How to Get Your Little Brother to Shut Up

Although little brothers can be annoying, it is sometimes necessary to learn how to get your little brother to shut up.

Guess what? Your little brother will become your best lifelong friend. He will always be there, though he is troublesome today. Moreover, he could turn out to be the best man on your wedding day and would make no excuses when he has to babysit your kids.

My younger brother is the youngest in the family. Regardless of how annoying he was, I knew I’d need him someday. At the time, he gets to tell lies, and my parents believed him because he is the youngest.

Right now, my little bro is bigger than I am, but he lives 3,000 miles away, and I miss him, though we get in touch.

I’m not sure why your little brother should shut up. Is he disturbing your studies? Hurting your ears with too many questions?

Regardless of the reason, this article contains tips to get him to shut up for you to concentrate.

How to Get Your Little Brother to Shut Up

Below are the ways to get your little brother to shut up:

Run an Errand

Get away from your sib brother by running an errand within or away from the house. Suppose your parents do not want you to go out, convince them to let you out. Make sure to invite your same-gender friend to persuade your parents to let you go out.

Some of the things you can do to get busy include sneaking up on cats, chasing squirrels, walking a dog, etc.

Do you know you can use your little brother’s troubles as an excuse for sneaking out? First, learn the tips to sneak out when your parents are awake.

Pretend to Be Sick

You can pretend to be sick to get your little brother to shut up. Explain that you feel too dizzy to attend to him, and he’ll let you be.

He might even offer to do loads of works available in the house to please you while hoping you recover sooner.

Make sure not to inject, inhale, or swallow any substance to force sickness on you. Just fake it and look sad. If your parents notice the look, explain that you are keeping away from your brother to avoid disturbances.

Keep Him Away Humorously

You can use humor to keep your brother from disturbing or annoying you. Supposing your sibling says that your t-shirt is ugly, reply like:

It’s because I love them ugly. So, are you now pleased?

He might go away laughing or looking sad. But if he remains there, ask whether he would mind getting you new lovely t-shirts.

Time Him

Whenever I had something serious doing, and my nosy little brother pops up, I limit the time so that he doesn’t overstay.

Typically, I make 10 minutes, and I refuse his attempts to extend the time. When we agree on the time, I enable the timer on my phone or watch as the clock moves.

While the time runs, be attentive and interested in whatever the has to share. You can play with him, read a book with him, and learn his new songs. Keep reminding him that the time is running out and that if he disobeys the time, you won’t welcome him next time.

Get Noise Cancelling Headphones

If your little brother is being noisy in a different room and won’t stop, get noise-canceling headphones to aid your focus.

However, if you are studying and it is difficult to study with music, you have to fix his problem. Does he want to share his new talent? Tell you about the school? Just listen to him for a few minutes.

Meanwhile, if you find missed calls, see the excuses for not answering your phone.


It’s not advisable to ignore your little brother, but if he deserves it, then give it to him. When you ignore, he’ll leave your room and would be annoyed.

Little brothers love attention, but they get pissed when no attention is given to them. Of course, he will shut up and focus on his activities or meet a friend.

Give Him Excuses

If your little brother doesn’t stop bothering you, give him excuses like having a project, helping a friend, etc. You can say to him that you are thinking about what to get them many years from now, and they will shut up and leave you.

You can tell your brother that your guardians or dad and mom said no talking.

Lock Your Door

Suppose your little brother won’t shut up, shut your door. It sends a message that you are not interested in what he has to say or his disturbance. He will either shut up or knock on the door. If you do not respond after a couple of minutes, he will leave.

Send Him to a Relative’s House

You can get your brother out of the house for a while. Convince your mom to let him stay with a relative while you complete your assignments or fix your project.

Is it OK to shut your little brother up?

It depends. If your little brother is being noisy while playing or wants you to give him attention when you are busy with studies or a school project, ask him to shut up. However, if your little brother is meeting you for the first time in the day to request help with an assignment or to sing a new song he learned, it is not OK to shut him up.

When should you talk to him?

After shutting your brother up, get back to them when you’re done meditating, satisfied with your studies, or resting from your project. Begin by explaining to him that it wasn’t possible to talk to them because you were busy. You can spice up his happiness by getting him some treats.

Final Thoughts

Perhaps the tips above can work on your little brother to get him to shut up. Over a thousand elder brother tried the tips above, including myself, and it works when shutting up a little brother.

Once your brother knows he can’t count on the special time with you without annoying or disturbing you, he will stop being a nuisance.

Finally, when you keep your word, talk to him, and listen even you promise to, he will love you even more for the attention.

Note that your little brother is only being a little brother.

Meanwhile, you can learn to get your sister to shut up.

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