How to Talk Like a Rich Person

Perhaps, you don’t necessarily have to be rich to talk like a rich person. But sounding like someone rich typically comes naturally to some people. That’s not to say it’s too tough for those without it. The big news is you don’t need the money to sound rich although it speaks of wealth when you spend money.

How to talk like a rich person

This publication will teach you to talk like a rich person when you are trying to impress your boss at work or sound more sophisticated. Consider the following:


1. Speak confidently

The typical rich person you want to emulate speaks confidently, and also deliberately, as well as pays attention to their speech rate or pace. It shows your confidence and makes you look more intelligent and well-spoken whenever you speak. The positive of watching your speech pace is that it helps people to clearly process your words.

2. Avoid slang/profanity outside your private space

The rich fellows make use of slang or profanity in a sophisticated instead of a trashy manner, but would rather not use them in sentences at all.


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Rich people are typically more educated (not necessarily attending schools) and well-mannered, so they don’t speak ill-informed or even ignorantly in most cases.

3. Skip using casual terms

To sound smart, avoid using casual words in your sentences, including:

  • “you know”
  • “yeah”

Rich people use proper grammar and enunciate their words well enough.


Also, wealthy people avoid using words like “you know” or “like”. It sounds less intelligent and annoying when you use these filler words as they are used by people who are not confident in their vocabulary skills or who are trying to think of what to say next.

4. Speak at a medium pace

Lots of rich people speak at a medium pace and an even tone. Don’t rush your sentences so you can display confidence in what you are saying during conversations. It will also make the listener pay attention.

When your speech rate is too fast, it makes you sound nervous and shows a lack of confidence. Also, when you speak too slowly, you bore out your listener. As explained by American Express, talking fast can result in a lack of clear enunciation, articulation, and an engaging tone. The listener may hear your words but may misunderstand your complete message.

5. Be relevant

Talking about irrelevant things should not be your forte. Instead, talk about things that you know a lot about and that are relevant to the context so you don’t waste the listeners’ time rambling about unimportant things.

6. Know what you’re talking about

When you make use of advanced words to sound smart, ensure that you know their meanings. If you misuse the words, your learned listener will not be impressed.

When you have no idea what you’re talking about, you lose credibility. So, make use of words that are easy to understand when you’re trying to talk like a rich person.

7. Mind your tone of voice

There is no need to scream or yell to get heard to sound rich and assertive. However, talking in a whispered voice is not great either. When speaking, don’t lower your voice than normal as it makes people think you have something to hide. It also shows a lack of confidence.

8. Practice makes perfect

You have to be able to speak smoothly in any given situation. Make use of your rich voice when talking to people, regardless of their status. Your sentence structure must be easy on the listener’s ears. Nobody wants to listen to sentences that are too long or complex.

9. Build your vocabulary

One of the easiest ways to sound rich is to improve your vocabulary. You can improve your vocabulary using a dictionary to look up words and how to properly use them in sentences.

Do an online search for the meaning of words you don’t know. Flashcards can also help, as you can practice using words you don’t know in conversations after finding out their meanings.

You could try replacing common words with their advanced counterparts to sound more intelligent. For example, you can say “I’m taking my leave” instead of saying “I’m leaving”.

10. Use proper jargon

You’d be sounding rich when you make use of jargon. People with the same background, characteristics, and interests, usually use jargon that fit the context of the discussion. Learn the necessary jargon and occupational terms to use when speaking.

For example, the jargon used in the financial sector is different from those of law. Potential employers will be impressed and deem you an expert when you use words suitable for your specific field.

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