9 Good Excuses for Not Going to a Wedding

You owe nobody if you can’t make it to their wedding. Regardless, I have some good excuses for not going to a wedding. Of course, the hosts may ask why you won’t attend their wedding.

In North America, for instance, you will receive a reply card to mark “No” if you can’t make it to the wedding. The couple may then ask why you wouldn’t attend their marriage, which is when you decide whether to give them excuses or tell the truth.

excuses for not going to a wedding
I’m not going to the wedding!!!

When I completed grad school, two close friends invited me to their wedding. Since I had no job and no money, I declined the invitations. Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend either of the weddings, but I wouldn’t begin what I can’t complete.

Declining or refusing a wedding invitation does not mean you’re not supportive. You have a reason and may not be willing to share it, so you need the excuses to give the couple for not attending their wedding.


Below are the excuses for not attending a wedding:

  1. The office declined my request to leave.

It is typical for offices to decline a leave request, especially if the said staff exceeded their limits. Explain to the couple that you couldn’t disobey the instruction.

  1. I have an onsite project.

Claiming that you have an onsite project is a typical believable excuse for not going to a wedding. The host can’t ascertain whether you are making an excuse or being sincere unless they work in your organization.

  1. My interview is scheduled for the same day.

If you are job hunting, it means you need a job. If you do not want to attend a wedding, say to the couples that you would be going for an interview on the same date. You can spice this excuse by adding that if the interview ends early, you might make it to the wedding.

  1. I have financial challenges.

Depending on the closeness of the couple to you, say that you have no money and that you would be making earns meet on that day. The couple should be okay with this excuse unless they would be willing to pay you to attend their wedding invitation, which may not be the case since they are already

  1. I’ll be out of town for an appointment.

Even if you are not leaving town, make sure the couple does not see you around town on the wedding day. Tell the couple you have double appointments out of the city and that you would be returning either the following day or the day after.

  1. I promised to babysit for a co-worker.

It is one of the excuses for not going to a wedding that I use often. Most of the time, I invite a friend’s child to stay over, at least to clear my conscience that I babysat. But if you indeed have a babysitting appointment and no longer have to miss the wedding, here’s how to get out of it last minute.

  1. I have explosive diarrhea.

The biggest excuse to skip a wedding invitation is that you have explosive diarrhea. It is also one of the believable excuses not to go to a wedding last minute Even the couple would plead you to stay back, considering the possible embarrassment if your bowels explode indeed.

So, whats a good excuse to not go to a wedding? The answer is explosive diarrhea.

  1. My child is sick.

If your child is not sick, tell them to claim they were sick whenever anybody asks about their health. Either the bride or the groom may ask the child to know if you lied to them

  1. My partner is sick.

For instance, if you convinced a wife to lose weight for the first time, they may become sick because dieting is strange to their body. The same excuse applies to a husband.

Is it rude not to go to a wedding?

It is not rude not to go to a wedding if the circumstance is beyond your power. However, it is polite to decline a wedding invitation from the onset instead of finding excuses for not going to a wedding at the last minute. Be honest, explain why you can’t attend the wedding, and tender your sincere apology and regrets.

How to Get Out of Not Attending a Wedding Invitation

If you made insincere excuses for not attending the wedding, you would feel guilty. Meanwhile, if you did not answer their call, see some exceptional excuses for not answering your phone.

Below are the steps to get out of the guilt:

Phone the Couple

If the wedded couple is close friends or relatives, make sure to call them the following day. I do not recommend sending text messages because they may be too busy to go through them.

Congratulate Them

When they answer the phone call, congratulate them. Take control of the conversation and give no room for them to say they would have loved your attendance.

Tell Them You Regret Missing the Wedding

Explain that you hoped to attend the wedding but that the circumstance was beyond your power. Promise to be part of another ceremony in the future.

Pray Them a Great Home

Before you hang up, pray the couple a great home. Wish them all the best, and you are done.

Sample Apology Letter for Missing Wedding

How do you say sorry for not attending a marriage?

If you prefer to mail the couple a letter or send a text message, follow the simple structure below:

  • Salutation
  • Introduction
  • The excuse
  • Conclusion
  • Closing

See the apology letter samples for not going to a wedding below:

Sample 1

Declining Invitation

Hi [Name of couple],

I am grateful for your invitation. However, I regret to inform you that I will be unable to attend the wedding.

I have [describe your excuse here]. I doubt I can complete the task early enough to attend the wedding.

I wish you the best feelings on your wedding day. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

[your name]

Sample 2

Apology for Not Attending a Wedding

Hi [recipient name],

I am sorry I could not attend your wedding. Please accept my apology. Even though I hoped to be part of your happy day, the situation was uncontrollable.

An event came up and [explain your excuse]. I hope you understand.

I wish you a blissful marriage, and I shall be present for your next celebration.

Accept my honest apology.

Respectfully yours

[Your name]

Final Thoughts

Whenever you decline a wedding invitation, make sure to use emphasize that you regret not attending the wedding. If the couple is a close relative, it calms their nerves, and they get over it faster.

If you do not intend to attend a wedding, send the couple a decline notice early, they may be having high hopes for you.

The couple does not have the cycles to think of why you do not attend the wedding.

Try to send your regrets early to keep them from paying for a meal you would not be there to eat.

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  1. What excuse does one make when the simple truth is: I never liked weddings to begin with and see no point in being uncomfortable for the entire evening. I sense most would not be happy with “I hate weddings”. I should also add that this is not a “financial excuse” as I have no problem with sending a monetary gift, esp. if family.

  2. Hi Ray,

    We do have something in common—I hate weddings too, not due to the money or whatever, I don’t like my presence there. It’s simple, the fact that you’re sending a monetary gift makes up for your absence. In fact, whatever excuse you add to the monetary gift is a cake icing. I would suggest you fake ill (since I don’t know the nature of your lifestyle). Make sure you do not make any social media posts other than wishing the individuals all the best. Personal posts can come some days after the wedding—that way, they never get to think about your missing their day.


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