23 Believable Excuses Not to Hang Out

What are some good excuses not to hang out with friends or anyone? At 14, I decided to improve and get better at making excuses since I was always caught lying.

At 20, I felt it was not worth making flimsy excuses when I could refuse what I don’t like. At 25, I discovered that making excuses could be relevant most of the time, especially when you already promised to show up for something.


It’s OK not to want to hang out, especially if it brings nothing tangible. When you make a reasonable excuse to skip a hangout, it reduces the level of disappointment. Although your friends or relatives may not inform you, trust me, they are pissed. Meanwhile, a bad excuse for not hanging out is the least mistake you want to make.

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What Are Good Excuses Not to Hang Out?

While some excuses may be flimsy, some can attract pity from the hang-out inviter. So, what are good excuses not to hang out?

  1. “The doctor said I should rest”

The doctor can tell anyone to rest, so it would not be polite of your friend not to honor your doctor’s advice. Except they know the doctor, they won’t call.

Action to Take

While making this excuse, wear a sad look. If possible, get heavier clothe to convince your friend. Of course, they will ask whether you have medication. Say, “yes.” You can add that the prescribed tablet was single, and you can’t recall the name.

  1. “I’m preparing for a test.”

A well-meaning person inviting you for a hang out understands the need to pass your test. Excuse the invitation that you must prepare for the test today.


Action to Take

Have a book in hand that the inviter is unaware of. If the inviter attends the same college or knows your school colleague, avoid this excuse. So, consider the possibility that they can verify this excuse. You may add that you excused yourself out of school early to begin preparations.

  1. “I wish you informed me earlier.”

If you are just being informed about the hangout, say, “I wish you informed me earlier.” Explain that you are too occupied or would be too occupied for that day.

Action to Take

Tell the person you can always hang out another day.

  1. “I’m babysitting.”

Well, you can babysit a baby or a pet. Since no one is home, make the excuse that your parents are absent from babysitting.

Action to Take

Download a child’s sound and play it during the call with the friend. But if your friend shows up to invite you, tell them the baby will arrive later, and you can’t hang out.

  1. “Oops, a relative is visiting today.”

Another excuse you can make not to hang out is telling your friends that you are expecting a relative. Of course, you must be home to welcome them and maybe assist with chores.

Action to Take

Make sure to sound so real. You may fake a chat with your cousin, nephew, niece, etc., and show the fake chat to your friend as evidence.

  1. “Too many clothes to wash.”

If you have too many clothes to wash, your friends should let you stay. Also, add that you have been too sick to wash them for some days now.

Action to Take

Pile up your clothes – clean and dirty, to convince the inviter that indeed you can’t hang out with them today. You may send them a photo of piled clothes as evidence.

  1. “I’m working on a project.”

You can tell the person that you are busy with a project your manager tasked you to handle.

Action to Take

Sound very busy during the phone call or messaging conversation. The project may be to convince your mom to say yes.

  1. “I have running stomach.”

Oops, claiming to have a running stomach is such a great excuse when you do not want to hang out with someone. Meanwhile, a running stomach excuse is also perfect when you want to avoid a wedding invitation.

Action to Take

You do not have to put up any act, except the person who visits you at home. Suppose the person visits you at home, and you want them to leave, fake about using the toilet, and they will depart. Of course, they will wish you a quick recovery, although they are disappointed.

  1. “I’m visiting an uncle.”

If the person is not conversant with your relatives, lie that you will be visiting an uncle.  The uncle can be imaginary, though.

Action to Take

You do not have to take any action. Some persons may ask whether your uncle lives, though. Make sure to give them a location different from the hangout location. Otherwise, you might be persuaded to join in when you arrive at your uncle’s place. Of course, you can’t give a different excuse after messing up.

  1. “We’re preparing the house.”

Nobody can stop you from preparing your home. You can give excuses about fighting bugs and termites at home.

Action to Take

If your friend visits you often, get a termite chemical container to serve as evidence whenever they turn up. Also, do not exaggerate the termite or bug attack. Some friends may offer to assist with it, and you can’t lie your way out.

  1. “Bad headache won’t let me!”

Oh, dear! What a big clever excuse it is to say that you have a migraine or severe headache.

Action to Take

Your voice should tell that it is indeed severe. If the inviter asks to check up on you, tell them you won’t be home and that you’ll get better soon. You do not have to send them photos of your medication pack. Besides, not many persons will get to that extent to confirm whether you’re lying to avoid hanging out with them.

  1. “I’m hiding from someone.”

Well, you can say that you are keeping away from someone seeing you in public for the time being.

Action to Take

They may be curious to know the person, but tell them not to worry about it. You can add that it’s not that serious and poses no life threat.

  1. “I’m on my period; it’s painful.”

Well, being on period is a girl’s thing; sorry, if you’re male.

Action to Take

You do not have to take any action. However, if the person knows about your period durations, it won’t make a good excuse not to hang out. Moreover, nobody will request picture evidence.

  1. “Sorry, I’m not comfortable where you’re going.”

