13 Hidden Ideas to Sneak Alcohol Through a Pat Down

How to sneak alcohol through a pat down? You are not rolling in dough like some people even though there are bars and concession areas you would buy more drinks. And you feel it is not worth it to pay extra 10 bucks for a plastic cup of Budlight after paying so much for entry tickets.

Just like you would sneak in with a bottle of soda or water at the movie theater, you want to beat the pay down and sneak in your alcohol. Besides, anyone will welcome the idea of getting a bottle of Coke for a dollar rather than pay 8 bucks for it.

How to sneak alcohol through a pat down

How to sneak alcohol through a pat down

Your success depends on whether they even bother to search you anyway. Your chance of getting in also depends on how well you will get searched. Thinking creatively and a little nerve on your end is all it takes to outsmart any pat down. That said, below are the ways to sneak alcohol through a pat down:

1. Use a gallon thermos jug

You are probably attending a concert in the stadium where there’s plenty of food and non-alcoholic drinks that last a whole day.


A bottle of ketchup, not to mention glass containers may also not be allowed.

However, you can beat this—just pour some cola and ice into a gallon thermos jug. The contents will get swished around by the security to be sure nothing uninvited gets in, but they won’t see the alcohol. After getting in, reach into your jug, pull out your alcohol-filled balloon, and party hard.

Enjoy your fill of cola and alcohol from the popped balloon throughout the day. The balloon will be hard to see because of the dark cola and ice.

2. The bra flask sneak-in

If you’re a woman, you could take advantage of your b**bies to sneak that tequila into any party or event of your choice. A typical bra flask will hold a full bottle while giving shape to your two protruding girls.


If you’re willing to sneak in that prosecco, rum, tequila, vodka, etc., get this:

WineRack Booze Bra Flask

This bra flask is fully adjustable and allows you to adjust the waist and shoulder straps. Wear it to baseball games and sip your booze at ease without suspicion.

It even makes your girls look much bigger—it’s a win-win.

However, when trying to drink from the bra, don’t add pressure on your chest. The size runs small, as the large looks like you have 2 raccoons fighting for air under your shirt. Overall, it does the job and can’t be detected by a security and metal detector.

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3. Liquor flask bracelet

How about using a liquor bracelet flask? The downside is that it fits women the most. The fantastic design even makes you appear as the coolest guest at the party, pub, cinema, music festival, and grad, to mention a few.

You could even wear a pair of your hidden booze flask bangle to accommodate more alcohol or diversify your booze selection for Saturday night. The hidden alcohol bracelet I’ve tried out and greatly recommend:

CCJK Liquor Flask Bangle/Bracelet

This bracelet flask is genius, even for an adult with very tiny wrists like a child. The quality is exceptional and the design feels like a unique gift for bridesmaids.

It comes with a small funnel with a really nice touch—you’ll need it to fill the flask.

Note that this hidden alcohol bracelet is a little weighty. It feels like a larger metal bangle and feels even heavier when you add the alcohol. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for any pat down.

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4. Spray bottle

Here, just fill your used cologne or perfume spray bottle with alcohol. You will have to get the bottle washed thoroughly to prevent leftover chemicals from mixing up with your drink. If you consume perfume, you’d possibly experience:

Making use of sweetener drinks might be good since you will be spraying the liquid into your mouth. Cinnamon honey, whisky, or schnapps should do the job. You’d also be able to get around an alcohol pat down if you’re asked to spray them, as they’d smell sweet.

5. Use suntan or sunscreen lotion

The beginning of spring usually means summer isn’t far away. Summer usually ushers in sun, sometimes scorching, with the suntan lotion and sunscreen tagging along.

With the Coachella festival, one of the biggest music festivals taking place around this time yearly, a lot of folks stand in the sun for hours.

You can easily lubricate your insides with a fine Bourbon instead of lubricating yourself with a sunscreen from Rite Aid that costs a few bucks. Pour in your booze after cleaning the bottle.

So, for this method, I recommend two hidden sunscreen lotions I’ve tried out. Not just me, thousands of other users have made the same positive remarks about these two:

GoPong Hidden Sunscreen Alcohol Flask

GoPong Hidden Lotion Flask

I purchased these for our cruise and they easily beat any pat down. First, have your friend roam around the decks to know what’s onboard.

Your friend can go to the lower levels and see what the staff are checking. They typically check bags for alcohol but if they are checking suntans too, this method won’t work.

To get through the searching employee, put saran wrap around the top (in case they leak but they won’t) just to be careful.

You can also put saran wrap on all alcohol bottles and lotions for them to look alike and store them with other toiletry items. Stored ours with real sunscreen and face wash so the alcohol looked like we brought large bottles for the week.

Buy GoPong 2 Counts


Buy GoPong 3-Pack

Even a stricter pat-down official won’t likely ask you to get rid of your sunscreen. Getting your drink on using this super sneaky way is very effective. If necessary, consider taking your real sunscreen along, and don’t forget which is the booze though.

You can have a friend handle a bottle for you since carrying multiple bottles alone looks suspicious.

6. Knot a flask tie

If you are going to be dressed in a suit and tie for the occasion, the flask tie is the best way to sneak your alcohol through a pat down. I recommend you buy this:

FlaskTie with Hidden 8 Oz Bladder

This also makes a great white elephant gift. The only downside is that this tie will get slightly bulky when you overfill it. It can be tough to get the drink out because you have to bring down the tie, so make sure to look around carefully when it’s booze time.

Overall, it’s highly recommended you buy it before it runs out of stock.

