How to Get Fake Tattoos Off Skin Quickly Without Hurting

Is it time already to get fake tattoos off skin? Temporary tattoos are cute for a costume party or any time you just feel like appearing hardcore without having a real tattoo.

How to get fake tattoos off skin

It can be challenging to get the fake tattoos off if you can’t wait for them to peel off on their own. The methods in this publication, however, will help you to rub, peel, and soak off the tattoo.

Will temporary tattoos come off on their own?

Fake tattoos will typically last up to a week before cracking and rubbing off on their own.

However, you can remove it sooner if you’re in a pinch—soap and water won’t work though. An over-the-counter (OTC) exfoliant or homemade scrub has a better chance of getting your temporary tattoos off.

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Oil or chemical-based remover can also get rid of stubborn temporary tattoos by dissolving the entire image and cleaning up the lingering bits and pieces.

Your method of scrubbing the tattoo area also determines how much of it will peel off. For effective removal, you want to use gentle, circular motions to scrub till the tattoo goes off.

How to get fake tattoos off skin

Below are various ways to get rid of fake tattoos without hurting your skin:

1. Scrub if off

a. Apply the rubbing oil

  • Baby oil. Consider applying baby oil to the fake tattoo (in small quantity). Some temporary tattoos can stand up to soap and water, so it’s advisable to use baby oil to scrub fake tattoos off.
  • Face/body scrub. If you don’t have baby oil, use face or body scrub to get temporary tattoos off. The scrub will come with beads, which should help remove the fake tattoo without hurting your skin.
  • Special temporary tattoo remover wipes. Consider using special tattoo removal wipes such as Limisan. Limisan, for example, contains silicons, which will remove the temporary tattoo quickly.
  • Olive oil. Olive oil also works. Use olive oil if you don’t have baby oil.
  • Rubbing alcohol. Use rubbing alcohol —a small quantity will do. Just add it to a paper towel or cotton ball and wipe the tattooed area. Note that rubbing alcohol may burn your skin a bit.

b. Allow the oil to sit on your fake tattoos

The applied oil should sit for up to 1-3 minutes on the tattooed area to soak into your skin and the tattoo—this makes it easier to get the fake tattoos off the skin.

c. Rub the tattoo

You need a paper towel or washcloth to rub the tattoo off your skin. Your fake tattoo will get clumpy and start peeling off as you rub gently. Continue rubbing until the entire fake tattoos go off.

d. Wash off/dry the oil

Finally, use warm water to wash off the remaining oil. Pat the area with a dry towel.

2. Peel off fake tattoos with tape

Tape can also get rid of temporary tattoos on your skin through peeling.

a. Get pieces of tape

Obtain pieces of tape from its roll. You need clear tape like Scotch tape—works better than painter or masking tape. Just hang the tape by one end off of the side of a countertop or table or wherever you will do the job.

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b. Press down the tape on the fake tattoo

Press the piece of tape down on the tattoos firmly. You want the tape to attach to the surface of the tattoo. Now, rub the tape down along the area with your finger.

c. Peel off the tape gently

Peel the piece of tape gently off your skin to remove the fake tattoo. The temporary tattoos should stick to the tape as you peel them off. If all tattoos won’t peel off, repeat the steps with a fresh piece of tape.

d. Apply ice cube to the area

After peeling off your temporary tattoo, rub an ice cube on the area to reduce the redness on your skin caused by the tape.


3. Remove tattoos with cold cream

You can apply cold cream to your fake tattoo to get it off—just make sure to fully cover the tattooed area with the cream.

a. Allow the cream to sit

The cold cream should sit for some time, typically an hour, on your skin to sink in well enough.

b. Wipe off the cream

Use your washcloth or paper towel to wipe the cold cream off your skin, alongside the temporary tattoos. Finally, remove any tattoo remains using warm water and soap.

4. Remove tattoo with makeup remover

a. Get a cotton ball and soak it in the makeup remover.

b. Rub the cotton ball gently over your fake tattoo.

c. Use soap and warm water to wash off the makeup remover, alongside the soaked tattoo.

d. Allow some time to air dry or dab the area using a paper towel or soft towel. You can repeat the steps to completely get the fake tattoos off your skin.

5. Use nail polish remover

a. Apply the nail polish remover on a cotton ball

Just wet the cotton ball with nail polish remover. If there is no nail polish remover, use rubbing alcohol.

b. Apply the solution to the tattoo area

Use the wet cotton ball to apply the nail polish remover. Try to scrub on the fake tattoo for it to flake off of your skin.

c. Wash your skin

Finally, use warm water and mild soap to wash your skin.

d. Dry out

Dry your skin with a paper towel or washcloth. The nail polish remover may leave acetone behind, so make sure to wash it off.

What to do about skin inflammation or irritation

When you scrub persistently or for an extended time, you will experience temporary skin irritation or inflammation.

If you notice inflamed or red skin, you need to apply a cool compress on the area for at least 10 minutes. Some skin-soothing products you can apply are:

  • Cucumber gel
  • Aloe vera gel
  • Coconut oil (contains moisturizing properties and can help relieve irritation—National Eczema Association)

Most of the time, the irritation subsides within the day.

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Fake tattoos usually last 2 weeks at most. So, instead of scraping or scrubbing, wait it out. If your temporary tattoo won’t go off with these removal methods, use a waterproof concealer or foundation to hide the tattoo quickly for an event you need to attend.

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