Student Hack: Raise Your Grade from an F to a B in a Week

You want to raise your grade from an F to a B in a week if the semester is nearing an end. Your current grade is not where you want to be, and probably does not reflect your effort—it’s time to increase the grade ASAP.

How to raise your grade from an F to a B in a week

There’s still time to raise your grade before the end of the term. You just have to stay focused on handing in late and current assignments, completing additional credit work, and securing the best possible grades.

How to raise your grade from an F to a B in a week

Many students successfully raise their grades (an F to a B) following these steps:

1. Refer to your old work

It helps to refer to older works if a paper is due soon or the final is coming up. See what you’ve done so far in class and try to identify your weak areas that need improving.

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Look back at past exams and see if you know why you did not get the questions right. You may have to consult your teacher or textbooks to get a more detailed explanation. Your teacher will be able to suggest what you can do to earn a good grade on your next assignment to raise your grade to a B within 7 days.

2. Work on your study skills and habits

Apart from learning and retaining knowledge, good study skills increase your confidence, competence, and self-esteem, according to the University of Saskatchewan, Canada. It also reduces your anxiety about tests and deadlines and helps you to cut down on the number of hours you spend studying, creating additional time for other things in your life.

Regarding your study habits, you can experience an improvement by committing yourself to study. Make sure to create time to go through your materials—avoid procrastination. This won’t be so easy, but final exams are typically worth 15 to 20 percent of your final class grade—you need to study a little harder for a worthy payoff.

You want to study in advance to avoid cramming. Studying in advance is less stressful than you think, compared to cramming a few hours for the examination.

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Try to figure out the kind of learner you are. While some students learn better from reading and writing (visual learners), others learn better from listening and speaking (auditory learners). Perhaps, you’re also more of a group learner than an individual learner. If you’re a group learner, you’ll benefit more from studying with colleagues. Just make sure to know your best method to push that grade from an F to a B this week.

You would also need a dedicated studying space free of distractions. Consider using the school library if your home is not a reliable place. Make sure to dedicate these few days to studying and completing homework for the big difference in grades instead of socializing.

3. Seek help

You need help to speed up things. There’s no time to wait—it can be too late to make a B in one week. Get help to address the issue right away to understand the material before taking the test.

Don’t hesitate to question your teacher right away about anything discussed in class. You could show up early or reach your teacher during a free period if you can’t meet them in the class.

You may also need a tutor. Some schools offer free tutoring, so find out about yours. A private tutor is also reasonable if your school does not offer free tutoring.

4. Know the grading system

To stand a great chance of raising good grades, you need to know the grading system and the worth of an assignment. Your teacher will be helpful if you have questions about it.

Suppose you’re working on a project. You want to know the rubric used for the grading. It should outline what your teacher wants in the work to get an A. You need a detailed explanation of the assignment if you did not get a rubric from your teacher.

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Try to find out about other important activities that can give points to raise your grade from an F to a B in a week. Some teachers, for example, offer participation points, so raising your hand in class to attempt to answer questions can get you some extra points.

5. Complete bigger projects earlier

Try completing your big projects such as research papers as early as possible—don’t wait until the last minute no matter how tempting. Large projects obviously have a bigger impact on your final grade.

If your teacher offered no breakdown of the project into smaller steps, seek advice to make it much more manageable and less overwhelming. You can break the large research paper into smaller tasks:

  • Choosing a topic
  • Creating an outline
  • Finding sources
  • Writing a rough draft
  • Writing a final draft

Ask your teacher for help. You could try handing in a rough draft for your teacher to look over and provide improvement suggestions. Make sure to schedule each step to avoid the troubles of time management. You could plan to work on the project for about 1 hour per day, depending on the size.

6. Make additional time for your homework

You can raise your grades from an F to a B in one week by upping your game and putting in a little more effort. You need to approach each assignment as if they are worth so much to improve the cumulative grade towards your final grade.

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Get to know what you need to do before leaving class. Ask your teacher for clarification if you have questions about completing the assignment. Ensure to follow the instructions and directions precisely.

Your turn in time is also important. Make sure to note when each assignment is due and submit them early to avoid losing points due to lateness.

Plan out a specific time to complete assignments and consider other obligations. For instance, if you have a basketball game and will only have 2 hours to work on homework, complete all assignments a day before the date.

7. Make up for missed assignments

If you missed assignments due to absence, ask about making up missed assignments. Sometimes, a teacher may reduce points for students handing in their assignments late. Nonetheless, this makeup work is better than a zero for that assignment.

Find out about any missed in-class assignments and the possibility of a makeup.

For any work you had a bad grade, you could ask your teacher to let you:

  • Revise an essay
  • Re-take a test
  • Re-do a project

If you seem committed, your teacher may be willing to accept your request, which raises your grade from an F.

Don’t be afraid to ask about making up for missed tests to move a B. Your teacher may not have announced any extra credit opportunities, but this does not necessarily mean that they may not be willing to offer one.

8. Share your challenges with your teacher

If you face difficulties affecting your grades, your teacher should know about it. They may be willing to work with you if your excuse is reasonable. Be sure to make it clear that you are genuinely committed to working to raise your grade in a week.

Without putting in the effort, your teacher may not be willing to offer opportunities that will raise your grade. Know the impact extra credits will have on your grade—this varies from class to class.

Don’t expect magically turn an F into a B just by writing one additional essay. Don’t also complain about the amount of work or points you earn for additional class work. Besides, your teacher may not be mandated to give you any extra credit opportunities.

Try to complete as many extra credits as possible, but make sure they do not interfere with your regular classes and assignments. It is advisable to complete any required assignments for your class before moving on to extra credit work.

Finally, stay committed and try to make the most out of your extra credit opportunities to show your teacher that you are willing to get the best grade possible.

Always understand the expectations. Ask your teacher to explain any requirements if you think it is necessary—don’t be afraid to ask. Submit your extra credit on time and try not to disappoint your teachers again.

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