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Are you going to a no-open bar wedding ceremony? Or did you forget your wallet as you sneaked into the Academy Awards? Or you have decided to finally take your wife to the opera? The flask tie is perfect for most occasions, including the opera, and academy awards. With a flask tie, you have no worries about spills.

7. Sneaky pringles can

If you are looking for a means to sneak in beer, the Pringles container with its classic shape is your best bet.

If you are going to an event with plenty of food and no alcohol allowed or a beach party where innocent alcohol is banned, this method is your go-to solution—just put a few beers into the empty can and cover it with a few chips.

You can glue the foil cover back on if you want to be super sneaky. With the unopened look, you have a better chance of passing a security check unnoticed. You still look golden like the original Pringles flavor if you have to leave it open.

Military personnel who are serving in overseas wars used this trick often. Family members will send tall Guinness bottles hidden in the Pringles can by mail, so they pass inspections.

8. Conceal with foam hands

You are going to have to try this trick out at a sporting event for it to work. Get a foam hand to match in with the attending audience at the event.

For this method, just cut out a section that is big enough to cover the small plastic flask. Put the flask n the cutout and tape it firmly to make it comfier.

To make the cuts unnoticeable during a pat down, use scotch tape or a matching tape on it.

9. Gummy bears do the job

Get a ziplock bag filled with a pack of gummy bears. At a later time, make use of the original packaging you kept. Allow your ziplock bag to sit for a while after filling it with alcohol, and put the beers for a few hours in the fridge.

The alcohol will have been nearly soaked up by the gummy beers. Now, head over to your event after pouring the gummy bears into their original packaging—you will safely get past any pat down.

10. Umbrella flask

You can sneak in booze with an umbrella flask—it looks so real that no staff or bouncer can tell. However, since some of the components will be metal, it’ll trigger the metal detector (for events that use a metal detector). For non-metal detector events with mere pat downs or visual checks of bags, just hold out the umbrella in your hand while you’re being inspected.

Make sure to fill the umbrella flask all the way to the top to prevent sloshing sounds. Depending on the flask, like what I’ve recommended in this guide, you should be able to fill 12 to 16 ounces each.

GoPong Rain or Shine Umbrella Flask

These flasks are cheap and work as described. They do look like umbrellas, even you would mistake them for one.

Just make sure to prevent a swish by filling them up to the top in case s security staff picks it up. It, however, comes with a layer of small bubble wrap that someone could touch while searching. Just make sure to pop them all.

The funnel comes in handy to prevent spilling. This comes with a pour spout, which you may not need though. Overall, it’s a perfect buy for what it is designed for and will help you outsmart any pat down.

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I’ve used this thrice so far, works perfectly on each occasion!

11. Fake a beer belly

The beer belly should be your thoughtful, sneaky idea if you want to get lots of alcohol in. It carries up to 80 ounces of liquid in an attachable pouch.

Wrapping it around your belly is all you need to do. You can also tape across your stomach a couple of freezer-sized zip lock bags filled with booze. So, if you’re settling for a beer belly, I STRONGLY recommend you buy this:

Dad Bag Fake Beer Belly Waist Pack

I take this fake beer belly everywhere—to the movies, carnivals, etc.—worn under my shirt. It beats any pat down and still embarrasses the official.

In any event, the ticketer will try to lift your shirt to inspect for smuggled booze. Don’t be embarrassed. Go ahead and lift your shirt for this glorious fanny pack fly. When they spot the belly, they’ll get embarrassed themselves and shoo you right on through.

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Don’t wear this every day though, wives don’t like it as they find it repulsive. Apart from alcohol, you can fit in your keys, dugout box, and more. It’s huge and easily fits multiple beers.

I highly recommend this product for sneaking alcohol into the building. It beats pat downs like it’s its career.

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When the security staff starts patting down, insist that the poking makes you feel squishy, and even yelp in pain if necessary. Also, nerve up and call their bluff if they accuse you of concealing alcohol.

12. Binocular flask

You’ve probably heard of fake binoculars for parties. Well, fake flasks do come as binoculars as well, and are perfect for gameday or festivals to prevent you from buying those overpriced stadium beers.

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Any security would think it’s a real binocular since they look hyperrealistic and can hold as much as 16 oz liquor for your tequila, vodka, bourbon, gin, etc.

Look here, I’m not trying to sell you stuff but rather to solve your problem, so I’m highly recommending you buy this:

True 1 Box, Binocular Flask

This binocular flask is what you need if (like me) you’re tired of overpriced concert arena drinks. You can easily smuggle about 8 shots to avoid 12 dollars a beer at that baseball game.

The funny downside is that you’d look alcoholic when your friends capture you drinking alcohol out of fake binoculars. If you have kids with you, make sure they don’t mess around with your binoculars!

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13. Silicone can sleeve

You could beat any alcohol pat down by disguising your 12 oz canned beverages to make them look like cola drinks. When you get the reusable silicone sleeve, just slide them over your 12oz beer can. You can add replace the beer in the can with your favorite alcohol though.

For this idea, I recommend you get this:

Skywin Silicone Can Sleeve

If you’re not trying to get rowdy but want to occasionally enjoy alcohol, this is your solution, as long as the event allows soda cans around.

The state park, for instance, is not against it, but won’t let alcohol in, so you need this. The silicone fit the cans perfectly, prevents sweating, and even improves grip.

You may not notice that the silicone says “Coca Calo” but this is to prevent an infringement of the “Coca Cola” brand.

The only downside is that the silicone is a bit difficult to remove. Overall: a great purchase for anyone (like me) looking to sneak booze through pat-downs.

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