How to Know if Someone Freeze Last Seen on WhatsApp

You need to know if someone freeze last seen on WhatsApp if you suspect they’ve done so. Fortunately, there are way ways to know when your WhatsApp contact is using a “mod” WhatsApp to freeze their last seen.

How to know if someone freeze last seen on WhatsApp

Note that the official WhatsApp does not provide the option for users to freeze their last seen—users can also block contacts or non-contacts from seeing their last seen.

Also, network connectivity can be the reason someone’s WhatsApp last seen has frozen. So, the person may not have frozen their last seen, but the bad network connection made it so.

How to know if someone freeze last seen on WhatsApp

It’s quite simple to know who has freeze their last seen on WhatsApp. You just have to look for the following:

  1. Unchanging last seen after texting them

Just send a message to the person. Now, send a message to them. Suppose you send a message to them at 08:00 am. When they reply to you at 09:00 am but their last seen does not change, they may have frozen it. Make sure not to rule out the possibility of a poor network connection if the person stays in an area with a low network signal.

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  1. Last seen too late

Suppose you know this person to be an active WhatsApp user. Then their last seen suddenly stays stuck showing yesterday’s time or the early hours of today. If you think the person is ignoring your message, they may have frozen their last seen on WhatsApp.

  1. Status update

You can also use their status update to check if someone freezes their WhatsApp last seen. If the person’s WhatsApp status is still on your statuses update feed, check and compare the update time to their current last seen time.

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If their last seen time is older than their status update time, they probably use a mod WhatsApp to stop others from knowing their last seen.

  1. They change their DDP

If you still recall their previous display picture, check their current one. If the current one shows a different picture from what you saw recently, they’re probably freezing their last seen to stay anonymous from you or another person. Don’t rule out the possibility of WhatsApp being responsible for their freezing last seen though—could be WhatsApp servers being down globally or poor cellular data connection.

  1. They view your group message

If you’re in the same group as the person, send a relevant message. If they are among the list of viewers of that message, WhatsApp will list them. If they are online at the time you send the message, WhatsApp will list their contact under the “delivered but not read” section of the group message. This shows that the user may have been freezing their WhatsApp last seen.

If they are indeed offline, their contact will not appear in the “read” or “delivered” section. Follow this official WhatsApp guide to know how to check the read receipt for your WhatsApp group message.

  1. Your message has double ticks

In many cases, when you send a message to someone who is not online on WhatsApp, your message will get only one tick. However, if the person is online but has not opened the WhatsApp app, the mark will be a grey double tick. It will also be a grey double tick if the contact or person opened their WhatsApp but not your message. Thus, the grey double ticks may suggest that someone is freezing their last seen on WhatsApp.

  1. Updated WhatsApp about

WhatsApp shows the updated date for users’ “About”. So, if someone freezes their last seen, you can check to see if they recently updated their WhatsApp About. If the date of changing the About does not reflect in their last seen or is older than their last seen, they may be freezing their last seen or they are out of an area with good network coverage.

  1. Changed WhatsApp Number

If your contact recently changed their WhatsApp number but the change date is different from their WhatsApp last seen, they may be freezing it. Make sure to save their new phone number to your contact, you may then be able to know their last seen.

Author’s note

I have seen where my contacts complained that my WhatsApp last seen is showing a different date even when I did not hide or freeze it. I have also experienced friends whose WhatsApp last seen froze when they know nothing about it and were even worried that people will think they were offline. The point is that your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, etc. WhatsApp could freeze, not because they want it to but due to temporary changes from WhatsApp’s end or the network.

WhatsApp last seen is generally accurate but not always. Sometimes, just switching off your iPhone or Android device and taking out the battery can cause a bug that prevents WhatsApp from updating the timestamp immediately.

Also, it may take just updating the WhatsApp to correct the timestamp of the last seen or correctly setting the phone’s date and time.

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