How to Open a Trunk with a Screwdriver

How to open a trunk with a screwdriver? It appears you locked your keys in the trunk of your car or the interior control switch won’t work. Of course, you can open a car trunk with just a screwdriver. How do you do it?

How to open a trunk with a screwdriver

How to open a trunk with a screwdriver

This section explains the steps to open your boot/trunk using a screwdriver. To open a trunk with a screwdriver, you’d have to do it from the inside. It is the most common method of opening a trunk with a screwdriver. Do the following:

1. Open your car

It seems your car is locked from the outside. If yes, you need to unlock it from outside with your screwdriver.

You may have to wedge the door and the frame apart by inserting the flathead screwdriver. Make sure to insert the screwdriver from a safer distance to the hinges to avoid damaging the lock mechanism.

Insert a coat hanger in the opening you created with the screwdriver and try to reach the unlock key with it.

If you don’t have a coat hanger, use another long, strong tool available to you, and that can bend if necessary.

After opening, remove the screwdriver and coat hanger or any tool that you used—the screwdriver should be removed first.

You can now open the door. The reason you need to remove the screwdriver and coat hanger before opening the door is to avoid damaging your car’s lock mechanism.

2. Collapse the front seat

When you’re in the car, push the front seat forward. Collapse it to create additional space for you to open the trunk with your screwdriver. Watch the steps in this video if you don’t already know how this is done:

3. Remove the back seat

Usually, you should find a bolt on one of the sides of the back seats. Lift the back seats and find the bolt underneath. You can remove it with a wrench to create space. If your car interior uses insulation, consider removing it as well.

We found Paul’s video about removing the rear seat really helpful:

4. Open the trunk

After removing the back seat, get into the trunk. You need a flashlight or your phone’s flashlight for a clearer view.

Find the horizontal, metal back seat bar near the lock of the trunk. You should also see a box on the bar.

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Now, turn the box clockwise using your screwdriver to open the trunk. Don’t forget to replace the components you removed while accessing your trunk.

Additional method:

You can also use a screwdriver to open your trunk from the outside. However, this method is not really advisable since there’s a higher chance of damage.

Just pry the lock of your trunk from the outside using the screwdriver. You’ll have to wedge the lock to the right or left until the trunk opens.

You need to be patient since the success rate is a little lower for this method using a screwdriver. Moreover, you may damage your trunk lock permanently.


Instead of opening a trunk with a screwdriver, consider contacting a locksmith. Using a screwdriver can damage the paint (if open from the outside) or even your window if you don’t have your keys to open the door. And if you have no experience with removing the back seat, you may cause permanent damage that is expensive to fix.

The cost of a standard paint job usually includes sanding the car body and removing rust before painting for an attractive finish, which can be expensive.

Note that your insurance may not also cover any damage inflicted on the car. Instead, it could be considered vandalism to total it, which is insurance fraud if you make any claims.

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