7 Tips to Get Back at Someone Who Ghosted You

This publication explains how to get back at someone who ghosted you. You need to understand that ghosting is an art, so you must outdo the person in question to clap back at them.

Ghosting normally starts after someone ends a relationship with you. This is commonly explained as an attempt by someone to completely disconnect from you or to hurt your emotions.


The reason it hurts to be ghosted is that it is a form of rejection. Rejection normally takes a swing at your self-worth, and you either have to feel defeated or fight back. However, whether you clap back or not, your success is the best way to overcome being ghosted.

How to get back at someone who ghosted you

Do the following to get back at someone who ghosted you:

  1. Do not seek a ghost’s attention

You may be tempted to chase them but they are not coming back without a purpose because that is how ghosts operate.

Do not also justify their behavior or make up an excuse for their reason to ghost you. For example, avoid making yourself think they just want to be alone at the moment, or are a little depressed.

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It does not also matter what was going on with them. Understand that you are ghosted when you are no longer a priority.


Do not also text, call or ask anyone about them. And keep in mind that chasing a ghost is trying to pin down a shadow.

  1. Consider the person invisible

Normally, you do not talk to ghosts since they are mostly invisible. It can be anxiety-provoking or embarrassing when you bump into the person who ghosted you. You may even experience panic attacks seeing them, all because you feel defeated.

In some cases, they do not feel the same way or not as much as you do because they are above you since they ghosted you first. They started the ghosting, so they know how much it hurts you.

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The solution is to see the ghost as invisible. Do not acknowledge their presence, even if it means ignoring them.

If they are standing next to you or a few meters away, just smile and keep going or concentrate on what you are doing. Do not stop them to seek an explanation unless you want them to win.

  1. Get a massage

You need a massage right away. Employ the services of a massage therapist to give your body the tough, warm touch.

Your body needs the touch, a new touch without emotion on the side. Pure touch that suppresses the feeling of being ghosted by someone, especially that you cared for.

A massage involves strong hands that seek out the mental poison hiding in your muscles. It develops a more relaxed body that makes you feel even better. According to Mayo Clinic, it reduces stress, pain, tension, and muscle soreness and improves immune function, relaxation, circulation, energy, and alertness. A massage also lowers heart rate and blood pressure.

It is even perfect since you are dealing with a professional. Do it twice or three times, as much as your body desires.

  1. Get a kiss from someone

You need a kiss – with emotions attached or not. If you are not ready for the emotions, tell the person you need a kiss and find out if it is okay with them.

Make no promises and be clear. Do not lie, misrepresent or mislead. The kiss shows your bravery and wipes away that cowardice the ghost thinks they permanently planted in you.

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The kiss is all about you and not the person. Be selfish this one time to impress yourself. A soft kiss will do.

You could manage one at twilight but not too late at night. One kiss is enough unless your feelings demand more. Be in control.

  1. Clap back

The ghost will try to pop back up. Unless they are back to tender a genuine heartfelt apology and admit defeat, ignore them.

This is not about stooping to the level of the ghost but showing the respect to clearly define what you do and do not deserve, and not just allowing them back in.

Do not also reach out to them again if you must get back at them in the manner your ego desires right now. The ghost knows where you are, so if they prioritize you, they will show up.

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Consider cutting them off on social media and get rid of any memory of them. Delete their photos or move them to a cloud folder you barely use or access.

Underneath that curiosity gets the better of people, so do not allow yourself to be the person.

  1. Continue growing

Your happiness is the best revenge when getting back at someone who ghosted you. You want them to sense the happiness from wherever they are. It is also a message to them that you do not find them significant in your life.

You have to be genuinely happy with yourself and about who you are. Reconcile with your mistakes and block negative experiences from tainting you.

  1. Keep the fun life alive

You need more personal development work to help you channel your thoughts to better things and away from the person who is ghosting you.

Do lots of fun things and share them with your immediate community or the world.

When the ghost sees you, heading on adventures, going out with your friends, or having a laugh, it stirs up envy.

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It would remind them of who you are – that fabulous, fun, and caring person. And most importantly, someone who no longer cares about them.

Final thoughts

The idea is to build and protect yourself from becoming unnecessarily bothered by someone who is ghosting you.

Your success makes them think you are not affected as much as they thought. Besides, you are not doing nasty stuff, except holding your head up high and moving on.

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