Tell the person you are not comfortable where they are hanging out. I recommend making this excuse only when you are particular about where you will be heading. Some persons can change location, or ask you to choose a suitable place.

Action to Take

NO actions to take.

  1. “My sibling is sick.”

You can fake your sibling’s health to get out of hanging out.

Action to Take

Rapport with your sibling to help you avoid the hangout. If the person knows your home or siblings, the excuse that your sibs are sick to avoid the hangout may not be good.

  1. “My motor vehicle has mechanical issues.”

When your motorcycle or vehicle breaks down, the party is over. Tell your friend that you can’t make it there and that you must get the motorcycle or vehicle fixed ASAP.

Action to Take

This excuse for avowing a hangout should only be used when the hangout date and time are near. Some friends may offer to pick you up, but you must insist that you need to be with the mechanic.

  1. “My pet is sick.”

Pets getting sick is not new, so that you can use it as a great excuse. Besides, the pet can’t say that it is ill or healthy.

Action to Take

Keep your pet indoor. If it’s a cat, you can learn to sneak up on your cat after getting out of this drama.

  1. “I’m mourning.”

Well, if you lose a relative, it’s an excellent excuse to avoid hanging out. Some persons can lie that someone died recently and that they’ve been in a bad mood.

Action to Take

Use this excuse only when you can confirm the death of someone. It must be genuine; otherwise, do not bank on imaginary death to get out of hanging out with someone.

  1. “I’m broke; no money to hang out.”

Being broke is enough reason not to hang out. Nonetheless, some friends may insist you show up.

Action to Take

You must back up this excuse for not hanging out with an excuse like “I am getting to work for some cash.”

  1. “I have friendly scores to settle.”

To settle scores means to revenge for an unforgivable thing done to you. Make sure to add “friendly” to keep the inviter from thinking it’s serious.

Action to Take

You do not have to take any action or give explanations.  Just say it is personal, and you want to get it over with. It can be an online game challenge, virtual room game, etc.

  1. “Something is bothering me.”

If something bothers you, get some time to cool yourself off. Tell the person or friend that you must think yourself out of it ASAP. They may persuade you to share with them but be reluctant.

Action to Take

The only action to take is wearing a worrisome look or saddening your voice if you’re talking on the phone.

  1. “I’m busy today.”

If you are married, you can say that you’re losing weight as a wife.

Action to Take

Your friend may not ask what you will be doing exactly, though. But if they do, tell them anything they can’t relate to.

  1. “I’m learning a course online.”

If you’re a student, you can say you are learning a course online.

Action to Take

Make sure not to make this excuse to a school colleague. Otherwise, they may ask you to share this imaginary online course. You can cement this excuse by adding that it is time-based or limited.

How to Say No to a Hangout and Not Feel Bad

What is a good excuse to not hang out

People refuse hanging out with friends for several reasons, including hiding a pregnancy from parents, sneaking up on cat, walking a dog, etc.

If you must avoid a hangout by any means possible, below is how to say no to a hangout and not feel bad:

  • Pick an Excuse

Your excuse will be a white lie, of course. When selecting an excuse, it must be such that people can’t verify. For example, if your excuse is that you will be visiting a relative, the person must not know this relative.

  • Write Down Your Excuse

If you want to play by script, you can write down your excuse to avoid getting stuck. Some friends can investigate your excuse to be sure you’re not lying, especially if you’ve been making excuses earlier.

  • Fact-Check the Excuse

If the excuse is not factual, it is not worth it. Endeavor to keep your excuse simple believable. Do not make up wild stories that force someone to ask for more information that may reveal it’s just an excuse.

Also, your excuse not to hang out must correspond with your occupation and personality.

  • Inform the Person

Depending on the arrangement or previous agreement, share the excuse with the person earlier or some hours to the hangout time. A reason like “my motorcycle is faulty” should be communicated some minutes to the hangout.

If you do not want to answer their phone calls, check out some believable excuses for not answering the phone.

Can you say no to hanging out?

Yes, you can say “no” to hanging out, especially if it is not tangible. However, you will feel guilty, which is expected because it denies the hangout time with your friend. When you say “no” to a hangout, it clarifies the situation, and your friend understands you’re open with them. It is better to say no than make an excuse to avoid hanging out with friends, though.

Is it OK to say no to friends?

Yes, it is OK to say no to friends. They will miss your presence, but it does not hurt the relationship. If possible, avoid the excuses not to hang out to retain a good relationship with them.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes, hanging out could be aimless, and it is mostly a fun time together. You can always do something engaging when you refuse to hang out with people.

Recently, I learned that it is better to say no to something you do not want to do. I.e., it is better to be honest.

It does not feel good when you get out of a hangout, but being sincere means a lot to your friends.

I advise you to be clear about not hanging out so that people can comfortably write off your absence. Make sure to remind them to share the moments via pictures at the end of the day.

Meanwhile, you owe no one for not hanging out with them, and the best excuse for not hanging out is telling the truth.

Try not to miss a hangout with loved ones, except necessary.

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