How to beg for money on the street

Begging is a practice whereby you ask random people for money in public places. You want to know how to beg for money on the street and get it. Generally, people beg for money on street corners for many different reasons such as being homeless and having trouble making ends meet. However, some do it out of addiction, mental health problems, or as a form of scam.

How to beg for money on the street

There are several ways that people beg for money on street corners, and these can range from straightforward to elaborate. Here are some of the most common methods you can use to beg for money and get it:


1. Hold up a sign

You can beg for money on the street by holding up signs, which is one of the simplest methods. The signs can be written in marker or printed on cardboard. It should say things like “homeless and hungry,” “out of work,” or “need money for food.”

You can add a personal touch to your sign, like a picture of yourself or your family, to appeal to people’s emotions.


2. Play an instrument

Random strangers on the street are more likely to give you money for entertaining them. Thus, music can be a powerful tool in begging on street corners. You may also consider performing a certain song or set list in hopes of attracting more people and, in turn, more money.

3. Use your pet to your advantage

You probably treat your pet like family and will go to great lengths to keep them safe. So, while begging on the street, bring your pet with you, usually a dog, to make people feel sorry for you.

You may also hold signs that say “homeless with my dog,” or just sit on the street with your pet and hope that people will feel sorry and give you money.

4. Perform unique tricks

Consider performing unique tricks or stunts to get money when begging on the street. It can be anything from juggling to breakdancing. The goal is to get people to stop and watch, and then hopefully give money. So make sure you finesse your ability to gain people’s attention.


The show has to be very elaborate. You also need to wear a matching costume or use props to make your act more interesting.

5. Asking random people directly

You can occasionally just ask for money outright when you beg on the street for money. Just say, “Excuse me, can you spare some change?” or more elaborately by telling a story about your situation and why you need the money.

You can even use a script that you have memorized in the hopes that it will be more effective in getting people to give you money.

6. Panhandling

One of the best ways to beg for money on the street is to panhandle, which means holding out a cup or sign for people to put money in. I have written elaborately on successful panhandling that works. You may just sit or stand still until someone feels sorry and gives you money.

When looking to get money from a lot of people, choose busy intersections, tourist areas, or public transit stations. Complement it with doing things like playing an instrument, juggling, or acting like you are disabled to get people to notice you.

When asking for money on the street, do not be aggressive. Do not also follow people or keep asking for money even when they are told no. It is considered aggressive panhandling, which is illegal in many states or jurisdictions.

7. Beg for money busking or spanging

Busking or spanging is another successful way to beg for money on the street of any state. In this method, you show off a talent or skill in exchange for cash from onlookers.

Buskers typically play music, dance, or perform magic tricks in public places such as parks, squares, or sidewalks. Some people even make a living by busking, and a lot of famous musicians and performers got their start this way.

Street musicians, no matter where they come from, have to deal with many problems, such as bad weather, competition from other street performers, and the risk of theft or violence.

8. Get rich by sleeping rough

Sleeping rough is a less common, street way to beg for money. This method involves sleeping on the street if you have no place to stay or any help. People who sleep outside are often homeless, and they may have problems with their physical and mental health. That means you may also be lonely and can beg for money to buy food, clothes, or other things they need. Usually, you might get help from charities or volunteers.

What to do when begging for money on the street

While out on the street to beg for money, do the following:

1. Choose a good spot

A good spot is important for successful begging. This usually means finding a place with a lot of people walking by. It can be a busy street corner or a well-known shopping area. The more people who walk by, the more people who might be willing to give you money.

You have to consider the law of the location as well. Begging laws vary from one jurisdiction to another within a country. Some places have strict laws against begging, while others have more lenient laws or no laws against it at all.

2. Just look nice

It might seem counterintuitive, but dressing and smelling nice can help when begging for money. Strangers are more likely to give money to someone who appears clean than to someone who looks dirty and unkempt. So, try talking like a rich person to help entice people to give you money.

3. Hold a simple sign

A sign is a great way to get people’s attention and tell them what you want them to know without having to talk to each person who walks by. You could put something like “Homeless and hungry” or “Lost my job, anything helps” on the sign to explain your situation.

4. Make eye contact

Look at people when they walk past to help make it harder for them to ignore you. Some people also find that smiling is a good way to get people to respond positively.

5. Be kind to people

Be kind and polite, it’ll go a long way toward getting people to give you money. Say “please” and “thank you” to make people feel appreciated and more likely to give.

6. Consider telling a story

If someone stops you to talk, be ready to tell them about yourself, including why you’re on the street, how you got there, and what you plan to do with the money. Share personal information to make people care about you and make them more likely to give you money.

7. Do something to entice people

You can choose to do something in exchange for donations, such as singing a song or dancing.

8. Store the money away

Prepare a place to put the money. It can be in your hat or cup. You don’t want to get robbed by dishonest people. Nevertheless, you may always be able to get your money back if stolen.

9. Move around

Staying in one place might seem like the best choice, but moving around is often better. This lets you reach more people and makes it harder for the government to tell you to leave.

10. Be aware of your surroundings

Be aware of your surroundings and take precautions to keep yourself safe, especially at night. Stay away from places where there aren’t many people and watch out for aggressive panhandlers or thieves. Thieves can also steal from you.

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Poor people have been asking for money on the street for hundreds of years, so it’s a traditional way of getting money from people. You probably really need the money but be careful and respectful to others out there. No matter your reason for begging, it can be hard and often humiliating.

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