key in the trunk.

how to get into a locked car through the trunk

Usually, you want to break in through the door from the outside. But if that’s not possible, the alternatives in this guide are your best best.

How to get into a locked car through the trunk

Consider the following ways to get into your locked car through the trunk:

1. Enter through the trunk

If your vehicle uses manual locks, it’s possible that the trunk is unlocked although the doors are locked. If the trunk is open, then getting into the car through the trunk is possible, and here’s how you do it:

a. Open your trunk

Search for any available opening you can use to access the interior of your vehicle. You should find an opening like this around the center of the rear seats.

b. Push the rear seats to the front

Find equipment or attachment on the rear seat that you can pull or press to lower the rear seats so you can push them forward. Some sedan cars feature a cable you can pull to lower the rear seats to push them to the front. Look for it along the rear seat edges.

C. Enter the car interior

After you find an attachment that lets you push the back seats forward to get into a locked car through the trunk, crawl in and unlock the doors manually.

Note that entering your car from the trunk in a public place like a parking lot, for instance, can attract theft suspicion. Thus, you need to have your identification handy in case authorities walk up to you.

If you can only enter from the trunk, but the locking mechanism will not unlock, consider getting a certified professional to do the job.

2. Get the spare keys

Depending on your current location, it could take some minutes to hours to get the spare keys to unlock your car without breaking in from the trunk. Replacing the trunk latch, for example, will cost around $100 to $200+, depending on the type of car you drive and the auto repair shop you go to.

You want to consider the time it’ll take to get the spare. If it’ll take about 2 hours for a spare to arrive, it’s worth waiting for it. Also, if you’re calling a technician to complete the fix, consider the cost. It’s probably cheaper to pay for the transportation of the spare keys to your location.

3. Buy a new key

Buying a new key is not a quick process, and you need your vehicle’s VIN and proof of ownership to get a new key. The dealership you bought the car should be able to help out. It may take days, up to a week or two.

You also have to tow the car to your location, which will cost additional money, or try leaving it where it is if it is a safe place. Just make sure it’s not a place where your car can be broken into or towed for a parking violation.

4. Get professional help

It’s already stressful enough to have your car key locked in the trunk. If you don’t have the DIY skills to get into the locked vehicle through the trunk, you need the services of professionals. Consider the following:

a. Locksmith

You want to contact a car locksmith to help you get back in your locked car. The advantage of using locksmith services is that they are skilled and have the necessary tools to open your car without damaging the trunk latch or locks. A locksmith can also make new keys if your older keys are lost, broken, or stolen.

b. Roadside assistance

You may get help from roadside assistance to get your trunk unlocked to access the inside of the car. These are usually mobile professionals who will visit your location to fix the situation.

These alternatives are better than breaking the latch to get into the car, which can potentially be expensive to repair. Not to even mention the possibility of damaging the car paint.

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