Excuses to get out of plans at any time

Perhaps, you never wanted to go out in the first place but succumbed to the relentless pressure. Now you need the best excuses to get out of plans last minute without being questioned. Well, you made the right call to be here.

The mere thought of mustering the energy to get up, get presentable, and engage in human interaction is as appealing as getting a root canal without anesthesia. And then you glance at your phone, only to see “Hey, are we still on for tonight?” Hmmm! Can’t they sense your introverted vibes on their screen? Anyways, you’re getting out of that plans.


Maybe you were feeling all outgoing and adventurous one fine day, but now you’re stuck with a case of regrets. Or maybe, just maybe, you never even wanted to go in the first place, but you couldn’t muster the courage to say “no” when the time came.

But how on earth do you wriggle out of these plans without stomping on your friends’ delicate feelings? You might even find yourself cursing your own name forever thinking you had it in you to be a social butterfly and make plans in the first place. Well, we’ve all been there and know the walk-around.


Excuses to get out of plans

The type of excuse you need to escape plans will vary depending on how much time you’ve got before the dreaded event. If you’ve got a solid day or two to spare, your excuse game will look a bit different compared to when you’re supposed to be en route to the plans.

Canceling plans can strike at any given moment. We have you covered with excuses for any scenarios. Below are the best believable excuses to get out of plans:

1. “I’m feeling sick.”

It’s an age-old gem that never fails to do the trick. This excuse works when you pull it off 1-3 days in advance because you’ll probably still be “feeling sick” when the plans come knocking at your door. It’s a tried-and-true believable tactic.

2. “A work thing came up.”

It’s a believable one. Let’s say your boss springs an unexpected project on you, demanding those extra hours of your precious time. Work can be frustrating when it conveniently interferes with your plans. But it happens all the time.


3. “I have surprise family coming into town.”

You can earn some serious bonus points with this excuse for getting out of plans.

The key is to play it up like you’re dreading their arrival and would much rather stick to your original plans with your friends. Give them that extra dose of guilt. Who knew family visits could be so conveniently inconvenient?

4. “I totally forgot it’s my bro-in-law/cousin/dad/guinea pig’s birthday.”

Aim for someone who’s just extended enough in your family tree that it’s believable you’d forget, but close enough that you’d still be celebrating their special day.

Who knew navigating the complex web of family birthdays could come in handy for plan evasions? It’s a delicate balance, but when executed with finesse, it’s pure genius.

5. “I already had plans with my sister/mom/friend/etc.”

What a tragic turn of events and you’re left with no choice but to cancel. #SoSad, right? Let the world weep for your absent-mindedness, my dear friend.

6. “I actually have an appointment that I totally forgot about.”

It’s one of those moments where you conveniently blanked on that important commitment. But let’s not overdo it with these excuses in a row. We don’t want them starting to worry about your scattered brain.

7. “My (someone you live with) is feeling pretty sick.”

You can add that you might have to stay back to care for them. This is one of the excuses to get out of plans that makes you all compassionate and considerate. You truly are a selfless gem taking on the noble duty of caring for your sick housemate.

8. “I might’ve been exposed. I think I’m going to lay low until I know I’m okay to go out.”

You’re just being cautious, making sure you’re keeping yourself and others safe. Better to be safe than sorry. So, let’s keep those social interactions on pause until you get the green light. Stay responsible and let the pandemic be your ally in escaping plans.

9. “Work has me SWAMPED, my friends.”

Well, it looks like you’ll be pulling those late-night shifts. You see, you’re a dedicated hard worker, and yes, binge-watching friends counts as work. Just say to them:

Don’t question the hustle, just appreciate it. So, excuse me while I drown in my work-related chaos and bid those plans adieu.

It’s all in the name of productivity that works as those excuses to get out of plans without hurting anyone.

10. “I’m legit exhausted this week. Like, seriously drained.”

Go ahead and add:

I don’t know if I have the energy to venture out.

Sometimes you just need to prioritize some self-care and recharge those batteries. So, let’s embrace the beauty of staying in and giving ourselves the rest we deserve. No shame in that game. Keep it real though and honor your exhaustion.

11. “It has been an emotional week for me, and I’ve gotta be honest. I need to cancel.”

It’s a raw and real situation. But a true friend will get it and be understanding. Prioritize your emotional well-being, and surround yourself with those who truly understand. Keep it real and take care of yourself.

12. “I don’t feel comfortable at the moment.”

Just say:

After some deep pondering, I’ve come to the enlightened realization that hitting the streets doesn’t quite vibe with my current comfort levels.

Justifiable, given the wild times we’re living in.

13. “I’m finding a caretaker for my adorable baby.”

Whether it’s a baby or a fluffy pet. You can exploit it to use as an irresistible excuse for your new fur baby to cancel plans.

14. “I have a family emergency.”

I personally steer clear of summoning the family/friend/pet emergency card because I ain’t about that negative energy, but you do you.

15. “I have an early shift tomorrow.”

Then go ahead and add “Is there a glimmer of hope that we could reschedule for another night?”

16. “I vomited…”

Yeah, it’s a foolproof escape plan from any kind of commitment. Besides, nobody’s a fan of vomit, so it makes one of the best excuses to get out of plans.

17. “My head’s pounding like a jackhammer.”

Ugh, migraines suck big time. Hopefully, your friends understand the misery and cut you some slack.

18. “My apartment is drowning.”

You can even exaggerate by adding “in a sea of never-ending chores… I’m legit swamped.” It’s a classic excuse and you have to tackle that mountain of housework somehow.

