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Meet our publishers:

Owen Mason

Content Manager

Mason is a licensed motorbiker and a mechanic. He partakes in the annual Sturgis Motorcycle Rally and other local motorcycling events. Mason owns a 2020 Yamaha VMAX Sport currently and has built an approved custom motorbike.

Paulinus Sunday


The author, Paulinus Sunday, is a CLTI certified family coach in providing practical knowledge about the dynamics of a family. He owns a 2018 Ford Fusion.

Marc Scott

Lawyer and writer

Defended clients in various courts, practiced in several states, and reconciled disputes in local federal courts. I have experience answering and dealing with a wide range of violations/criminal matters, including theft, fraud, motor vehicle, property, alcohol, etc.

Suzan Logan


Suzan Logan is a family teacher, she holds a Ph.D. in Clinical Child Psychology. She participates in residential care programs and is committed to resolving serious emotional cognitive, and behavioral child problems.

William Jayden

Permanent Author

Jayden educates, motivates, and has developed a working model to help individuals organize their thoughts. He is certified by the FFI | GEN. Taught in high school for 10 years, and currently lectures in college.

Robert James

Nature Writer

Wildlife researcher and nature writer. Studied at St. Petersburg College. A published medium writer. Speaks English, Afrikaans, and French.