Can My Neighbor Park in Front of My House?

Can my neighbor park in front of my house? Your neighbor can park in front of your house but you can do something about it.

Can my neighbor park in front of my house

A neighbor parking in front of your house is technically street parking, which is open to the public. They may be doing it to antagonize you or to exert their dominance.

Since the best offense is a good defense, start parking your car there whenever they move theirs – could be your spare car. You can place a huge item you no longer need on the way or even leave your trashcans out for a few days to make it a pain for them to try and park there.

Usually, the solution is to start parking right in front of their house if they will not stop parking in front of yours.

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Can my neighbor park in front of my house?

Public roadways are just that – public, so you do not have the right to reserve spaces in front of your house.

Although it is legal for your neighbor to park in front of your house, it is inconsiderate of them.

You admired the convenience of parking in front of your house, so your neighbor should make arrangements for parking spaces to park their extra vehicles instead of in your frontage.

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If your neighbor has parked in front of your house for a long time without moving, you do not have to call your local law enforcement and ask to have the vehicle checked out because the neighbor is not violating any laws.

The best course of action to take is to talk to your neighbor. Try to work it out with them without involving the police. Request assistance from the Office of Mediation if necessary.

What to do to stop a neighbor parking in front of your house

Do the following if your neighbor will not stop parking in front of your house:

  1. Send them a polite note

The note should politely ask your neighbor to stop parking their vehicle in front of your house.

How do I ask my neighbor to move my car

Do not leave the note on their windshield or at their doorstep. Be nice to them, and hand them the note in person. If they are not at home, instruct the person you meet to give the note to them.

  1. Talk to them

If they will not stop parking after you issued them a note, talk to them in person.

Approach the neighbor directly and explain to them that you do not feel okay with them parking their vehicle at your frontage or driveway.

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Make sure to be calm and polite. Being aggressive may provoke the neighbor, and a bad neighbor will not move their car since it is not illegal for them to park there.

  1. Put up signs

Make sure it is legal to put up a sign since your frontage may be a public driveway. Visit your state’s website to determine if you can put up a parking sign like “No Parking” to deter your neighbor from parking in front of your house.

Usually, state law prohibits you from putting up or trying to enforce traffic signs on public streets, so you cannot legally put the sign on public. It must be kept within your property.

  1. Install security camera

Security cameras may stop your neighbor from parking in front of your house. The camera should directly face their typical parking position so they can see it.

  1. Obstruct the parking space

Park a spare car on the spot where your neighbor parks their car. You can buy junk and leave it there to prevent them from using your frontage as their parking space.

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