How to Make a Fake Birth Certificate that Looks Real

Do you plan to surprise friends or relatives with a new birth date? This article discloses how to make a fake birth certificate that looks real.

how to make a fake birth certificate

A birth certificate is an important document fillable with the relevant authorities after the birth of a child. It is an official document that discloses or confirms your true D.O.B. Most government and private institutions need it for various purposes too.

Meanwhile, you are not allowed to present or submit a phony certificate of birth in any state. However, you may create one to prank friends or make parents give you a laughable and confused facial expression.

Can I Make a Fake Birth Certificate?

Yes, you can make a fake birth certificate but must not use them for formal occasions. Only the relevant authorities in your state can create birth certificates acceptable for official or legal use.

Your state may have the Electronic Verification of Vital Events (EVVE) system that allows authorities, such as the DMV, to query a birth certificate to verify whether it is legit or not. But the focus is always on whether the information, including name and location, matches the person they are dealing with.

A typical Indiana birth certificate, for instance, is printed on banknote security paper, containing security features like intaglio printing, microprinting, watermarks, thermal ink, and color gradients to fight counterfeiting. A local registrar revealed this to me in Indiana and said, “If I tell you other features, you’d have to move out of Indiana permanently.”

How to Make a Fake Birth Certificate that Looks Real

  1. PDFFiller

I use PDFFiller often, and I’ve created some novelty birth certificates for pranks.

Go to and click Get Form.

Complete the fields with relevant information and click Done.

On the next page, under Send Document, click Notarize. Of course, having your document notarized gives it legal backing.

I prefer to save mine as PDF, though, since I do not need it for official purposes. Finally, sign up and obtain the certificate. Yes, you can forge the birth certificate for free on PDFFiller.

  1. Template Lab

Template Lab is not so excellent at creating a fake birth certificate, but only if you need it to celebrate an informal event. Go to This website allows you to select and download preferable templates only.

When you find a desirable template, click Download underneath the template, and you’re done. You may require Photoshop skills to modify the birth certificate template further if you want.

  1. SignNow

I use SignNow when creating fake birth certificates that work. There is no downside to using SignNow, plus they allow e-signature.

How do you create a fake birth certificate?

Note that uses the same fake birth certificate-creating systems as PDFFiller.

Before you create your fake birth certificate, I recommend signing up. Nonetheless, I prefer PDFFiller for some reasons.

  1. Buy a Fake Birth Certificate Online

If you’re okay ordering a fake birth certificate, sites you’d find selling a fake certificate of birth online include the following:

To buy a novelty birth certificate on Real Novelty Docs, navigate to On the page, scroll down and provide personal information including, your full name, email address, subject (stating that you need a birth certificate), country, phone, details (you can write whatever you like).

Finally, click Contact Us Now.

You can also purchase a fake birth certificate on Craigslist, eBay, etc. You can use any of these e-markets.

  1. Make DIY Birth Certificate

You can create a DIY birth certificate for yourself or a child to celebrate their birthday.

Go online and allow the child to choose a certificate they prefer. Open your web browser and search “DIY birth certificate”. Click the IMAGE tab/section of the search engine (Google, Bing, Duckduckgo, Yahoo, etc.) and scroll down to see more downloadable phony birth certificates.

Finally, print it and store it safely for the ceremony.

  1. Create Fake Birth Certificate with MS Word

Launch MS Word

Pick a Template similar to a birth certificate. If you can’t find a template, download the birth certificate template online from the template section. You can search “birth certificate” for a list of birth certificates and pick one.

Customize Fake Birth Certificate Template

After downloading the template, the next step is to customize it. When you load the certificate template, confirm that it loads completely.

Before you continue, download a sample birth certificate in your state online to counterfeit it.

Microsoft Words allows you to modify certain areas, which you should modify to make the fake birth certificate look real.

You can edit the graphics/images and add new photos. Right-click the Placeholder graphic and click Delete. To add a custom image, typically the fake certificate holder’s picture, click the Insert tab on MS Word and click Pictures.

Complete Informational Fields

Now, highlight the text field you want to customize. Change the header to what you find in the sample birth certificate template you downloaded.

Other fields you may edit are weight, date, issuer signature, holder’s name, and parent name.

Review and Print

Before printing the certificate, make sure the page layout and page color match the sample template you downloaded online.

You can set up the page settings by clicking the Layout tab on the MS Word menu. Add color to your page, but if your birth certificate template background color is OK, skip this step.

After modifications, save the document. To save it in PDF format, click Save As and select PDF. You can save the fake birth certificate template to your computer desktop.

If you have a printer, press “cntrl+p”. and choose a printer/number of copies to print.

How to Print a Fake Birthday Certificate

  • Select a Birth Template

Suppose you have no design yet, pick a design that matches an existing template in your state. You can request a current birth certificate from a friend or relative to replicate.

  • Scan the Original

Next, scan or make a copy of the downloaded sample you have. Make sure to follow the exact details as shown on the existing sample.

  • Purchase a Printing Paper

To make your fake birth certificate look real, you need a special paper with a similar texture to the original sample you collected.

For certificates, get parchment paper. Do not print the certificate on plain paper; otherwise, it does not look real.

You can purchase a special grade paper in any local arts and crafts store nearby. You may also purchase one online, making sure the color is similar to the original birth certificate sample you’re replicating.

It may be difficult to add the watermark, except you pay local computer service stores to print the certificate.

Is it a crime to make a fake birth certificate?

It is not a crime to make a fake birth certificate intended to celebrate a child or prank your loved ones. However, it is a crime to make a fake birth certificate for official use with the intention of deceiving the public. The state will charge you with the possession of a forged document.

Are Birth Certificates Easy to Forge?

Yes, a birth certificate is easy to forge. However, you can’t forge a state-issued birth certificate, considering that yours lacks special features like thermal ink and microprinting. In most states, a child’s info is stored in the state database, accessible by the relevant authorities, including the motor vehicle and health department.

Typically, states archive original birth certificates to use for printing birth replacement certificates. These certificates are printed with special materials and encoded with certificate numbers. The official clerk signs the certificate, and the state stamps it for official use.

Final Thoughts

Instead of creating a phony birth certificate, you can scan an existing certificate, but you can’t customize it.

Since you need a custom fake certificate, you must do it digitally following any of the methods mentioned in this article.

Note that a birth certificate is merely birth proof and not your identity. Besides, some persons use fake birth certificates to join the BAR. Finally, after printing the fake birth certificate, you can fold it loosely to make it look older. Meanwhile, you may be interested in writing a fake bill of sale. And if you recently lost a loved one, but need a quick presentable death certificate to show to people, we’ve covered how you can make a fake death certificate.

Do you want to lie your way out of work for a day or more? See how you can fake an obituary for work for free!

Do not use a fake birth certificate for formal purposes!

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