How to sneak extra guests into Airbnb

Perhaps, you want to sneak extra guests into Airbnb for whatever reason. I would, however, encourage you to adhere to the rules set by the host regarding extra guests. Some properties may be subject to regulations from homeowners or resident associations. When you violate these rules, it may result in additional charges or the termination of your stay, and may also lead to negative reviews on your profile, making it even harder to use Airbnb in the future.

Usually, it is advisable to communicate with the host and obtain permission before bringing additional guests to the property.


Can you sneak in an extra guest for Airbnb?

You can try to sneak an extra guest into Airbnb—but you don’t want to get caught.

It is not advisable to sneak an extra guest into Airbnb as it is considered dishonest and may violate the terms and conditions of the platform. Be honest and upfront about the number of guests that will be staying in the property. Make sure to also follow all relevant rules and regulations.


Does Airbnb really check how many guests?

Airbnb’s policy on guests allows hosts to specify their own limits, including the number of people, cost per person, and number of beds in the property. However, the platform does have a maximum limit of 16 guests to discourage large parties. Hosts typically clearly communicate their rules and expectations to ensure that their property is used respectfully and responsibly.

This also means that Airbnb will not pay unexpected visits to the rental to physically verify the number of guests. If a guest should allow more than the listed number of guests, they may likely not be covered by Airbnb in the event of a liability.

How to sneak extra guests into Airbnb

It’s a pretty common practice for guests to sneak in extra people. Below are the different ways people do it:

1. Extra guests not mentioned during booking

A potential guest can simply not mention the extra guests when they book the Airbnb and then show up with more people than the reservation was made for.


This can be particularly easy to do if the host isn’t going to be present during the stay, or if the listing doesn’t have strict rules about the maximum number of guests.

2. Bringing in extra guests after checking in

People sneak extra guests into Airbnb rentals by bringing in extra people after the host has already checked them in. For instance, a guest might book a rental for two people, and then invites a few more friends over once they have settled in and the host is gone.

This, however, could be more difficult to pull off if the host is present/lives next to the rental, or if there are strict check-in and check-out procedures in place, but it’s still possible.

3. Booking multiple listings in the same building

A guest can try to sneak extra people into Airbnb rentals by booking multiple listings in the same building or complex, and then connecting the units to create a larger living space. The downside is that this method is a bit more complicated and expensive. Nevertheless, some dishonest guests do it, especially if they plan to throw a party in the Airbnb.

4. Request a change

A guest should request a change instead of sneaking in more visitors, per Airbnb. If a guest wants to bring another person after they have already booked, they can request a change to their reservation to add the additional person. This will depend on the policies of the host and whether or not there is availability for the additional person. The guest can also ask their friend to make a separate reservation if it is not possible to add them to the existing reservation.

How hosts can catch Airbnb guests bringing extra visitors

How to sneak extra guests into Airbnb

1. Installing a camera surveillance system

Hosts can install a camera surveillance system outside of their property to monitor the entrances and exits and keep track of people coming and going out. The camera is best placed near the entrance or focused on the driveway.

2. Using a smart doorbell

The smart doorbell is a useful and convenient security feature that allows hosts to see anyone at the front door of the rental no matter where they are. With a camera installed on the front door, the smart doorbell sends a notification to the host’s smartphone and connects them live to the camera. However, a host must inform their guests about the presence of the security camera or smart doorbell through house rules or guest communications.

3. Monitoring with neighbors

Hosts can monitor guest activities with the help of l neighbors. The host provides the neighbor with a schedule of the guest’s rental occupancy so they know when to be extra vigilant.

Once the neighbors notice a different number of guests from what they’ve been told, they notify the host immediately. From there, the host can take the necessary actions, such as contacting the guests, reporting the incident to Airbnb, or proposing additional charges.

What happens if you bring extra guests to Airbnb?

“Hey, I was thinking about bringing an extra guest to our Airbnb stay. What happens if I get caught?” Well, try to be honest and upfront about the number of guests you will have. If you bring extra guests without disclosing them, you could face consequences such as having your booking canceled or being banned from Airbnb.

Airbnb takes the number of guests very seriously, and hosts are required to accurately list the number of guests allowed at their property. If you still want to bring an additional guest, make sure to communicate this with your potential host and pay any additional fees required.

Airbnb number of guests rules

Airbnb’s rules for the number of guests who can stay at a listing depend on the specific property and the preference of each host. While some hosts only allow a certain number of guests to stay, others are more flexible. You can find the specific number of guests that a host allows on their Airbnb listing via the website or app.

Generally, however, Airbnb mandates hosts to accurately represent the number of guests that their listing can accommodate. They can also only allow the specified number of guests into the rent.

If you plan to have extra guests, it’s advisable to contact the host and politely ask if they are willing to accommodate your guest(s). It is up to the host to decide whether or not to allow extra guests.

Note that Airbnb policy restricts unauthorized parties and events at listings. Thus, hosts are not allowed to host more than the specified number of guests to hold a party or other large gatherings.

If you are planning a gathering and prefer to use Airbnb, discuss your plans with the potential host. You also want to make sure that they are comfortable with your group size.

Ultimately, it’s risky to sneak extra people into an Airbnb rental. It can potentially violate the terms of the reservation, leading to fines or even an eviction. It’s best to be upfront about the number of guests you will be bringing with you when you book an Airbnb. Make sure to also follow the host’s rules about maximum occupancy.

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