How to Bypass Mingle2 Photo Verification

Mingle2 is a popular dating platform; however, you might have to bypass Mingle2 photo verification for many reasons. The photo verification process ensures the authenticity of users. However, this verification system has been met with mixed reactions from the community of users. Some people have been frustrated over being banned without any reason, even after their photos have been under review. Note that these are real people and not scammers.

Other users have shared similar experiences, with some highlighting the challenges of getting their photos approved for verification. The platform’s intent behind this verification process might be to weed out fake profiles, but it has somehow caused distress to genuine users as well. This is why it might be necessary for you to bypass Mingle2 photo verification and create a relationship with people.


How to Bypass Mingle2 Photo Verification

How to Bypass Mingle2 Photo Verification

Mingle2’s photo verification is meant to verify user identity. However, if you are one of the users having difficulty, you can use this post to bypass this system. The method I share here will give you a potential workaround using animation and webcam software.


That said, follow this step-by-step guide to bypass Mingle2 photo verification:

1. Install Crazytalk Animation Software

Download and install Crazytalk or a similar 3D animation software. These tools can animate static images, making them appear as if they are moving.

2. Prepare Your Image

Use a portrait picture, preferably the one you have used in your driver’s license or any other official ID.

3. Animate the Image

With Crazytalk, you can make the face in the picture move, giving the illusion of a live video feed. Now, capture the animation after animating the face. You can either export the animation or screen-record the moving face.


4. Install Webcam Software

Download and install ManyCam or similar software. These applications can replace your live webcam feed with custom videos or images.

The setup for ManyCam is easy. Some setting adjustments might be necessary. You can find tutorials on YouTube to guide you through the process.

5. Add the Animated Face to ManyCam

Import the face-moving video into ManyCam. Note that the idea is to fake your facial ID to beat the system.

6. Bypass Mingle2 Photo Verification

The final step is the verification process to bypass Mingle2 photo verification. When Mingle2’s verification page requests access to your camera, ManyCam will take over, playing the animated video or image you’ve set up. This can trick the system into thinking it’s viewing a live feed.

For this method, note that not everyone has found success with it. Some people have reported that it does not work, while others say it works for them. The reason is that for some people, Mingle2 is able to detect ManyCam running, making the bypass unsuccessful. If you prefer to run the Mingle2 app on your desktop, you can use Bluestacks.

Mingle2 Keeps Rejecting My Photo Verification

If you face problems with bypassing photo ID on this system repeatedly rejecting your verification photos, below could be the reasons behind the rejections without any clear explanation.

Each time you upload a photo for Mingle2 verification, the platform’s photo guidelines are displayed. If your photos adhere to these guidelines but are still rejected, contact Mingle2’s support team for assistance HERE.

Also, if all other aspects of your photo meet the verification requirements, the photo’s size might be the issue. Make sure you crop the image slightly before uploading.

What to Do if Mingle2 Face Verification Does Not Work

Your ordeal on Mingle2 could be that your photo verification process remains incomplete even after a month. Despite your patience, you are still unable to chat or interact on the platform. Sometimes, this can force you to create another account. Other times, attempts to seek help through support tickets will be in vain, as the support tickets are closed without any resolution.

1. Take a Selfie Resembling a Sample Photo

Usually, Mingle2 photo verification is instant. You need to take a selfie resembling a sample photo. If the submitted photo matches or is similar to the sample, it gets approved. Issues might arise if the photo size is too large, and I recommend using an online photo editor to resize the image.

2. Checking the Spam Folder for Mingle2 Notifications

Sometimes, even after following the suggested steps, your photo may remain under verification with no notifications or updates regarding its status. If this is the case, the potential solution is to check your spam folder for notifications. Otherwise, contact Mingle2’s support directly.

Conclusion on Bypassing Mingle2 Photo Verification

Mingle2’s photo verification process, while intended to ensure real users, has been a source of frustration for some. So, if you have experienced issues where your photos are repeatedly rejected without any reason, follow this guide to potentially solve the problem. If you keep facing difficulties, switch to alternative dating sites such as Tinder and Bumble.

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