Easiest ID to Get for Passport, Verification, Etc. [2024]

You probably misplaced your wallet containing your ID and have an important event approaching. For someone who recently became a citizen and has no ID except for a naturalization certificate, you need one, especially if an ID is needed where you are going. You also need an ID for online verification. In this post, you know the easiest ID to get, either for a passport or online verification.

Lots of suggestions claim that obtaining a postal ID is the easiest ID to get. Well, it is just one of the ways to get ID even on the same day, especially if you expedite.


In the United States, many people use a DMV driver’s license as a common photo ID. But if you don’t drive, there are other IDs you can use instead. The types of official photo IDs available can vary by state, but most states have similar options to choose from.

Easiest ID to Get

Easiest ID to Get for Passport


1. Postal ID

A postal ID is the easiest ID to get for passport and other verifications. Getting this government-approved photo ID is simple when you visit your local post office. It also works in every state and is a valid form of identification across the entire United States.

Getting a postal service ID card is quick and simple. Just visit your nearby post office with the right papers, and you can apply there in person.

Sometimes, you might need to make an appointment in advance at certain post offices. It’s a good idea to call ahead to find out how to apply for a post office ID card at that particular location.

The requirements to get a post office ID card usually include the following documents:

  • A filled-out application form
  • Proof that you’re a U.S. citizen
  • A small passport-sized photo
  • The application fee

You can get the application form early by visiting your nearest post office’s website.

The ID proof you need for a post office ID card may include any of these papers:

  1. U.S. birth certificate
  2. Passport
  3. Certificate of citizenship or naturalization
  4. Consular report of birth abroad

Your papers must indicate that you’re a citizen. For instance, a birth certificate should typically list where you were born, like the city, country, and state. Remember, you have to request an expedited service.

2. Passport ID Card

Easiest ID to Get for Passport

Another photo ID choice for people who don’t use the DMV is a U.S. passport. It is pricier than a regular ID card, but a passport can do more than just help you travel – it’s also a valid photo ID for verification.

You can get a passport card at your local post office.

Private firms offer expedited passport services, so you can get it the same day or the next day. They typically secure multiple walk-in slots and process several clients’ passports simultaneously. These companies often grab available appointments immediately that you would normally book. While their methods might seem questionable when in urgent need, you might want to overlook such concerns and sign up too.

Alternatively, reaching out to your congressional representative can help you get a passport ID. It’s generally easier to connect with a representative than a senator, though. They can liaise with the State Department to expedite your passport. However, you can’t promise or offer them any form of compensation or even a future vote.

3. Same Day Drivers License (Temporary)

Easiest ID to Get for Passport

The easiest ID might not be your driver’s license. In the U.S., due to the Real ID requirements, many states have shifted to producing licenses and IDs at a centralized secure facility rather than at individual licensing locations.

If you visit your local DMV and report a lost license, they will provide you with a temporary paper license on the spot. However, the actual hard copy will be sent via mail and might take some time. This temporary paper license may or may not include your photograph. You require this paper and another legitimate form of identification if you are replacing a lost license. In cases of renewals or transfers, the existing card would be invalid, and you would need to carry it alongside the paper.

This temporary paper is legal proof of your driving rights; however, it may not qualify as a lawful ID since it might not carry your photo.

If you don’t need a driver’s license, you can get a non-driver’s license from the DMV. If you can’t go to a DMV office in person, you can apply by mail.

But remember, the DMV isn’t the only place to get an official photo ID. There are other government-issued ID cards you can apply for as well.

4. Birth Certificate

Easiest ID to Get for Passport

Another easiest ID to get to prove citizenship is your birth certificate. A birth certificate is proof that you are a US citizen. Generally, a birth certificate is the easiest ID to get for passport. If you don’t have your real birth certificate, you can easily get a new one online. It’s fast and simple; you only need about 5 minutes to fill out the online form. Some people use fake birth certificates but these are often not verifiable.

5. School ID or Transcripts

Easiest ID to Get for Passport

You can use your school ID and transcript for identification. Usually, you can use them to open a bank account. Consider whether it’s state-issued. That’s the primary factor. IDs from public schools are issued by the school itself and typically aren’t recognized as state-issued IDs. Such IDs won’t pass muster at airports.

You can use school IDs outside of school to get discounts at eateries, local shops, cinemas, public transport points, and nearby sites of interest. Law enforcement doesn’t have access to school records, nor are they integrated into their identification databases. Thus, an officer can’t legally recognize you through your school ID.

Certain schools function as governmental units, akin to the Public Transit Authority or Utility Boards. IDs from these institutions are government-issued. If they come with a photo, they qualify as photo IDs. However, they don’t qualify as “real ID” since they aren’t part of the designated list.

An ID provided by a school is solely for identification within that educational institution and doesn’t serve as a ‘government-issued ID’ for any other intent.

If you are a student who might not have other forms of identification, you might be able to obtain and use a school ID to apply for your first passport.

Transcripts, on the other hand, are official records from educational institutions that detail your academic performance. They usually include your personal information, such as your full name, date of birth, and sometimes even your address. Since transcripts are official documents and are not easily tampered with, some institutions consider them for identification.

6. Notarized Affidavit of Identity

Easiest ID to Get for Passport

An affidavit of identity is a written statement confirmed by oath or affirmation that provides proof of identity to a court, bank, or business. Yes, an identity affidavit can be considered the easiest ID to get. You can obtain it the same day through the walk-in office or apply for a copy online.

Affidavits go a long way in vouching for your identity, especially if you lost your primary identification. They are typically sworn before a notary or a judicial officer.

In the sworn statement, you (referred to as the “declarant”) must provide personal details such as your legal name, birth date, and residential address. Along with affirming the accuracy of the provided data, you must endorse the paper in front of a certified notary.


If your passport has expired and you have an international trip in two days, you can pay about $150+ for expedited service. You should receive your passport the same afternoon. Some private companies provide expedited passport services by securing limited slots and assisting multiple customers simultaneously. You could also reach out to a congressional representative to help expedite the passport process; don’t offer them any incentives.

A state photo ID is also the easiest ID to get for passport. You can obtain it relatively quickly at local DMVs. However, the processing time depends on your state and current regulations. For those in urgent situations, DMVs can issue temporary IDs.

If traveling domestically without an ID, it’s possible to fly by answering specific questions to verify your identity. Just arrive early at the airport in such a situation.


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