19. “Ouch, my back/ankle/hip/etc. took a beating during my run today.”

Here’s another heart-stopping excuse to add to the collection, but don’t tempt fate with those jinxes. Stay cautious though.

20. “I’m feeling extremely exhausted right now.”

Can’t even deny it, we’ve all hit that level of exhaustion at some point. This excuse won’t cancel serious plans though.

21. “Man, today I’m just not in the mood for all that people-ing stuff.”

If you’ve got introverted, they’ll 100% relate to this vibe.

22. “My car is acting up and giving me a headache.”

Just a heads-up, this excuse isn’t foolproof. They might come to the rescue and offer you a lift. Only use this excuse to cancel plans if you 100% can’t meet up without your own ride. Meanwhile, you can use Lyft without a phone number.

23. “Man, my wallet’s looking pretty sad right now.”

Watch out for those sneaky potential holes in this excuse. They might get in and offer to foot the bill. If that happens, you have yourself some real friends.

24. “I went a little too wild last night.”

But let’s keep the secret that it was just you and your pet, rocking sweats and devouring a whole pizza. No telling them the context.

25. “I have been sucked into work.”

Well, you could be sucked into a work vortex and can’t escape. Ao, use this excuse to get out of plans even though it’s not the most thrilling excuse, it gets the job done.

26. “I’m trapped in a traffic nightmare.”

Just make sure they can’t whip out Google Maps and fact-check you, or you’ll be caught in the act.

27. “Something unexpectedly popped up out of the blue.”

A pretty vague excuse that isn’t top-notch, but it works when you’re in a pinch.

28. “I’m feeling a bit under the weather.”

Warn your friends that you won’t be the life of the party in this mood. It’s all about looking out for you.

29. Try being honesty

No beating around the bush here, just straight-up saying, ‘I don’t want to.’ It’s the golden rule of keeping it real.

How not to feel guilty getting out of plans

Sometimes you just want to spare someone’s feelings, even if it’s nothing personal. But let’s face it, making excuses can totally bum the other person out. So, here are tricks to get away with your guilt trip and save those emotions from getting hurt when you make excuses to get out of plans.

1. Give your excuse a second thought

Sometimes, once you’re actually there, it’s not half bad. Seriously, give yourself a reality check.

  • Will you actually have a good time once you muster up the courage to show up?
  • Did you enjoy hanging out with this person before?
  • Could a little social interaction do wonders for your mental well-being?

Ask yourself these questions, and if you still find yourself wanting to get out of the plans, that’s cool too.

2. Extend a genuine apology

The guilt of canceling plans is all too real. Show some heartfelt remorse. Apologize sincerely because, let’s face it, they cleared their schedule just for you. Let them know you genuinely feel bad for bailing.

3. Consider rescheduling

If you have to apologize, make sure you mean it and promise to never bail again. Don’t go down the road of rescheduling if you know deep down that future plans aren’t your cup of tea.

Besides, being ditched once is forgivable, but if you pull the same stunt a second time, your excuses might start raising some eyebrows. Don’t leave them suspicious and questioning your trustworthiness.

4. Notify them through a phone call and not text

Pick up that phone and give them a call instead of relying on a text message. Making that call shows a tad more respect and lets them know you’re not just brushing them off. Show some empathy, my friends, and dial those digits so they can hear from your voice how sorry you are.

5. Offer to pay up

If your friend went the extra mile and invested their hard-earned cash on tickets, accommodations, or reservations, it’s only fair to step up and offer to repay. Seriously, leaving them both time and money down the drain. Show some decency and make things right when finances are at stake.

Tips for giving excuses to get out plans

It’s seldom about the other person, but more about my introverted tendencies taking over. In an ideal universe, we’d all just get it. But reality check: not everyone takes kindly to being bailed on (hence the need for these oh-so-convincing excuses). So whether you’re the master of excuses or the one on the receiving end, keep these notes in mind.

1. Note that excuses aren’t foolproof

There’s always a chance you’ll be caught in a web of fibs. You claim to rush your doggo to the vet, but whoopsie-daisy, turns out the vet’s closed that day.

Or let’s say you embellish the truth about traffic, but the all-knowing Google Maps reveals the roads are traffic-free.

If your excuse has loopholes or slips through the cracks, you’re not just damaging the trust, you’re doing some serious harm. People don’t appreciate being fed a spoonful of lies. Even if we’re trying to spare their feelings, discovering that we’ve been served a juicy excuse might just make them feel even crappier.

2. Be honest

Honesty is the absolute best excuse to get out of plants. We’ve just dazzled you with a list of believable excuses to get out plans, but hold the ultimate excuse, or rather, non-excuse, is none other than the truth itself.

Embracing my truth and honestly explaining why you’d rather pass on plans should become your new mantra. More often than not, the other person gets it. They understand. But if they don’t, well, they might not be the most stellar friend. As long as your reasons for canceling aren’t offensive or detrimental to their well-being, they should be open to hearing you out when you lay down the truth.

3. Only get out of plans for better results

When your mental health needs some tender love and care, go ahead and give it just that. Embrace a blissful evening of self-care or indulge in a delightful solo escapade at home.

Remember, your mental well-being should always come first. Moreover, true friends will get it. They’ll understand that your mental health needs some extra tender loving care.

Share the ultimate excuse to dodge plans that left you amazed!

Have you ever encountered an excuse that left you in stitches or made you chuckle uncontrollably? Share the absolute best or funniest excuse you’ve ever come across in the comment section below, and let’s spread those good vibes and smiles around. Remember, this post is all about light-hearted silliness because we’ve all made excuse at some point in our lives.

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