Can You Go to Jail for Forging a Signature?

Can you go to jail for forging a signature? A fake signature on a contract is a kind of forgery. And forgery is a big group of crimes where people lie on documents, so in general, you can go to jail for forging a signature.

Every day, people around the world agree to make and follow contracts with or without a lawyer that they willingly sign. But sometimes, someone might make a fake document or change a real contract on purpose to trick others. This is called “forgery,” and it is a serious crime in all 50 US states.


One kind of forgery is when someone fakes a signature. If this happens, there are legal steps that can be taken. Usually, when a person forges a signature, they are trying to get something valuable, such as money. For instance, someone might change a check from $500 to $5,000, hoping to steal an extra $4,500 without anyone knowing. This is known as forgery and is punishable with fines or even jail time.

Can You Go to Jail for Forging a Signature?

Can You Go to Jail for Forging a Signature


Forging someone’s signature without permission is against the law in all 50 U.S. states. It’s a serious crime, and in some cases, a very big one. The punishment depends on your state, ranging from going to jail to other consequences like probation or paying back what you owe.

How much trouble you get in for copying a signature depends on a few things. If you copy important government papers, that is a big deal. But if you took a little money and planned to give it back, the court might be more understanding.

In places like New York, there are different levels of trouble for copying signatures. They each mean different things and come with different punishments. It’s good to know what the rules are in your state so you can be ready.

What is Signature Forgery?

Signature forgery is when someone copies another person’s name or signature on papers, which is illegal and seen as wrongdoing that can lead to many bad outcomes for a person or their business.


The punishments include going to jail, invalidating the papers, giving back money to the victim, and possible fines. For instance, Matthew Charles Elstein, 52, of Redondo Beach (a former lawyer) was sentenced to more than 3 years in prison for conning clients via sham court documents containing forged judge signatures.

You should contact a lawyer right away if you or your business believe you have been the victim of signature forgery. Cases of lying or forgery usually have a time limit, so you need to act fast. You also need to get an attorney who knows a lot about signature forgery to support your claim can make your case stronger.

What is a Legal Signature?

People sign things using writing or a machine. A signature can be any mark, word, or symbol that someone uses to show they agree with a document.

If someone signs a contract without the other person’s agreement, the signature does not make the contract valid. This is because both parties need to show they agree by signing for the contract to count.

The Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) makes rules for business deals and selling stuff. It says that you’re only committed to something if you or someone you ask signs a paper.

What Elements Constitute a Valid Contract?

For a contract to be valid, it needs certain elements, including:

Offer When someone says they want to make a deal, that’s an offer.
Acceptance Saying yes to the deal’s terms is acceptance.
Material items Make sure to clearly talk about details like the price, what the contract involves, and how it’s identified. These are called important things.
Consideration This means both sides need to offer something valuable to each other, usually by making promises.

A contract needs to be clear so a court can make it official if needed. It’s a good idea to have a lawyer check any contracts or templates.

What to Do if Someone Fakes a Signature on a Contract

Copying a signature without permission is a big legal problem and needs the right response. Imagine if someone got into your bank account and made it seem like you agreed to something you didn’t. If you see someone forged your signature, you should act fast.

Right away, get in touch with the person who got the fake papers or contract. This gives them a chance to fix what happened or prevent more problems from the fake contract.

Different places might have rules about when to report a fake paper. Like, a bank could need you to tell them within 60 days if you see something wrong with your account.

How to Notify a Bank About a Signature Forgery?

The bank might ask for a written note from you, signed with your real signature, to say you think someone copied your signature. This is your claim saying it really happened and that you are okay with legal action.

This note will start the process of fixing what went wrong because of the fake signature. It also means the other person won’t be blamed if it turns out the signature was real. To get your money back, the bank might need you to fill out paperwork where you state that the signature was forged.

Filling out the paperwork lets the institution receiving the fake papers look into it more. Sometimes, you might need a lawyer to help fix the problem.

For instance, if someone fakes a contract and someone authorized signs it, they might try to make you do the contract. In this case, you would need to talk to a lawyer who knows about contracts. You might even have to go to court.

If you are not sure if a signature is real or fake, consider asking a handwriting expert to help verify. For instance, if a real estate agent sells your property by signing your name without asking you, you could reach out to the people who watch over real estate agents.


Faking a signature is a big no-no, and you can go to jail for forging a signature. It is similar to telling a lie on important paperwork and can get you into deep trouble, such as going to jail. When people agree to something, they sign it to show they mean it.

But if someone fakes that signature, it’s not only unfair but illegal. If you ever think someone has used your name without asking, it’s super necessary to get help right away. Talk to a lawyer or let the bank know. Remember, signing something means you agree, so always make sure the signature is real and honest.

If you face problems due to someone forging your signature on a contract, seek legal help from your local attorney. You need a good lawyer with experience in forgery cases to win the case.

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