How to Deposit Fake Check on Cash App

Want to deposit fake check on Cash App? Generally, depositing paper checks into Cash App is simple and easy. But if yours is a fake check, we are assuming that you need it to prank a friend. That is because a fake check on Cash App generally does not work.

The process of depositing a fake check is the same as depositing a legit check. But the difference is the question “will that of a fake check work on Cash App?”


How to Deposit Fake Check on Cash App

Just follow the steps in this article to learn how to deposit fake check on Cash App.


1. Make sure your check meets all the needed criteria

Before you can deposit the check, there are a few things you need to have in place:

  • The check should be in your name, matching the name on your Cash App account, or it can be jointly issued with an approved person. It must be payable in US Dollars since the Cash App works with US financial institutions and can only handle money in US currency.
  • The check needs to be signed correctly by the person or company who issued it. Also, make sure the check amount is within your Cash App account’s deposit limit, which is $3,500 for each check and a total of $7,500 per month. The app will let you know how much is left before reaching your monthly limit.
  • The check is still good to use because it usually stays valid for 90 days. It hasn’t been cashed yet either.
  • The check is unchanged and ready to use. You signed it and added “Cash App Deposit” below your signature.

These are all part of Cash App check guidelines that your electronic check must meet to be deposited on Cash App.

2. To get started, look for the app with a green box and a white “$” inside. That’s Cash App.

3. Tap Checks.

Cash App Check

This option lets you use your phone to scan paper checks and add them to your account.


4. Click Continue.

Deposit your check Cash App

You will be taken to a page that says “Deposit Your Check”. Click Continue

5. Enter Your Check Amount.

Enter check amount to deposit

6. Tap Confirm Front of Check.

Front of fake check cash app

7. Tap Confirm Back of Check.

Back of fake check Cash App

8. Scan and Submit Check.

Scan and deposit fake check on Cash app

Now, you have to take photos of the check front and back by tapping “Take Photo”.

Make sure to position your phone’s camera using the grids on your screen to align the check correctly. Cash App will automatically snap a picture of the check when it’s clear and acceptable. Remember to use a dark background for better results.

9. Tap Submit.

You’ll see the check’s value displayed, along with a disclaimer stating that your money won’t be available until it deposits, typically within 3–4 business days.

So, that’s how you deposit a check on Cash App, or, in your case “deposit a fake check on Cash App” to prank your friend.

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