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Meet our publishers:

Owen Mason

Content Manager

Mason is a licensed motorbiker and a mechanic. He partakes in the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and other local motorcycling events. Mason owns a 2020 Yamaha VMAX Sport currently and has built an approved custom motorbike.

Paulinus Sunday


The author, Paulinus Sunday, is a CLTI certified family coach in providing practical knowledge about the dynamics of a family. He owns a 2018 Ford Fusion.

Marc Scott

Lawyer and writer

Defended clients in various courts, practiced in several states, and reconciled disputes in local federal courts. I have experience answering and dealing with a wide range of violations/criminal matters, including theft, fraud, motor vehicle, property, alcohol, etc.

Suzan Logan

Cook and Photographer

A passionate food writer and a photographer you will often find in the kitchen with recipes and kitchen gadgets. I also know what the contemporary kitchen needs.

William Jayden

Permanent Author

Jayden educates, motivates, and has developed a working model to help individuals organize their thoughts. He is certified by the FFI | GEN. Taught in high school for 10 years, and currently lectures in college.

Robert James

Nature Writer

Wildlife researcher and nature writer. Studied at St. Petersburg College. A published medium writer. Speaks English, Afrikaans, and French.