What to Do with Old License Plates Texas

What do you do with old license plates in Texas? There are many things you can do with your unused TX license plate, but does Texas allow you to keep the plates?

what to do with old license plates texas

When you sell your motor vehicle or move out of state, Texas does not mandate you to submit it at the DMV. You only have to notify the state and your insurance company about the change of ownership after signing over the title.


In the sections below, this article suggests the things you can do with an unregistered TX license plate you no longer use.

Do I need to return license plates in TX?

No. You do not have to return unregistered license plates in Texas. When you move your motor vehicle to a different state for registration, remove the TX license plate. Depending on the new state, your Texas license plate may be requested before registration. Even when a dealer buys your motorcycle or vehicle, you keep the license plates; they will receive a new one upon registration. When you sell your motorcycle on Craigslist, for instance, do not allow the buyer to go with your TX license plate.


What to Do with Old License Plates Texas

What western bar and country would not accept an old Texas license plate? A typical TX plate can be used for various purposes when you prefer to keep it.

Below is what to do with old Texas license plates:

  1. Souvenir

Moving out of Texas license plates

Texas DMV advises you to consider the license plate as a souvenir from the state and something to remember TX with. You can send it to family members across the US if you keeping your plate as a souvenir is not enough.

Tourists also love buying unused TX license plates to take home as Texas souvenirs.

  1. Recycle Bin

Do I need to return license plates in TX

You can recycle your Texas license plate at no cost. If you decide to recycle the old Texas plates, cut them into pieces to prevent the use of the plates fraudulently. Finally, place them in the recycle bin.

Some residents recycle their TX license plates without cutting them into pieces. It could be used by anyone to get you into trouble since the registration plate points to you.

  1. Garage Wall

Do you have to turn in license plates in Texas

When you remove your old Texas license plates, hang them on the wall in the garage whether you move out of state or not. Most TX residents decorate their garages with plates, and it is the traditional thing to do with old Texas plates.

  1. Gift It Out

Dispose of old Texas license plates

You can gift your unused Texas license plates to someone. I collect many license plates and will be pleased to have yours too.

  1. Sell It Online

License plate laws in Texas

There is always a market for old TX license plates on Craigslist and eBay. TX plates also sell on Etsy, where they are made into purses and other crafty artworks.

  1. Sell to Antique Shop

how to dispose of old license plates in texas

Instead of surrendering your old TX license plates, you can sell them at the antique shop. Antique shops along South Congress buy old TX plates. Look around the nearest antique shops and inform them that you have TX plates for sale.

Do you have to return license plates in Texas after moving to another state?

No, you can keep your Texas license plates after moving to another state. Just remove the plate from your motor vehicle and recycle or hang it in your garage after registration.

Final Thoughts

Note that older Texas license plates with embossed registration numbers are more valuable than the newer screen-printed and flat plates.

When you no longer use a TX license plate, keep it safe to prevent someone from using them for unlawful activities. When it is traced to you, you get to answer the questions since the plates belong to you.

After selling your motor vehicle (motorcycle or car), the buyer can obtain a temporary permit to drive/ride it home. Do not give your license plate.

Lastly, do not forget to inform your insurance company and the Texas DMV after selling or moving your motorcycle out of state.

Meanwhile, can you keep license plates in CA?

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