How to Legally Get Rid of Bad Neighbors that Rent

You want that annoying neighbor out so bad, and this publication reveals how to get rid of bad neighbors that rent. However, it is not always an easy shot, they will fight back to make a statement, and sometimes, the landlord is sidelined.

how to get rid of bad neighbors that rent



Annoying renting neighbors make the living situation unbearable. They are the architects against your experiencing sanctuary in your environment.



Fortunately, whether it is loud music, drug dealing suspicion, unwelcomed visits, pollution, spying, security concerns, property damage, or other inappropriate activities, your legal actions can kick them out for good.


How to get rid of bad neighbors that rent



It will not happen so quickly but with appropriate reason and evidence, you can oust any bad neighbor against your peace by:


  1. Talk to the annoying neighbor


If the neighbors in question are a group of young people renting an apartment, they may be unaware of their nuisance. Some students, for example, are differently wired compared to working older adults with empathy towards their neighbors. Make no mistake, even older working adults can be bad, deserving to be evicted.

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Regardless of the age grade, you are dealing with here, try to politely communicate the problem to them. Perhaps, they will turn a new leaf when they learn how much burden they cause you. Moreover, even if you contacted any agency to take action, they would ask you to talk to your neighbor first.


  1. Gather information


If the neighbor will not desist from their bad habit, gather the diplomacy you can muster related to their annoying activities.


If possible, get video proof and, perhaps, witnesses to back up your claim. When armed with evidence, it is easier to contact any responsible agency in your local to take action against the bad neighbors.


  1. Talk to other neighbors


It is possible that other tenants also have had unfriendly encounters with this neighbor. So, try to speak to the other tenants, voice your concerns to them, and start a petition.


Make sure to state the specific grievance and result that the tenants request from the landlord or property owner. Get as many tenants as possible to sign the petition and present it to the landlord. If the landlord receives your petition as a legitimate complaint, they can help to get rid of the neighbors.


  1. Report to the landlord


Informing the landlord is necessary. As mentioned above, write down your grievances when contacting the landlord. Have records of problems caused by the bad neighbor you want out, and make notes if they violate their lease or the law.

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Tenants can be evicted when they break the terms of the lease. You do not want to be privy to the private lease, so telling your landlord your observances will get them to look out for anything.


Get in touch with your landlord as if you are merely sharing information with him. If you are a good tenant planning to leave at the term of your lease due to bad neighbors, your landlord may be forced to do their best to keep you.


  1. Always inform the police


While the process of getting rid of the bad neighbors is in progress, always call the police when such neighbors do inappropriate things – loud music, getting in a fight, etc.


You do not necessarily have to call 911. Call the non-emergency number, and you will be sent a patrol car out to look at the situation. However, if you suspect someone is being endangered by a bad neighbor that rents, call 911.

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Never get tired of calling the police. The cops may not show in all cases when they have more pressing matters. However, your calls are recorded. As the calls accumulate, the police will be forced to do something.


  1. Consult a real estate attorney


Your dispute with neighbors should be handled amicably. However, if this is not possible, consider legal action against the neighbor. Consult a real estate attorney to also learn about the process.


  1. Rent a new apartment


Hard to say but the solution may be for you to move. Bad neighbors that rent may have no respect for you or your property, and anything you do probably just pisses them to retaliate.


During my stay in Austin, Texas, I had a neighbor living beneath my apartment. His stressed-out, high-energy dog will bark inside for 12 hours straight. Talked to him and then the landlord about it. He eventually left but not without puncturing my vehicle radiator and slashing the tires.


In your case, if the said neighbor will not leave, consider exiting the rented apartment for your sanity.


Do not fault the landlord


The landlord cannot detect a bad neighbor through a typical tenant screening, so you cannot really fault them. Bad tenants do not exhibit any offensive behavior to get a landlord to accept them as tenants. Also, a landlord is ethically, morally, and legally obligated to honor the contract after signing the lease.


If a tenant has a history of violating peaceful enjoyment, your landlord can initiate eviction proceedings. Section 8 will pay their portion of the rent until eviction is finalized for the bad neighbors to move out.

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Final thoughts


Cutting your losses and moving is the path that may bring about the least stress but this may be a tough decision. And if the landlord is compassionate, and decides to throw them overboard, prepare for a long, drawn-out shit-fest.

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