how do you steal a motorcycle

How Do You Steal a Motorcycle?

Do you want to steal a motorcycle as an experiment? It is dangerous, though, but how do you steal a motorcycle? Meanwhile, whether a motorcycle is locked/chained or not, you can jack it easily, but don’t get caught.

My custom bike was stolen some time ago, and it forced me to research motorcycle theft. I discovered the steps criminals employ to steal motorcycles and get away with it.

Although stealing a motorcycle looks easy, your heart beats faster when you get closer to the bike. You fear the owner could be watching and then fires a gun at you. The surveillance camera could also capture your identity, and you might run into the cops.

Note that cops do not give bikers hot pursuits, especially when they have no helmet on, except they’ve been informed about theft.

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Can a motorcycle be stolen?

Yes. A motorcycle can be stolen at any time and anywhere. Before you steal a motorcycle, you must target specific parts, including the engine and tires or the entire motorcycle.

How Do You Steal a Motorcycle

You don’t just approach a motorbike to steal it. The best practice is to plan the operation and know when to call it off.

Meanwhile, how do you steal a motorcycle?

  1. Research Your Target

First, get to know the target. As a vehicle theft prankster, you must understand what you’re doing before the hit.

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Be familiar with the location of the bike, the escape routes, and the shortest distance to your stolen motorcycle lair.

Know the motorcycle type. Research the security features of the motorcycle, and figure out the techniques to bypass them.

If you plan the hit at night, the parking spot must be without light.

  1. Establish What Theft Method to Use

Depending on the type of motorcycle and how the owner secures it, figure out a suitable method to steal it.

If the owner locks their motorcycle always, trucking might be the best option. Bike jacking is also perfect for stealing a secured motorcycle, but it exposes you to getting shut.

  1. Approach the Motorcycle

To steal the motorcycle, get closer to it, relax on the seat while searching around to ensure the owner is not approaching.

If you’re trucking the motorcycle, do not take more than 30 seconds to put it in the truck, and zoom off. You can spy the motorcycle from afar, pull the truck in, and steal it.

Methods for Stealing a Motorcycle

I have discussed how motorcycles are stolen. Let’s see some of the methods you can use to steal a motorcycle:

  1. Motorcycle Hot-Wiring

Hot-wiring a motorcycle is a smart way to steal it. Some modern motorbikes have been designed to prevent hot-wiring, though.

Do the following:

Get the Tools

The tools may vary, but you need a small flathead screwdriver, electrical tape, wiring diagram, and short-length wire.

Run a quick internet search for a serviceable electric layout. Modern motorcycles may feature immobilizers that deter you from hot-wiring.

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Find the Key Switch Connector

Follow the wires from the key switch. The wires should terminate in a plastic connector. Use a small screwdriver to open the connector to uncover the terminals.

Complete the Circuit

The key switch served a simple function; disconnect the motorcycle’s ignition circuit when in the off position. You may perform a quick internet search if you do not know what an ignition circuit looks like.

The wire can complete the circuit like the key switch. Find the ignition terminals on your diagram, and connect them with the wire.

Move the Bike

When you hotwire the motorcycle correctly, the lights should come on, and you can start it. There should be no sparks. Meanwhile, some motorcycles may isolate the ignition circuit from other functions, including the instrument cluster or lights.

Get additional wire jumpers necessary to make it function properly. Tape the connections, and if they fall out, the bike will die like you turned the key off.

  1. Dumping It in a Van

Another method regarding how you steal a motorcycle is to dump it in a van or truck. It will be best to have teammates for a successful hit.

After tracking the motorcycle, back up your van for the roadies to lumber out of it.

Open the bay doors of the van, unload the galvanized fence posts, and move the targeted motorcycle inside the van. The hit duration must not exceed 30 seconds if you must succeed.

Remember to use fake plates because of surveillance cameras.

  1. Bike-Jacking

Jacking a bike involves stealing a motorbike while it’s in motion.

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Trail the target to a less busy road, and crash into them when they slow down.

A team of two is perfect for the hit, and it should last just 30 seconds.

Do not threaten with a gun since it is just a prank.

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Make the Stolen Motorcycle Legal

The final step is to make the stolen motorcycle legit. It also allows you to get away with the stolen bike. Note that you need a helmet or face mask for the operation. Be mindful of the items you hold with your hands to avoid leaving your bio print behind. Make sure to use hand gloves and keep your body from contacting any item during the hit.

Return the motorcycle after a successful operation before the owner reports to the police, lienholder, and their insurance. You can always flip a stolen motorcycle for profit, but it is illegal and preferable to report to the police.

Meanwhile, what are the tips to avoid buying a stolen motorcycle?

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