How to Ask for Cash and Gift Cards for Wedding

It’s your wedding, and you need gift cards or cash instead. That’s perfectly okay, and this publication explains how to ask for gift cards for wedding without being tacky.

It could be that you live in a tiny apartment that won’t fit gifts or recently upgraded your kitchen appliances and linens, so you don’t really need those anymore. It could also be that you’re working on a pricey project, so you need those gift cards to support your project. Well, you’d need a bit of tact and use the right wording for gift cards instead of gifts when asking for gift cards for your wedding.

Note that requesting gift cards for a wedding gift might rub some friends and family members wrongly, so this publication provides you the best tips on how to politely ask for gift cards for wedding presents, as well as handle the gift cards.

How to ask for gift cards for wedding

how to ask for gift cards for wedding

Do the following:

Use a gift card or cash registry for wedding

For tech-savvy guests, you can use a cash registry site with options including:

  • The Knot Registry
  • Joy
  • Honeyfund
  • MyRegistry
  • Zola

There are many other options out there. When choosing a gift website, you’re signing up for one that won’t cause any headaches for you or your guests.

Also, make sure to consider whether you’d prefer retailers with a wide variety of products or stores with fewer but thoughtfully curated items. Know what type of gifts to add, including artisanal treasures, handmade, and favorites from known brands.

It’s also important for your guests to easily shop in person, especially at a wedding—engagement parties and wedding shower gifts. If this is the case, register with a company that has physical store locations closer to your loved ones.

Lastly, determine what you’d like to achieve from your wedding wish list when choosing a registry.

Don’t ask for gift card on your wedding invitation

How to ask for gift cards instead of gifts? Make sure not to request for gift card or cash on your wedding invitation. It’s not one of the cute ways to ask for money as a wedding gift, even registry information should not go in the invitation.

So, what is a polite way to ask for money as a wedding gift? The answer is to add your gift card request to your wedding website or registry. Consider adding your wedding website to the invitation or just inserting it in your wedding invitation suite.

Wedding gift card message
a tacky money request message for wedding showing greed

Specify why you ask for gift cards

You want to be specific about asking for gift cards. A gift card can feel impersonal, so make sure your guests know the reason you’d rather take a gift card over traditional gifts to make your guests stay more connected to your plans, as well as you and your partner.

Let’s say you’re handling a big project such as a home renovation or you’d be moving across the country, your guests should be aware—just include it on your wedding website.

Try to personalize your story of how the project started, the pitfalls, as well as how far along you’ve gone. That way, your guests can feel more connected to your story if you need cash.

Encourage your wedding party and parents to tell others

Your bridal party and parents should know that you’d take gift cards or cash. Encourage them to spread the word because guests are more likely to find out what to get you, thus, preparing them to gift what you prefer. Your parents and bridal party can suggest your guests give gift cards or money rather than buying you a rice cooker.

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Don’t overlook a traditional registry

You still want to set up a traditional registry while you ask for gift cards for wedding. Surely, some guests would rather give you a physical gift than gift cards or money, so make the process more convenient by registering an item selection you’d prefer.

Wedding registry checklist

1. Set out elegant wedding card boxes

Some guests will not use your gift cash registry, so they might bring physical gift cards, checks, or cash to the reception.

You can handcraft or purchase an elegant wedding card box designated for cards at the reception. Your maid of honor or wedding planner should periodically check the box. They can help collect any received cards and checks and store them in a safe place so your cash gifts don’t wander off, and your guests will have peace of mind giving their gift cards, cash, or checks.

2. Gift cards should be made out to you or your partner

Your guests can address the gift cards (Visa gift card, etc.) or checks in different ways, either to the bride (using her maiden name or her new married name), groom, or both the bride and groom. However, the best way to address the gift card is to the couple using “or” instead of “and.” Normally, when ordering, buying, or registering a Visa® gift card, for instance, you enter the first and last name of the recipient and not a nickname because some online payment processors perform routine fraud verification checks, including matching the name on the card used for payment with the name entered in the user’s profile or the shipping address, according to Thus, a Visa gift card could be declined if the names don’t match.

For instance, suppose John Doe marries Mary Karen. The check or gift card will be made out to John Doe or Mary Karen, allowing easy transactions if Mary changes her name to Doe. She just needs her old ID and marriage license.

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You can’t dictate how guests make out gift cards, but it’s still good to let them know if they ask.

3. Don’t ask for gift cards for your bridal shower

It’s a little trickier to ask for gift cards at your bridal shower as well. Besides, we’d all be thrilled with extra cash in our pockets. It’s better not to ask for cash at this event because unwrapping presents is a major aspect of a bridal shower, compared to a wedding.

If you must skip the traditional registry, how do you ask for gift cards on a bridal shower invitation? A cute, polite way is to spread the word by mouth asking your guests for gift cards. Only talk to those you’re comfortable with and encourage them to spread the word—they can help to inform other guests that you already have everything for your new home, so a gift card would be much more helpful.

You can also have your bridesmaids rethink the party plans. Alternatively, you can organize a gathering that is not gift-focused such as a relaxing spa day. However, don’t expect gifts, but expect a great time with your girls.

How much should a gift card be for a wedding?

A gift card for a wedding should be about $150 or more, depending on your relationship with the person.

How big should a card box be for a wedding?

A card box for a wedding should measure about 14 x 9.5 x 5 inches depending on your wedding size.
The slit can be 6 inches since cards generally go through a 6 inches slit, so keep it at 7 inches to be on the safe side.

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