How to Bypass Uber Eats ID Verification

Sometimes, Uber Eats might ask for an ID or notify you to snap a real-time photo of yourself through the app, either before you start your online deliveries or in between them. This is because Uber Eats uses identity verification to make sure the right person is delivering the orders. However, you might want to bypass Uber Eats ID verification for some reason, usually if it keeps rejecting your photo ID. There is no one-click bypass button for this, but there are alternative methods you might want to consider.

The problem here is that you might run into problems, such as when you have to drop off liquor and the Uber Eats app keeps rejecting the ID photo. This means you will be unable to proceed. This happened to someone who had to deliver to a lady with an out-of-state license. The app didn’t allow any override, and the photo ID kept getting rejected, and the person was instructed to return to the store. After calling Uber Eats, the representative advised the person to bypass it, but there was no option for that. Eventually, the order was marked as delivered but showed as canceled, so no tip was received.


If you are considering driving for Uber Eats and are worried about these periodic photo verifications, there might just be a way to bypass Uber Eats ID verification.

Moreover, there might be doubts as to whether these photo requests are genuinely random or the result of customer complaints. For instance, if a customer isn’t sure you are the correct driver and checks their phone to confirm, could this prompt a verification request the next time you go online? This is the type of situation that makes it necessary to know how to get around Uber Eats ID verification.


How to Bypass Uber Eats ID Verification 2024

How to Bypass Uber Eats ID Verification

Uber Eats introduced this feature for safety to confirm that the right person is behind the wheel for each delivery. If you won’t make it to delivery, you can always choose a substitute in the app; Uber Eats allows this. That said, below are the possible ways to bypass Uber Eats ID verification:

1. Use Manual Verification

If you have trouble with Uber Eats ID verification, especially when using a passport, there’s a way around it. Passports can’t be scanned like other IDs, so you’ll need to input the birthdate manually. So, instead of choosing the ‘License’ option, pick a different one. This way, the app won’t ask you to take a picture at all.

After selecting a different option, you should be able to enter your birthdate manually. Remember, this is just for situations where taking a real-time selfie is not possible.


So, how you do the in-app ID check to verify your Uber Eats account? Go to Help > Account and App Issues > Submit an ID Verification Check.

2. Don’t Use Uber Eats if It Asks for ID Verification

Do you struggle with Uber Eats ID verification? Well, you might just be able to bypass Uber Eats ID verification using a picture of Dara Khosrowshahi, Uber’s CEO. But avoid the ones where he’s all smiles, discussing policies that aren’t in favor of the drivers. Use a picture of him being a serious-faced Dara explaining the benefits of an upfront fare. And for quick approval, try submitting a photo of you holding a bunch of $20 bills with the caption, “All for you, Daddy Dara!” Just kidding…

Jokes aside, if the app asks for photo verification and you are not comfortable, you might just want to log off for the night. It does not ask too often, maybe once every few weeks or months (for some people). Once you are online, it won’t ask again until you go offline and try to log back in. Some drivers experience it only a couple of times a month, while others find it a frequent annoyance, being asked every day or every other day.

So, the Uber Eats ID verification workaround is to stay signed in on one device and have someone else verify when you want to start. After a couple of minutes, go offline and sign in through your device. However, this might not be foolproof since the app may detect sign-ins from different locations or devices.

3. Sign Up for DoorDash

If Uber Eats is giving you too much trouble, consider signing up for DoorDash. You can start delivering the same day with them. However, some Dashers find their income to be less than half of what they earn on Uber Eats. If you face issues with having the Eats option on your Uber account and support is not helpful, DoorDash might be the way to go.

Tips to Take a Photo for Uber Eats Verification

When you’re going through Uber Eats photo verification, do the following to avoid any issues with ID verification:

  1. Make sure your face and neck are within the white lines on the screen.
  2. If you have a helmet on, take it off before taking the photo.
  3. Hold your phone steady to prevent the photo from being blurry.
  4. If your profile photo needs updating, please contact Support to change it.
  5. If you change your appearance, like growing a beard or changing your hair color, inform Support about it.
  6. Take a real-time selfie; don’t use a photo of an existing photo, or you might lose access to your account.

How Your Photos Are Reviewed

You have two options for verifying your photo: photo-comparison software or human review.

1. Photo-Comparison Software

If you choose this, your photo will be shared with Microsoft. They will compare it to your profile photo by creating a mathematical representation of both images. Microsoft deletes this data within 24 hours.

2. Human Review

If you prefer a human to review your photo, Uber specialists will do it. They will compare the real-time photo with the photos you have previously uploaded to confirm that it’s really you.

Uber Eats Photo Verification Not Working

How to Bypass Uber Eats ID Verification

Some people, including me, have faced issues with Uber Eats photo ID verification such as “We’re unable to verify your photo.” I took a photo of myself, and the app did not recognize it, so my account got banned. I tried to appeal, but it was denied. So, some people can’t access Uber Eats because the face recognition software seems to be unreliable. It feels really unfair.

Usually, it takes two or three tries to get the app to accept a picture. Good lighting seems to help the app recognize me better. The old app never had this problem; it always detected me on the first attempt. It seems like they’ve changed their facial recognition software.

You are not the only person facing this issue; others have shared similar experiences with selfie verification. That’s why you should choose ‘Human Review’ for the photo because the machine review is done by Microsoft AI, which might not be accurate.

I’ve tried logging in a dozen times over 3 days, but it kept declining. I even used my tablet, but it still didn’t work. After several attempts and facing the same issue the next day, seek help from an Uber Greenlight hub near you. They are typically more helpful than online support.

When I went to the Green Light Hub, a representative told me that the camera on my tablet wasn’t taking clear enough pictures and suggested trying my phone instead. Surprisingly, it worked the first time I tried it. So, make sure that the lens on your device is clean, there is plenty of light, and you are facing the camera directly. If all else fails, try using a different phone and loading the app there.

According to the Uber Eats representative at the Green Light hub, there could be various reasons for the Uber Eats photo verification not working. Try different solutions until you find one that works.


Unfortunately, there is no one-click button that will help you bypass Uber Eats ID verification. If you are in the middle of a delivery, just call Uber Eats about the issue. Do not use the wrong photo ID; otherwise, your account can be deactivated. But even if your account gets deactivated, you can always visit the nearest Green Light hub to fix the verification problem.

Remember that you can always choose someone else to deliver on your behalf. However, you are fully responsible for what your Uber Eats substitute does to your account. When you use a substitute, you do not have to notify Uber Eats beforehand, but you must notify them within 24 hours after completing the first delivery.

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