How to make a fake marriage certificate free online

This publication explains how to make a fake marriage certificate online for a prank or to poke fun to make friends think you’re married. Generally, one must apply for a marriage license when getting married. If a couple is applying for spousal healthcare or social security benefits, they may be required to present a marriage certificate to verify that they are legally married. Even legal separation is acceptable when filing for spousal healthcare and benefits.

How to make a fake marriage certificate that looks real

Now, to the main thing. You can fake a marriage certificate with the following steps:

1. Know the qualifying requirements

It’s important to know the basic requirements needed to make a phony marriage certificate look real. Generally, when purchasing a marriage certificate, you need to have the following:

  • Marriage date
  • Legal names of the married couple
  • For online purchases, you are required to know the city issuing the marriage license

Certified authorized copy: You can prove you are legally married by presenting a certified authorized copy of your marriage certificate.

Standard marriage: To buy a standard marriage certificate, the person listed on the certificate must be the couple or the couple’s:

  • spouse or domestic partner
  • legal guardian
  • sibling
  • child
  • parent
  • grandparent
  • grandchild
  • business representative: a copy of the standard marriage certificate can be requested by governmental agencies and legal representatives in official business.

A person requesting a standard marriage certificate will typically have to state their relationship to the person listed on the marriage certificate and a notary public must be present.

2. Order a copy now

I recommend you get a marriage certificate online, no stress of designing them or printing them yourself since you’d receive them readymade. I have cool recommendations with gold foil edges and letters for your wedding prank or even if you eventually have to officially document your marriage after saying “I Do”.

Mind you, I do not intend to sweet talk you into buying but rather solve your problem the best way I see works, so go with my picks below for your best interest:

a. Juvale Store Marriage Certificates with Gold Foil Edges

Whether you need this certificate to make a fake marriage certificate free online for pranks or real marriage, it goes both ways excellently. The finish and paper look really nice for anyone pretending to be married for gags. It tricks your friends to think that you just tied the knot and is worth the price.

The paper is sturdy and thick and the embossing is smooth and generally nice without marks below the “E”. You can get as plenty of these as you wish to make your pranks real.

Meanwhile, the gold foil is great! But I feel you should know a couple of things I spotted. (1) one of the copies had a printing flaw below the E in “Marriage” where 26 (no big deal and yours will definitely not have this flaw after we complained about it to the manufacturer. (2) The design looks really close to the edge on some copies, which cuts off the design in the decorative folder where the corners are tucked in. Overall, a great marriage certificate to buy online.

Buy Now

b. Warner Press Marriage Certificate

I’ve also tested this Warner Press marriage certificate, and it works. I had these purchased to use as a photo op for a friend’s wedding. The certificate is beautiful and made with quality paper.

I find myself extremely happy with the copies and confident that you’d want to order even more after your first purchase. The prices are quite reasonable and the delivery was quick. I received them in perfect condition, so no annoying folds or damage to my orders.

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c. Our Wedding Certificate

Works perfectly for any fake marriage prank in the neighborhood or with friends and parents. I must add that the quality of the certificate is great and even presentable to couples. Received my copies in protective envelopes though.

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d. Warner Press Marriage Certificate

One thing you should know about this marriage certificate is that it looks much better in person than what you’re seeing online right now. I almost looked away, but for the fact that I need to test and recommend stuff, I bought some copies. Well, it did not have a green tone to it (as it appears in the picture), which is great. Also, it’s simple, yet delicate and lovable. I’m pretty certain this is what you need to fake that marriage prank to parents and friends.

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Note: the selections I’ve made in this section may fetch me a commission if you buy with my link but at no cost to you. You should also understand that I intend to solve your problem here (which clearly is to fake getting married) and not to sell products to you.

Meanwhile, if you need a marriage certificate with seal, see this publication I made.

3. Get fake certificate with PDFFiller

You can make a phony marriage certificate that looks real using PDFFiller. I’ve tried this to prank friends and it works just as intended. Below are the steps to get your copy of the faux marriage certificate online on this site for free;

  • Go to
  • Click Get Form and wait for the document editor to load.
  • Click Start and fill in your name, fake partner, date of the wedding, name of marriage officiant, and venue, and then sign your signature and that of your fake married partner.
  • Click Done and wait for your information to process.
  • Save the document as PDF and download it.

PDFFiller also offers a tool for notary to make a fake marriage certificate free online, so you can use that to make your fake marriage certificate look real.

4. Create a marriage certificate with Jotform

Jotform offers a free marriage certificate template for download online. I’ve used this phony marriage template a couple of times whenever I feel like having friends think I recently got married without inviting them. Meanwhile, if you have a wedding invitation you don’t want to attend, use my excuses.

To fake a phony wedding certificate on Jotform, do the following:

  • Go to
  • Click Use Template.
  • Fill out the marriage form. The marriage form requires information like husband & wife names, date & place of marriage, and husband & wife signatures. Jotform allows you to make the signatures using your finger to draw on your screen.
  • Click Submit.
  • Click Submit Form and wait for your fake certificate of marriage to load.
  • Finally, download or print it for free.

5. Free marriage certificate on SignNow

You can complete your fake marriage certificate on SignNow and then eSign (electronic signature) it to look authorized. Do the following:

That’s it—you just made a fake marriage certificate free online.

How a marriage license becomes a marriage certificate

Usually, a completed marriage license must be returned within 10 business days to the Clerk Recorder’s Office after a marriage ceremony.

The marriage certificate is issued after the license has been recorded by the office. Moreover, couples can check the status of their certificate by calling the local office or even purchase their marriage certificate in two business days after the Clerk Recorder’s Office has received the license.

But since you’re making a faux certificate of marriage, the information above doesn’t matter to you—it’s just helpful that you know how the process works.


What do you need for a Confidential Marriage certificate?

You must be one of the couples listed on the certificate or be authorized by a court order before you can purchase a confidential marriage certificate.

Is Certified Informational Copy accepted as proof of marriage?

Proof of marriage is generally not accepted with a certified informational copy of a marriage certificate.

Can anyone request a Standard Marriage certificate?

Without any direct relationship with the person listed on the certificate, anyone can request an informational copy of a standard marriage certificate. Across the face of a certified informational copy are printed the words, “Informational, not a valid document to establish identity”, with concealed signatures. A notarized signature is not needed when submitting the request form for this type of certificate.

Can a phony marriage certificate be verified?

Yes, a fake marriage certificate can be verified. The country that issued the marriage license is where to find the file of a marriage certificate. For verification purposes, the specific county that provided the marriage certificate can be contacted to verify if you’re not faking it.

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Note that marriage records may also be viewed by people who know the couple’s names, dates, and county. However, certified marriage records are not always considered public records—

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