19 excuses for withdrawing cash

Starting off, all the cash you have is earned through your job. However, because you’re underage, your parents can see whenever you withdraw money. Given that it might seem strange to need $60 in cash during quarantine, here are some excuses for withdrawing cash from bank:

  1. ‘A friend required groceries as their mom, who’s immunocompromised, needed food, and neither of them has jobs.’
  2. ‘I’m purchasing a humorous novelty item, like a dildo.’ Sometimes you might need to provide the most outlandish answers just to avoid further inquiries. For instance, when as a teenager, you swiftly hid something when your mom entered your room, you’d show her your vape when she asked what you had, so she wouldn’t find the items you genuinely cared about.
  3. ‘I had a speeding ticket that I didn’t want to admit to, fearing they’d be upset.’
  4. ‘I needed a morning-after pill, which costs around $40.’
  5. ‘I loaned money to a friend.’
  6. ‘I lost my wallet on the store counter or on the roof of my car after getting gas, and even after retracing my steps, I couldn’t find it.’
  7. ‘I went overboard buying scratch cards/lottery tickets.’
  8. ‘I had to cover an unexpected medical expense, like an abortion.’
  9. ‘I spent it on weed and got a bad deal.’
  10. ‘An old bill went into collections that I just got notice of and had to pay.’
  11. ‘I purchased a cheap fake gold and diamond tennis bracelet for $14 and told them it was real and that I got it for $150 at a pawn shop.’
  12. ‘I had dinner at a high-end restaurant, lost track of the food and drinks, and racked up a huge bill.’
  13. ‘I was out drinking and too drunk to drive home, so I rented a hotel room for the night. This can account for anywhere between $60-$200.’
  14. ‘I went to the beach and ended up renting a jet ski.’
  15. ‘I didn’t pay my cellphone bill last month because I wanted the extra money/forgot/didn’t have enough to pay it, and owed double this month.’
  16. ‘I bought a designer bag.’
  17. ‘I had to take my dog to the vet and it was really expensive.’
  18. ‘A friend was about to lose something important to a pawn shop so I helped them pay the interest/get it out.’
  19. ‘I got a manicure, pedicure, or facial.’

While many of excuses for withdrawing cash are specific to women, you could always say you treated your girlfriend or had to sponsor a morning-after pill. You can also use a few of them in the same week, but they may become suspicious over time. Good luck!

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