How to Lyft without phone number

Alright, let’s dive into this Reddit thread about a tourist trying to use Lyft without a US phone number. You are traveling to the US for a conference and having trouble signing up for Lyft because your home country isn’t listed as an option to sign up on Lyft. Fortunately, you can Lyft without phone number. This is usually the case if you are not planning on getting a US SIM card and are looking for alternatives.

How to use Lyft without phone number

There’s generally no way to use Lyft without a valid phone number. But with these tips, you can use Lyft without phone number:


1. Have someone book your Lyft ride

One of the best workarounds would be if you know someone with a Lyft account who could book the ride for you. Otherwise, you’d have to rely on traditional taxis or their hotel’s shuttle service. Many hotels provide free shuttles from the airport, and some even order Uber rides for guests.

2. Use Google Voice

Google Voice is a potential game-changer, which allows Gmail users to set up a free US number. Also, Google Voice is a VoIP, which stands for Voice over Internet Protocol, a phone service over the internet. You can get a VoIP number from various service providers, and you’ll be able to make and receive calls and messages over the internet. The advantage here is that you can maintain privacy, as you won’t need to give out your real phone number. Apart from Google Voice, Skype also provides you with a VoIP number.


3. Get your hotel shuttle service

The hotel’s shuttle service is a solid, hassle-free solution regarding how to Lyft without a phone number.  So, you can call your hotel to ask about these services. However, it is best if you want to travel around the city, not just to and from the airport.

4. Use the traditional taxi

Just call a cab, it may be old-fashioned in the age of ride-sharing apps, but it’s a tried-and-true method. A traditional cab accepts credit cards and cash and will drive you anywhere you want to go. You can even negotiate with the driver.

5. Get a temporary phone number

A few services offer free trials or inexpensive plans, like, Google Fi, and T-Mobile. These could potentially provide you with a temporary US number.

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