10 Good Excuses to Leave School Early

Urgent situations can force you to leave school early. So, in this article, I disclose good excuses to leave school early. As a teacher, I have had students with excuses to leave school before the closing time. The best excuse came from one of the excellent students. He faked stomach aches whenever he is leaving early. Of course, I believed him, but the mom confirmed one day that he fakes the excuses to return home early to play video games.

Also, when I was a student, my favorite excuse to leave school early was that my mom is ill. The remorseful look on my face made it easier to convince the teacher that my mom was ill and that dad doesn’t stay with us. This excuse worked for about 2 years until mom arrived earlier one day to pick me up after I lied about her health.


Good Excuses to Leave School Early

excuses to leave school early

Meanwhile, below are the excuses to leave school early:

1. I have to see the doctor.

Seeing the doctor is one of the best excuses to leave school early. However, if you rely on this excuse consistently, the school will ask you to use the school’s clinic. Most of the time,  the school requests a doctor’s report, or they call your parents to confirm your claims. If you do not mind, you can make a fake doctor’s report to skip school without penalty.


2. My sibling is sick.

When you say that your sibling is sick, also add that your parents traveled and that your sibling is on medication.

3. Mom is in labor.

Tell the school that your mom is in labor, and they will let you go early. If the school asks of your dad or guardian, say that they return from work late.

4. I have a girl’s problem.

This excuse works even better on male teachers. If you are a female and plan to leave school early the next day, wear grey or black pant to school. When it’s time to go home, get to the restroom, and put water on your butt. Go to the teacher and say that you have a girl’s problem.

You can fake menstruation or abdominal pain, and you will be allowed to leave school early.


5. My tummy aches; I can’t stand it.

Facial expression research by Karen L. Schmidt and Jeffrey F. Cohn claims that we have six basic facial expressions.

excuse letter to leave school early
Facial Expressions

So, walk up to the teacher looking sadly fearful and complain that your tummy aches and you have to go home.

6. My mind is troubled.

Regarding how to leave school early, you can make the excuse that you are troubled and the school will allow you to go early. The school may offer to help you resolve the situation to protect your mental health but you must refuse the offer and declare that you just need the time on your own.

7. Dad traveled, and my pet is sick.

The teacher might say that your mom will handle your pet’s health. Cut the teacher short by adding that mom would be returning late at night.

8. My sports team needs me.

One of the excuses to leave school early with a friend is to inform the teacher of your sports team.

If you are a good performing student, this excuse should get you out of school early. Tell the school that you captain a community sports team and that today is the final day sir rehearsal in preparation for the competition.

9. I have explosive diarrhea.

The feeling of having explosive diarrhea can keep anyone from leaving their house. Tell the school that you have exclusive diarrhea, and they will allow you to go early.

10. I was upset and hurt.

Just head back home without letting any teachers find out. The next day, look for the teacher of the class you missed. Apologize to them and say something like, “I just learned my boyfriend/girlfriend was unfaithful, and it really upset me. I didn’t want anyone to know, so I left instead of getting upset in class and causing a disturbance.” This excuse works for purple all the time.

Other excuses…

  • I planned a surprise birthday for dad
  • My sibling has been away for months
  • The furniture man needs the house key to begin his job
  • I am finding it extremely difficult to focus in class

Tips to Leave School Early

Don’t Leave Frequently

If the record shows that you leave school early often, the teacher or the school may not approve your request. They will offer to take care of you until your parents arrive to pick you up. Leaving too often also makes the school suspicious that you may be lying.

Be a Good Student

If you perform well at school, it is more comfortable to ask to leave early, and you’ll be allowed to. However, do not leave the class without informing the teacher.

Tell Your Parent to Call the School

Before you go to school, tell your parents that you are stressed out and find it difficult to concentrate in class. Ask them to call your school to let them know that you would be leaving early for some reason.

If your parents are not OK with the idea of leaving the school early, find another person to act as your parent or guardian, call your school and tell them that you would be going early today.

Don’t Miss Classes for the Week

If you plan to leave school early on Thursday or Friday, make sure to be in the school throughout the week. When the teacher confirms your name on the attendance list, they should approve you to go early.

Hold Your Belongings While Approaching the Teacher

While you approach the teacher to inform them that you are leaving school before the closing time, take your backpack and books with you. When the teacher sees you with your belongings, it means you are serious about going early, and they will allow you.

How to Write the School that You’ll Leave Early

If the school asks you to write them a letter that you intend to leave early, follow the steps below:

Write the Header

Write the date on the top-left of your paper. Below the date, write the name of the person or office that you are addressing in the request letter. Typically, letters for excuses are addressed to the school management or the teacher.

Write the Subject

The subject line below the header explains the purpose of the letter. An excuse letter is also a request letter so that the subject will contain the word ‘request.’ An example of the subject is:

Request to Leave the School Early

Write the body

The body of the letter contains your excuse to leave school early.

Start the body of the letter by introducing yourself as a student of the school in the first paragraph. The second paragraph should contain your excuse, and the third paragraph should thank the school management or the teacher for making time to read the letter.

If you intend to submit your letter today, but leave school early tomorrow, indicate the date and time in the second paragraph of the letter body.

If you would be returning to the school on the same day, specify it in the letter.

Close the Letter

Close the letter with formal salutations such as “Respectfully yours,” “Yours sincerely,” etc.

Below the salutation, write your full name and sign below your name.

Proofread the Letter

Before you present the letter, proofread it for grammatical errors and spelling.

Sample Excuse Letter for Leaving School Early

Sample 1



[The school management or teacher]

Re: Request to Leave the School Early

Dear [Title]

I write to inform the school that I will be leaving early on [date] by [time].

The reason I have to leave school early is that [describe your excuse]. I will return to the school premises by [time] on the same day (if you intend to return to the school a few hours later).

Kindly grant my request

Yours sincerely,



Sample 2

[Name of teacher]

[Name of school]


Subject: Request for Early Leave

Dear [Title]

I am requesting to leave school before 2 pm today.

I have been in attendance for the morning lessons, but I have to leave this afternoon because of [your excuse].

Regarding the afternoon classes I will miss, I will get the notes from colleagues for reading to keep up with the class.

Thank you for your consideration.


Respectfully yours,

[Student’s name]


Reasons to Leave School Early

Excuses Not to Go to School Besides Being Sick

excuses not to go to school besides being sick
An excuse letter

1. “I left my homework/project at home.”

If you have an important school project after you had prepared it but forgot it at home, this could be a good reason to stay back. But also, you must understand how paramount it is to your parents that you attain good grades.

2. “I had a hurting toothache.”

Suppose your day is horrible, you’re leaving for school, but unexpectedly you felt a sharp pain in your tooth, and had to go to the dentist quickly. This is a good reason to stay back from school—it is only slightly different from faking sickness.

3. “I tried to help a little animal I found.”

You found an abandoned kitten pacing between the cars, then you decided to help it. The good news: a veterinarian took it and it’s now safer for the animal.

4. “Hmmm, I had a girl problem.”

Say you had a girl problem like seeing your period. The adult will understand. Moreover, they won’t ask to verify.

5. Just be honest

Without doubt, honesty is the best excuse to stay back from school besides being sick. Honesty is quite a hard option since your parents may be furious or tell you off and in the end, you might get disciplined if you get caught lying about going to school. Parents do listen. The earlier you relay the problems to them, the higher the chances that they will understand your demand.


If your parents or guardians are not aware you would be leaving school early, do not request to leave too often. Leaving school early once or twice per month is OK, even without informing your parents or guardians.

Finally, make sure to complete the notes for the missed lessons and ask questions that you do not understand.

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