Revenge Tips to Get Back at Someone Who Hurt You Emotionally

This publication explains how to get back at someone who hurt you emotionally. If you asked the average who to do, they would say, “let it go”. Life allows choice, so it is up to you to clap back (in Ja Rule’s voice) or move on.

how to get back at someone who hurt you emotionally


It is natural to want to get back at someone. The biological basis for this revenge can be explained if you are struggling to control your feelings, and getting back at them is what you desire. By the way, you want to keep your emotions in check.

Suppose you were played by a guy, you want the person that hurt your emotions to understand that they are not significant in your happiness. Do not be vindictive or aggressive as it only creates conflict.


How to get back at someone who hurt you emotionally

Contrary to what people may expect from this publication, we are not interested in “how you should just move on”. So, the concern is tipping you to get back at someone hurting you emotionally.

  1. Disassociate from pictures of them

The first big move that can massage your ego is doing away with pictures of them. If you still need the pictures around, save them to your online drive, at least you will not get to look at them often.

If possible, remove every tag of you on pictures of them. Most of the pictures of them you are tagged would have been done by them. Clear the tags following the guidelines of that social platform.

Do away with any physical photographs of you and the person to create that physical disconnection. This gives your body much-needed pleasure, even if it may last for some time.


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Do not post pictures of them. if you have digital pictures of you that they are part of, erase or put a sticker to cover their face before you upload such pictures. You want to post the picture on platforms they would come across. It will hit them hard when they notice how you took them out of the picture or stickered their face.


They may retaliate by doing the same. This also increases the gap between you and them.

  1. Sign up their email address for spam emails

This is an anonymous way to liter their inbox with spam emails. Unfortunately, spam emails can make the person miss really important emails. Do not also use a spam service that looks to steal their personal information.

You can sign them up on some spammy dating sites or sign up for newsletters from many legit websites. The person in question would be waking up to hundreds to thousands of email messages daily, and may even be forced to close the email address.

If this email address means a lot to them, they would have to live and deal with the never-ending spam. Somehow, email providers like Yahoo, Google, etc., provide a system that filters spam, so not all spam will make it to the person’s inbox.


They risk getting scammed if they eventually click the phishing links those spam emails may contain.

  1. Submit their phone number for spam

A really evil way to get back at someone who hurt you emotionally is to submit their phone number for spam.

You can post their phone numbers on social media groups, forum threads, etc., exposing them to spammers who will contact them. You could even make a publication about financially helping people, and then place the phone number for people to call for financial help.

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Also, you can put up their phone number as a hiring agency online or write the number as adverts and paste it around the city. People will contact the number, thinking it is the said agency.

The person is left wondering “why so many calls?” Think of other places you can submit their phone number but do not manufacture lies about the phone number holder.


Scammers will contact them with the phone number.

  1. Report them to people they owe

If they are hiding from the repo men or a debt collector, leak their contact information such as phone number and house address to them.

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Do this anonymously since your aim is to hurt the person’s emotions back. Besides, suppose they are your ex. They will always suspect that their “bitter ex” tipped the debt collector or repo man with their contact information.


This can ruin their credit.

  1. Flirt with people they know

Flirting with the friends of the person is one annoying thing to you, especially in their presence. They may be hating you at the moment but remains of love for you can somehow incite jealousy.

You can be extreme with these friends during social events. Do stuff like sitting on their laps, striking up a flirtatious conversation, or holding the friend’s arm.

Note, however, that this also connotes intimacy with the person. Be in control and prevent the person you flirt with from crossing the line.


The person whose feelings you are trying to hurt will develop cold feelings towards their friend. They will feel that sense of betrayal and all.

  1. Embarrass them on a date with another person

Suppose the person is on a date, cross the line to embarrass them. Walk up to the person and loudly ask about something embarrassing they left at your apartment. It can be their intimate gadget, undies, etc.

But first, politely introduce yourself to the person they are having a good time with. Do not be mean to the new person. After all, you are after the emotions of the one that hurt you and not an innocent person.

Standing tall and fixing your emotions

Before you clap back, consider whether it is the right move, as well as your motivations. Find out what you stand to gain when you hurt the person’s emotions back.

Hurting someone back can increase anger but that is always the result if you decide to go with it. You want to make sure that you will not feel guilty, sad, or empty after hurting the person. Understand if the situation warrants revenge and accept the urge that revenge is natural.

To fix your emotions, start working out and stick to the exercise routine you love. The moment you are at your best self, you are overcoming the emotional hurt. The objective is to make the person unnecessary in your life and establish the impression that you are better without them.

Resume activities that keep you happy or start new ones for new experiences. This is not the right time for introversion, so go and see movies with friends.

Perhaps, this has not been emphasized in this publication but “happiness is the best form of revenge” when someone hurts you emotionally. If they ghost you, do these to them.

Final thoughts

It sounds cliché but your success sugar-coats any revenge you want against someone that hurt your emotions. Focus on getting stronger, smarter, and better.

Be so better that the person in question regrets ever hurting you. It typically takes months to years but is worth it. You are not even succeeding to hurt them but for your wellbeing.

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