Neighbors Barking Dog Driving Me Crazy! Resolved

Help! Neighbors barking dog driving me crazy; what should I do? Well, today, we’re going to talk about this common issue of neighbors’ dogs barking. Just to let you know, I have dealt with this a lot. I’ve lived in six different houses where dog barking was a common problem. So, I have successfully dealt with the issue and will share how I’ve managed to stop about 90% of the barking. It hasn’t worked on every single dog, though. I have tried it on around 25 dogs, and it worked on all but two. It’s definitely worth the money, really easy to set up, and it doesn’t harm the dogs. What I will share with you is a solution for neighbors who might not realize or accept that their dog is disturbing you.

Neighbors Barking Dog Driving Me Crazy: What to Do

Neighbors Barking Dog Driving Me Crazy

So, what you need is a dog bark deterrent device. I have a recommendation that works, and many people have used it with success. A deterrent device is going to be a good way to handle barking problems without starting a fight with your neighbor.

So, what’s this? It’s a nice little long-range ultrasonic sound device—an NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Device.

This music player-looking device is the neat little orange thing you need to fight dogs driving you crazy. Depending on where you want to put it, it is perfect for poles, trees, gardens, and stuff like that. You can also keep it in bushes or similar places.

How Does NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Work?

You set it up where you can see the dog directly. You can’t use it through a wooden or plastic fence. It has to be a chain link, over the fence, or through a hole in the fence. And you point it in the direction of the dog. When the dog barks, it sends out an ultrasonic sound. Dogs don’t like it, and they stop barking. It’s just a sound that stops the dog from barking. It’s as easy as that. The dog doesn’t like the sound, and it’s really that simple. You can set it to low, medium, or high.


Let’s start with the good points.

It Actually Works

This device really works for most dogs. It is particularly good for small to medium-sized dogs, and they also do a decent job for larger dogs. If you have a really stubborn dog such as a Rottweiler, German Shepherd, or husky that just keeps barking, this will still work, but it’s not foolproof. I think it’s worth trying it on these kinds of dogs. They’re likely to work for your neighbor’s dogs too.


This device is weatherproof, so you can leave it outside in any weather, it could be rain or snow. But, at the beginning, you may find yourself replacing batteries every 2 or 3 weeks, so have some spares.

Dogs Learn to Keep Quiet

Generally, it takes about 2 to 6 weeks for dogs to learn from it. They start to understand in about two weeks, and by six weeks, most are trained. The device only makes a noise when the dog barks loudly. When the dog barks, it hears it and then emits a sound the dog doesn’t like.

Dogs are clever. They’ll figure out that their barking causes this unpleasant noise. But this won’t stop a dog from barking for a good reason, such as if there’s an intruder trying to break into your house.

So, if they’re just barking at the neighbor’s dogs or something, it’ll stop that. But if there’s a break-in, the dog will still bark.

Comes with Advanced Modes

You can hold for advanced modes. It also has an 8 second ultrasonic auto-shut off that protects the dog’s sense of hearing. The hold function extends whistle and strobe, so the longer, the higher it goes.

At a more silent mode, it tends to work better on small to medium dogs, but it’s pretty good with big dogs too. However, the quieter mode might not work on larger dogs. Generally, dogs just don’t like the sound.

Good Battery Life

The battery is 1000 mAh and is fully charged after 1 hour of rapid charging. It does last up to 32 hours max.

Works Well in the Medium Range

About the Amazon reviews, they’re so great. And from what I’ve seen, it’s because people are using it correctly. So, when you get this device to stop a neigbor’s dog from driving you crazy, make sure to use it from close range. Like, at my current house, I don’t have it on the house itself. I have put it on a pole at the fence, hanging above the fence, not over it. So often, people don’t use it correctly. Also, if the batteries run out, you’ll notice the dogs start barking again.


A downside is that the sound can’t go through walls. It doesn’t go through fences either, unless it’s something like a chain-link fence. I’ve placed it on a chair and pointed it through a chain-link fence, and that worked really well. I’ve also mounted it on a pole to direct it over our fence into the neighbor’s yard, which was quite effective. But you need to have a clear path and a direct line of sight.

Yeah, it’s basically just like a sense, like a sound wave. It’s similar to a radio, and if something’s in the way, it blocks the sound’s strength, and then the dog doesn’t get that it’s causing the noise.

Personal Experience

Right now, I have seven dogs in the five houses behind, and this NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Device has worked for nearly all of them, except two. And in the places I lived before, it worked for every single dog. So, it’s definitely worth the money if you ask.

There’s another thing, it can’t be too far away. Like, at one house, I had two acres, and this lady’s dog across the street. Some folks get upset about using these. I don’t get why; it’s not harming their dogs. But I had this one neighbor, she didn’t mind me using it, but she just didn’t want to do anything about her dog’s barking. So, when I was on those two acres, I had to place it right at the edge of my property to be close enough for the dog to hear it. That’s the thing, if your property is really big, it needs to be within a certain range.

Also, we have a neighbor who uses this device to keep her own dog quiet. She does this because, as I mentioned, it doesn’t harm the dog. She wants to make sure her dog isn’t causing a disturbance to everyone, including herself. It’s really useful for stopping dogs that drive you crazy, and it works most of the time.

So, when many dogs bark at the same time, the silencer still works, but the dogs might not know it’s because of them. Some people think the silencer will work for all the dogs around their house, no matter where they are. But you actually need to point it towards the dogs that are bothering you.

Conclusion: Neighbors Barking Dog Driving Me Crazy Resolved

If you have any more questions, feel free to drop them in the comments. I always respond, especially to this topic, because I understand it’s tough. You don’t want to upset your neighbors, but dog barking is a real issue. Most dog owners either know their dogs bark or just choose to ignore it. They think if they can’t hear it, it’s not a problem to others. It’s also awkward to talk to someone about this, so often nothing gets done. Thanfully, with this NPS Dog Bark Deterrent Device, it is a good method to maintain peace with your neighbors and keep your sanity too.

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