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It is the 21st century, and getting fake passports that work just got easier. If you need the prank to be believable, then you want a passport that is realistic. This way, you can claim to be a citizen of any country. The obvious downside is that your name and ID won’t be part of that country’s database.

Generally, there are two methods to this – either you use a website with the tools or a software or app to create fake passports that work just like government-issued ones. The difference here is that yours is faux for non-official purposes, such as a prank or souvenir.


What is a Passport?

Fake Passports That Work

A passport is an official travel document issued by a government that contains a person’s identity (Wikipedia). The U.S. passport is an example, and it is an official ID card from the U.S. government. It shows you are a citizen and lets you travel to and from the United States.


What is a Passport Card?

Apart from the regular passport, citizens can get a small passport card, which is also a travel document. Unlike a regular passport, you can use this card to return to the United States. The U.S. passport card is only used when crossing land borders or arriving at seaports from Canada, Mexico, the Caribbean, and Bermuda.

This card is a cheaper, smaller, and more handy choice for folks who travel often to these places by land or sea. The Department of State started giving out these passport cards in July 2008.

Features of Fake Passports That Work

Fake Passports That Work

Today, we have advanced equipment in online facilities, so it is now easier to create fake passports that work and look just like real ones. However, you need to be a specialist to make real passports that work for any country worldwide. If you want to take your fake passport prank to another level entirely, you will need the fake security features of genuine papers with high-tech elements such as:

  1. Electronic Chips. The fake passports will carry a fake electronic chip with no personal information encoded on it. So, only the visual look real.
  2. Holograms. If necessary, you should use advanced 3D printers to add high-tech holograms.
  3. Fluorescent fibers. These are tiny threads in the document that you can only see when you use ultraviolet light, but not with your regular eyes.
  4. Ink That Changes Color. If you want your fake passports to look real, you need special color-changing ink. This will change the color when you tilt them, making the passports look real.

Note that it is illegal to travel with fake passports. In this article, by “that work”, I mean that looks believable for pranks. You do not need fake passports to pass ID checks for citizenship perks. If such is your interest, then you need to apply and get yourself a real passport.

How to Make Fake Passports That Work

Fake Passports That Work

1. Use Picturando

The tool allows users to create fake international passports. Users can select a state (e.g., U.S.A., Great Britain, Italy, Argentina, the Netherlands, etc.), add their picture and personal data, and then generate a fake passport. The generated passports can be downloaded for free or shared on social media as a joke.

How to Make Fake Passports That Work with Picturando

  1. Go to
  2. Select a passport template (e.g., U.S. passport, U.K. Passport, Italian passport, etc.).
  3. Add your picture and adjust it in the photo ID section. You can resize or rotate the image.
  4. Add text and customize it by changing fonts, colors, etc.
  5. Once completed, users can save the fake passport or share it.

* This passport generator is merely an online photo editing and photomontage editing program meant for a game or a joke to be shared with friends. Therefore, you can only make fake passports for unofficial purposes. Sometimes, you might use this tool to create a fake passport for verification.

2. Buy a Fake Passport That Works Online

Sometimes, instead of creating a fake passport ID, you want to just buy one online.

The dark web, a hidden part of the internet where illegal activities often take place, has numerous sites offering counterfeit passports. The author mentions two specific sites out of thousands globally.

UK Passports

Some sites advertise genuine UK passports made with the buyer’s information and photo. The details are also entered into the official passport database, making it possible to travel with these passports. Also, the cost is around £2000 or 12.883 bitcoins.

US Passports

You will also find sites offering U.S. passports and even promising citizenship. They claim to provide bulletproof USA passports, Social Security Numbers, Driver’s Licenses, and Birth Certificates, making one an official citizen of the USA. The cost is $5,900 or 24.748 bitcoins.

While many of these dark websites offer fake passports, some might be scams themselves. Since you only need yours for a prank activity, you should not patronize such websites. Instead, get in touch with someone who has good photo editing skills to design one for you. You will handle the printing yourself.

The dark web isn’t the only place to find fake passports that work for verification. A simple Google search can reveal millions of results. Many sites offer these templates – you just have to fill in the information you want to appear on your phony passport.

3. Final Steps

This final step is based on the NY Times report.

  1. Creating Dry Stamps. A dry stamp is an inkless stamp that leaves an embossed image on paper, used to authenticate many passports. You can create a convincing dry stamp by placing an old vinyl record over a passport marked with a real seal, and then heating the record with an iron. The record is then pressed onto a fresh passport. Candle wax can also be used for this purpose. Makes your passport look real.
  2. Ink Stamps. You can cut a fresh potato in half and use it to transfer a stamp from one passport to another. Nowadays, with digital technology, a passport page can be scanned into a computer, printed out, and then taken to a copy shop where a rubber stamp can be made in minutes.


Never use an existing passport to create yours – that is illegal. That is, do not add your photo to an existing passport all for pranks.

How Do Fake Passports Work?

How to fake passports work

Now, let’s talk about fake passports parading the web. How do they even work with all the database and system checks available?

1. Database Checks

Not every passport check is linked to the government database. Even if they are, not all passports are looked up due to time constraints.

Therefore, a passport with no entry in the government database or one linked to a different entry might still pass through many passport controls.

2. Real Passports Used by Others

It’s not uncommon for the “fake” passport to be a real valid passport just issued to someone else. Even if the passport checks validate the passport, verifying that the person going through the control matches the passport photo can be challenging.

3. Database Sharing

Governments typically don’t share their citizen information databases with other foreign governments due to privacy and identity security issues.

For example, a passport from the USA is linked to a database that the US government maintains, but an official in Nigeria might not have access to that database.

4. Modern Biometric Passports

These passports have an RFID chip with security features and a digital photo. At checkpoints with the right reader device, the digitally stored photo can be checked against the physical photo in the passport.

There’s also internationally shared information on stolen or invalid passport numbers.

Most forgeries are based on real passports, either altered or used by someone resembling the person in the photo.

5. Country-Specific Access

Most passports gain access to numerous countries. However, most of these countries likely can’t track the passports from other nations.

For instance, trying to enter the US with a fake US passport would probably fail, but using a fake Australian passport might have a higher chance of success.

Can You Get Caught with a Fake Passport?

Yes, you can get caught with a fake passport if you use it outside of a joke or prank. You can’t use it as an official document – you risk a jail term or fine, or both. Even a person who creates and sells fake passports to anyone can be jailed, for example, Anthony Beard who obtained real passports in other people’s names – BBC.

Also, buyers of fake passports that work for official use can be penalized. For example, Patrick Sileo, 62, of Las Vegas, Nevada, was arrested for trying to buy fake passports in connection with identification documents. The charge carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison and a $250,000 fine –

If you are a citizen of another country already in a different country with a fake passport, you can be deported and banned from entering the country.


Passport fraud is a federal crime in the U.S. if you attempt to use it for any official purpose. The U.S. Department of State’s Diplomatic Security Service investigates passport fraud globally. If someone is found to have lied on a passport application form, they can face fines of up to $250,000 and a prison sentence of up to 10 years.

So, while you have in mind to make fake passports that work, you MUST only use them for jokes and laugh gags. It is sometimes necessary to prank your friends and family members.

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