How to Fake Donate on Twitch

You really have to be careful about fake donations on Twitch. First, get to know how to fake donate on Twitch, and then we will talk about how you can identify it, as well as what you can do about it. You will usually find Twitch fake donations in chat made with some color text. Now, if you don’t receive any notification for donors, it may be a fake donation.

Whether you’re a big or a small streamer who just started a few days ago, you might see someone “donate” you like $100. You would naturally get excited and they will get a huge reaction out of it. However, after the stream, you will find out it was fake—that can make you really upset—especially if you mainly stream to make money.

In this article, I’ll guide you through the process so that you can identify and deal with fake donations on Twitch. You will also get to know the chat commands, the use of fake credit cards, and chargebacks people may employ when fake donating on Twitch.

Do People Fake Donations on Twitch?

fake donate on Twitch

Fake donations are unfortunately a real problem on Twitch. Some people use tricks like fake credit cards or chat messages to pretend to give money. Even though these donations look real, Twitch hasn’t found a perfect way to stop this from happening yet.

Sometimes, people who make fake donations on Twitch end up in trouble. As fake donations get more attention, it’s likely that PayPal and credit card companies will start to support streamers more.

It’s actually illegal to make a fake donation, but it’s hard for streamers to prove it’s fake. Usually, banks or financial companies take the side of the party who made the donation, especially when they ask for their money back. But the good news is that streamers are starting to win more fights against these chargebacks, so there’s hope for them to protect their earnings.

How to Fake Donate on Twitch Through in Chat

To explain how fake donations are made on Twitch via chat, let’s look at the steps often used:

1. Change Username Color

fake donate on Twitch

The fake donation needs to look real, so the first step is changing your username’s color to red. This is because real donations are often highlighted in red in the chat. If you have Prime Gaming, you can easily change your name color. Just click on your avatar, go to Settings, and then select the Prime Gaming tab. There, you can choose a new color for your name.

2. Target New Streamers

fake donate on Twitch

It’s easier to trick new streamers with fake donations because they might not be familiar with such scams. Experienced streamers usually recognize these fake Twitch donations quickly.

3. Use the /Me Chat Command

fake donate on Twitch

The /Me command changes the color of the text that follows your username in chat. For example, if your username is “TwitchUser” and you type “/me just donated $100!”, it will appear in chat as if it’s a donation message.

4. Follow the Channel for Alert Sounds

fake donate on Twitch

Some streamers have alerts set up for different actions like follows, subscriptions, and donations. To fake donate on Twitch and make it look real, follow the channel right after sending a fake donation to trigger an alert sound.

How to Fake Donate on Twitch Using Bots

If you’re more tech-savvy, bots can be programmed to carry out these steps. This way, you can fake donations to remain anonymous, and maybe just pretend to be another viewer.

What to Do to Fake Donors on Twitch

fake donate on Twitch

For streamers, dealing with a fake donation on Twitch can be frustrating, but it won’t ruin your finances, though it might be a bit disheartening at first. Here’s how you can handle these situations and outsmart the trolls:

1. Check Your Stream Alerts for Donations

Trolls might use the /me command in chat, but this won’t trigger a real donation alert on your stream. Keep an eye on your stream’s alert interface, which you can set up on a second screen or integrate into your Stream Deck. If a donation isn’t reflected there, then it’s likely fake. Note that sometimes, the troll can follow your page immediately after they fake donate on Twitch, which you might mistake for a real donation.

2. Disable the /Me Chat Command

You can stop trolls from using the /me command by banning it. This can be done in Twitch’s settings or through your chatbot.

3. Use Different Sounds for Different Alerts

Trolls often follow your channel right after sending a fake donation to mimic a real alert. Set up distinct sounds for different types of alerts like follows, subscriptions, and donations. This way, you can easily distinguish between them.

4. Ignore the Fake Donor

Trolls are looking for a reaction, whether it’s excitement or annoyance. The best strategy is often to simply ignore them. If they don’t get the attention they’re seeking, they’ll likely stop or try different tactics. Depending on what they do next, you can choose to continue ignoring them, mute them, or ban them from your stream.

How to Tell Fake Twitch Donation

  1. If someone who’s never been to your stream before suddenly donates right after joining, it could be suspicious.
  2. If someone is trying really hard to get your attention in chat and also making donations, they might be up to something.
  3. Also, if the same person keeps donating over and over in one stream, that’s another red flag that it might be fake.

How to Deal with Fake Credit Card Donations on Twitch

Some people might attempt to use fake virtual credit cards to fake donate on Twitch.

1. Report the User to Twitch

If you encounter fake credit card donations, gather evidence like screenshots and report it to Twitch through a user report. Twitch can then take action, possibly banning the user or escalating the issue to authorities.

2. Accept PayPal and Crypto Donation Methods Only

To avoid fake credit card donations, consider accepting donations only via PayPal or cryptocurrency. PayPal donations are harder to fake, and cryptocurrency transactions cannot be charged back or canceled.

Nonetheless, PayPal for Twitch donations also has its problems. Donors can file a chargeback claim with PayPal up to three months after the donation.

You may be able to stop fake PayPal donations on Twitch. First, create a thorough record of all PayPal donations, including the date and time of each donation, the donor’s name, the amount, and a screenshot of the donation. You need this in case you face a chargeback problem.

If possible, wait at least 3 months before spending donations to ensure that the donation is genuine. Chargebacks can’t be initiated after this timeframe.

3. Use Secure Donation Methods

To avoid the hassles of chargebacks and fraudulent donations, consider accepting only Twitch bits and subscriptions. These methods are more secure and require Twitch Affiliate status, which can be achieved relatively quickly with proper planning and networking.

Reasons People Make Fake Donations on Twitch

People make fake donations on Twitch for a few reasons. Some think it’s funny, some are just mean, and others just want attention.

For Jokes

Many young viewers on Twitch haven’t faced real financial struggles, so they might not fully understand the impact of their actions. They find it amusing to watch a streamer get excited about a donation that isn’t real.

Cruel Intentions

Unfortunately, some people are simply being mean when they fake donate on Twitch. They might act nicer in real life to keep up appearances, but online, they feel like they can get away with being cruel. These people often continue this behavior throughout their lives, unwilling to change.

Some Trolls Seek Attention

Some people who troll online fake donate on Twitch because they really want attention. They might fake a donation to a streamer, hoping to get a thrilled reaction. The bigger the fake donation, the more excited the streamer might get. But often, these trolls can’t really afford these donations and end up taking the money back. They might feel sorry later, but their need for attention is usually stronger than their guilt.

Seeking attention by fake donating on Twitch can come from feeling depressed or anxious, but there are affordable ways to get better.

Conclusion—How to Fake Donate on Twitch

From what I’ve seen lately, this seems to be a new TikTok trend, and there has been an uptick of people posting videos of themselves doing the “/me has donated” messages. Others who want to try it quickly join and then we have this fake Twitch donation craze. If your viewer continues dragging the chat down with the fake donate on Twitch chat, use the timeout/ban. This is the fun of the timeout button. Ultimately, never acknowledge it on stream, and don’t hesitate to call out the troll.

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