How to Leave a Review on Airbnb After 14 Days

You may have enjoyed your stay very much and would like to write a review now that you have returned home. Unfortunately, Airbnb won’t allow you to write a review after 14 days. If you did not get a chance to write a review within the 14 days, there are other alternatives, but these do not give the experience of a traditional Airbnb review. In this article, we will talk about other ways you can indirectly leave a review on Airbnb after 14 days. Remember, your feedback always matters to the Airbnb community.

How to Leave a Review on Airbnb After 14 Days

How to leave a review on Airbnb after 14 days


Although you can’t leave a review again, these alternatives prove to be reasonable solutions. Below are ways you can leave a review on Airbnb after 14 days:

1. Use Airbnb Thread Message

Airbnb’s review system is automated, so the company is unable to make any exceptions after 14 days. However, if you had a really good experience and would like to thank your Host or provide helpful feedback about your stay, the best method is to send them a note using your Airbnb message thread.


2. Write a Reference

The second method you can use to leave a review on Airbnb after 14 days is to write a reference. Since you can no longer write a review after 14 days as a guest or host, consider writing a reference. Suppose you are a host and believe that your guest has positive feedback to share about you. Your Airbnb reference appears on the profile page of your host, along with their reviews. The downside of an Airbnb reference is that the person you are referring to can choose to accept or decline the reference. So, if it is a bad reference, they will decline it. To access the references section on your profile, go to “Profile” and then select “References” from the left side of the menu.

a) Add references with an email address

You can send emails to friends. First, input their email address into the box and select Request. You can also import your contacts, but you must have a .csv file ready to import. After sending the request, the reference provider receives an email. They just have to click the link and sign into their Airbnb account to write a reference.

b) Add references using Facebook


Airbnb references can be added through Facebook. Add someone to the reference by selecting Create Request. A window will open where you can select Facebook friends and write your message. Your Facebook friend will receive the message and sign into their Airbnb account to provide a reference. If you already have the guest or host as a Facebook friend, you should find their profile photo in your friends list. Just select “Request” under their profile photo to send them your request for reference.

3. Make a False Booking with Your Host

If you both feel positive about the experience with each other and need to share it with the community, consider making another booking. The host can refund the payment or send a 95% reduced special offer to the guest, which then provides another opportunity to write a public review. This method is weird, but it is the best way to leave a review on Airbnb after 14 days if you really want to share your beautiful experience with the community.

4. Use the Review in Your Listing

As a host, ask the guest to write positive feedback and send it to you via private message. You can save the screenshot and add it as a picture in your next listing for others to see. As a guest, you can also save a screenshot of the private review you received from your previous host. You can share the review with potential hosts and explain to them that your previous host could not write a public review after the 14-day limit.

5. Report and Remove the Review

What if your guest or a host left you a bad review, and you need to be able to counter-review? Unfortunately, since you didn’t write your own review, your only option is to write a public response to the review. Note that you have 30 days after a review has been published to leave a public response.

Don’t Bother Calling Airbnb

The main reason people fail to leave a review within 14 days is due to forgetfulness. Sometimes, it can be attributed to trying to first settle down before leaving a review of your experience. You might want to try calling Airbnb about not being able to write your review due to the review link not working in the past few days. However, your chances are very slim. Airbnb’s review system is automated, so they usually cannot make any exceptions. Give it a try, though, but your explanation should be that the review link was not working.


So, we have discussed 5 possible ways you can still leave your Airbnb. These are all really good methods that many people have used to share their experiences and positively impact the Airbnb community. If someone left a bad review about you, you can’t remove that review; however, you can contact Airbnb and report it if you believe that it violates the Airbnb Review Policy.

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