Top 10 Recruitment Agencies in London

Right now, if you are in search of a job in London, you have the support of this article to find it. Every day, countless Londoners search for jobs, just like you. Recruitment agencies can help in finding good employers and jobs that match your skills. Hold on! Recruitment agencies in London vary in their quality and services. Some are truly impressive, while others could use some improvement. So, how can you choose the right one? This is where we come in.


Here is a list of the top recruitment agencies in London to help you reach the next stage of your career.


When creating this list of the top 10 recruitment agencies in London, we carefully considered different criteria to help feature the finest firms in the city.

  • Thoroughly examined the recruitment techniques used by each agency.
  • Closely examined their hiring processes, onboarding strategies, and the technology tools they use to find and evaluate candidates.
  • We thoroughly analyzed the track record of each agency.
  • Considered factors such as the number of successful placements, the range of their core specializations, and the variety of talent they attract.
  • Made sure that the agencies featured consistently delivered results for their clients and candidates.
  • Thoroughly examined the expertise of each agency. We assessed their understanding of the market, the level of expertise their consultants possessed, and their industry experience. We firmly believed that a thorough grasp of the local job market and extensive experience were crucial in order to provide outstanding outcomes for both clients and candidates.

For this list, we’ve taken into account the communication and reliability of each agency. We’ve carefully observed their overall customer service standards and track record of fulfilling commitments. So, that said, we’ll hop on the list ASAP.

Recruitment Agencies in London

London recruitment

Here is a list of the top recruitment agencies in London.

1. La Source International Recruitment

This one is highly recommended, and our number one. La Source International Recruitment is a recruitment agency in London that links up skilled people with good career prospects. La Source has been in the industry for over a decade and has a reputation as a reliable partner for job seekers and employers.


This London recruitment agency connects top-notch professionals with opportunities in different industries, such as finance, IT, engineering, legal, marketing, sales, and human resources. They do stand out from the competition due to commitment to authentic connections between candidates and companies.

La Source place emphasis on genuine connections with their clients and candidates. This company invests the necessary time to truly comprehend job requirements, and they take a personalized approach. Indeed, La Source can easily match the perfect candidate with the ideal role.

2. Oriel Partners

If you are looking for a highly respected recruitment agency located in London, that’ll be Oriel Partners. They’ve been connecting professionals with companies since 2012. At Oriel Partners, the specialization is on executive assistant, personal assistant, and office support roles. This recruitment agency focuses on industries like finance, legal, technology, property, and professional services.

3. The Maine Group

The Maine Group is a renowned recruitment agency located in London, recognized for its personalized approach and dedication to connecting exceptional individuals. The Maine Group has developed a solid reputation delivering customized recruitment solutions for the specific requirements of both candidates and clients.

It also has extensive expertise in recruiting for specialized industries. However, there is a particular focus on finance, accounting, tax, treasury, internal audit, risk, compliance, and corporate governance sectors.

4. Blade Recruitment

Highly regarded as a recruitment agency located in London. The focus is on connecting skilled professionals with opportunities in the property and construction sectors. Blade Recruitment has earned a solid reputation for delivering personalized recruitment solutions.

This recruitment agency specializes in connecting professionals in various sectors. We have property management, facilities management, building services, surveying, and construction. At Blade Recruitment, there is a priority for development of lasting connections and outstanding service. They place a strong emphasis on ‘high-quality’ results. So, yes, this company invests time to find the best talents for the right job.

5. Hydrogen Group

We also have Hydrogen Group in London. The company has a strong track record of connecting exceptional professionals with top companies worldwide. Since 1999, Hydrogen Group has experienced growth, and is now a trusted recruitment solution provider.

Hydrogen Group knows its onion in recruiting for specialized markets. As for the focus, they have a stronghold in banking and financial services, professional services, commerce and industry, and technology sectors.

6. Attic Recruitment Limited

We also have Attic Recruitment Limited, a well-known recruitment agency based in London. Tbis company is recognized for its personalized approach and dedication to connecting talent with companies.

Attic Recruitment has earned good reputation for delivering customized recruitment solutions. They cater to the specific requirements of candidates and clients. Attic Recruitment is also placing professionals in industries, including marketing, PR, communications, digital media, creative, and administrative support roles. Its team of seasoned consultants has extensive industry knowledge and a deep understanding of the skills needed to succeed in these fields.

7. Give a Grad a Go

As the name implies, even as a first timer, this recruitment company can help you work out which company needs your services right now. Give a Grad a Go is located in London. Founded in 2009, Give a Grad a Go is now a pioneer in the recruitment industry that advocates for young talent and connecting academia with the professional world. This recruitment company connects recent graduates with entry-level positions in different industries, such as marketing, advertising, events, hospitality, retail, eCommerce, and more.

8. Sphere

What sets Sphere apart from its competitors is commitment. This company knows how to deliver top-notch quality and uphold the highest standards of integrity. They place a strong emphasis on honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior.

Sphere is quite innovative as a recruitment agency in London. Since its establishment in 2009, Sphere has gained recognition as a trusted solution provider for both clients and candidates.

So, if you need a recruitment agency qith a strong focus on niche markets, go for Sphere, particularly in the technology, digital, data analytics, cybersecurity, and infrastructure sectors.

9. Robert Half Recruitment Agency

As for Robert Half Recruitment Agency, its history dates back to 1948. Indeed, a reliable for both clients and candidates that provides different recruitment solutions. Areas of focus are accounting and finance, banking and financial services, technology, legal, and administrative support roles.

10. Morgan McKinley

Finally, we have Morgan McKinley, a long-standing agency since 1988. So, they know what many others do not. Morgan McKinley is reliable for both clients and candidates. The sectors of their strength include accounting and finance, banking and financial services, compliance and risk, engineering, human resources, IT, legal, marketing, and sales.

Morgan McKinley’s unique characteristic is its ability to provide enduring connections. This agency also delivers high-quality service, and make sure recruits understand the requirements of the clients.


The best recruitment agency in London is La Source International Recruitment. However, if you are looking for the oldest with a skilful inventory of what to do to make sure you land a job, that’ll be Morgan McKinley due to its long history in this industry. Otherwise, all the agencies in this list bring something of note to the table, which is an actual job! So, go ahead, find, and apply for that job through any of these agencies.

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