How to break someone’s window without getting caught

You can quietly break someone’s window without getting caught but the consequence is severe if you get caught. So, just don’t get caught, even if you’re getting back at someone. Just a tip before you read further: don’t use anything that requires you to loudly shove it into the window. There are a ton of them, and when you use one, your hand goes into the shattered glass with that punch, which means injury. I generally recommend a spring-loaded window punch that you pull back and then release to quietly shatter the window without exerting any force. If you have to use a swing tool, the glass thickness and the object you are swinging determine your level of success.

How to break someone’s window without getting caught

Here is a list of things that make breaking someone’s window look easy.


1. Zak tool window punch

I’ve used this more than three times to break auto glasses during emergencies. My friend on SWAT decided to get one for himself due to its effectiveness. It works on the first try every time!

The window you want to break does not require a strong push as spring-loaded windows do (unless, of course, you’re going after a spring-loaded window). Just draw the mechanism back far enough so that when you release it, it touches the window and shattered it goes.


2. Pull on the glass

Simply pull on the window glass as the cop. This will work if the window is partially open since it is weakened as it lacks support on all four sides. Just don’t shatter the window like this cop who shattered a car window after the driver refuses to give ID. That was evil of the cop.

Car windows are made of tempered glass, so it only shatters into smaller pieces when broken. Toughened or tempered glass is a type of safety glass strengthened through controlled thermal or chemical treatments when compared to regular glass. Tempering compresses the outer surfaces while tensing the inner surfaces. When broken, the glass crumbles into small granular chunks instead of splintering into jagged shards like plate glass, also called annealed glass. Thus, the granular chunks are less likely to injure.

3. Strike with a pointed hammer

Not just any hammer but a pointed hammer is much more effective. If you have a weak noodly arm, the impact will be completely ineffective. In martial arts, this technique is similar to breaking concrete with a sledgehammer, splitting wood, or breaking boards. I am not trained in martial arts, but I have previously experimented with break boards. 

If you don’t do it well, you’ll either hurt yourself or have the hammer or axe thrown back at you. I’ve swung a 40-pound iron bar over my head to break glass from a greenhouse we were demolishing. When I hit it in the center, it would just bounce right off. To break it, I had to hit it on the edge.


4. A lightweight fire axe

Get a fire axe that weighs 6 pounds and is specially shaped for cutting through diverse materials. That would make a much nicer break than using a metal bar since the handle will reduce the impact and even noise. A center hit will unquestionably smash the glass. Otherwise, target one edge.

5. Screwdriver

If the window is rolled up, use a tool like a screwdriver. Strike the glass of the window at the bottom back corner to shatter.

6. Spring-loaded auto-centering punch

The best tool to use is a spring-loaded auto-centering punch. This tool can break window glass effectively and only cost about $5 to $10. You can get one from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Ace.

If you don’t have this tool, just roll something around your fist and punch at one of the corners of the window (don’t try this if you’re weak/don’t know how to punch straight). Also, you may suffer injury.

7. A piece of a spark plug

A spark plug will also make breaking someone’s glass even quieter. Use the pointy edge.

8. Resqme keychain punch

Resqme keychain punch is a spring-loaded window punch that works on windows without laminate. If you use it directly in the corner, it instantly breaks the window. If the glass is safety glass, as it generally is, you will need a baton to clear out the obstruction. If you have the time, use a stick to remove the glass, otherwise, microscopic shards of glass will contaminate the oil on the collapsible shaft of the baton.

9. Smith and Wesson knife

A $20 Smith and Wesson knife comes equipped with a seatbelt cutter and window punch. However, I’ve never had to use mine but it works as described. A friend has had to use it on his car window with just one attempt.

Criminal charges for breaking a car window

Breaking someone’s window may not seem like a significant offense. However, the consequences of shattering glass can be severe, and police take this more seriously. Here are the criminal charges and possible punishment if you are caught breaking someone’s window.

Criminal mischief

Local criminal mischief laws prohibit offenses involving property damage and may apply to breaking windows. Depending on your county and state laws, as well as the extent of the damage, the penalties for criminal mischief might be very different, including a fine and some time in jail. The good news: if your attorney can prove that you had no reason to know property damage would take place, the court may drop your criminal mischief charges, per WeedenLaw.


Breaking someone’s windows is considered vandalism under the standards used by some states for certain types of property damage. For example, vandalism of a retail business is a felony violation in Tennessee, where it is defined as “damage to or the destruction of any real or personal property of another.” You can spend up to 6 years in jail for shattering a store window.


Rethink before you break someone’s window. Nevertheless, if you get caught by someone but there isn’t any proof (such as getting caught on camera) or you do not confess to it, you are likely to get away with it because the court does not work with hearsay. Even the police will not intervene. However, if the police have your fingerprint or DNA on record and you left some, this is proof that you are a vandal.

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