9 Ways to Fake a Pregnancy Test Positive Without Urine

You want to know how to fake a pregnancy test positive without urine to use as a prank on your partner or loved ones. Well, this is possible, and the methods in this publication make your fake pregnancy believable.

how to fake a pregnancy test positive without urine


Faking the test is easy but you also need to put on a performance similar to that of someone who is really pregnant. And according to the Mayo Clinic, the classic signs of pregnancy include missed periods, tender/swollen breasts, nausea with or without vomiting, increased urination, and fatigue.

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You need to show or fake having some of these signs. For example, you want to tell your partner that you missed your period.

Note: this could make your partner really worried, especially if you have not been expecting. Do not perform this prank if you’re expecting.

How pregnancy tests work

Usually, you need a pregnancy kit to test for the hCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) hormone in urine to tell pregnancy. After the sperm fertilizes the ovary or egg with the sperm in the fallopian tube, it travels and sticks to the uterus walls. This could take between 6-12 days before the body starts the hCG hormone production.

hCG hormone is proof of pregnancy and is only present after the embryo attaches to the walls of the uterus. The hCG hormone amount increases with time.


A home pregnancy testing kit then tests certain hCG levels, usually 25-50. Note that the level depends on the pregnancy test kit you use.

The hCG content typically shows up after missed periods, and test kits contain specific enzymes that change the strip color or simply reveal lines that indicate pregnancy. Usually, you have to dip the strip in urine or pee on it.

Depending on the product, some may require the appearance of a positive (+) symbol to show pregnancy, some show a pink symbol, others show 2 lines, while others say “pregnant”.

How to fake a pregnancy test positive without urine

In this section, you will learn the various tricks to use to fake a pregnancy. You may need a pregnancy test kit for some of the methods to get your partner to think you’re indeed pregnant.

Below are the various ways to fake a pregnancy test positive without a positive urine, and make it believable:

1. Use soda to fake positive pregnancy

Some ingredients present in sodas can make a pregnancy test positive. They simply mimic pregnancy hormones responsible for a positive pregnancy test.

To fake this pregnancy test, pour soda into a plastic container or clean cup—Pepsi or Cola. You will need a dropper to add some drops of soda to the testing strip.

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If you don’t have a dropper, just dip the test kit in the cup or container containing soda. Make sure any material you use for this fake test is clean to manipulate the positive result well enough.

You should get the result in a few minutes, depending on the pregnancy kit product. You could always refer to the instructions to know how long you have to wait for a more accurate result. It should take between 3-10 minutes—can be sooner in some cases.

2. Get a fake pregnancy test kit

If you don’t want to go through the stress of faking your pregnancy test positive with a new test strip, get a fake one online or from your local store.

A fake test strip presents a positive test result irrespective of the liquid, such as water, applied to it. Such strips can be used during bridal events such as bachelorette and showers. They are great for gags or pranks on a partner.

3. Blow dryer heat

The heat from a blow dryer can fake a pregnancy test positive but the result is usually temporary. You just need the regular pregnancy test and urine. After dipping the strip in the urine, heat it with a blow dryer on a high setting between 5-10 minutes.

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The positive line will show up and will stay positive for up to 48 hours or 72 hours before it fades.

4. Use your pregnant friend’s urine

If you have that one friend in your clique that recently got pregnant, get them to pee on the pregnancy test stick. Inform them that you need it for a gag.

Some friends even have them for keepsakes, so borrow the test kits from them. A pregnant woman’s urine contains lots of the chemical hCG that makes a pregnancy test positive always—they just have to be more than 6 weeks pregnant.

If the test takes place too early, your pregnant friend may not have sufficient hCG, so you may get a negative result.

5. Wait for the test to dry out

The evaporation lines on the pregnancy test strip sit next to the positive lines. The evaporation lines usually get darker when the test dries and will look a lot positive.

You want the test strip to sit for a couple of hours, 24 hours, or up to 48 hours to completely dry out. Immediately after the positive picks up, do your prank because it will fade.

6. Draw a positive line with a marker

Get cheap, regular pregnancy test kits, at least two if you make a mistake on one. Refer to the instructions to confirm the color for a positive test, and get a marker with a similar color.

You don’t have to pee on the strip, this way you fake a pregnancy test positive without urine. However, if you want it to look real, pee on the test stick.

Wait for the test to dry, usually after a day. Open the case of the strip with a sharp, flat object like a razor. Draw on the positive line using the marker you bought and close the case back. Make sure the mouth of the marker is small and not too wide.

7. Use an expired pregnancy test

An expired pregnancy test can result positive. However, false positives are extremely rare, so an expired pregnancy test may still show negative since you’re not pregnant. Experts do agree that expired pregnancy test kits are not reliable, even though they may be accurate.

This method is not reliable, so consider other options. But if you have an expired test handy, try it.

8. Contaminate pregnancy test with soap

There’s no evidence backing claims that soap reacts with hCG — and in fact, there’s anecdotal evidence that it doesn’t, Healthline Media. Nonetheless, soap can cause false positive pregnancy test. For instance, if you pee for a test while bathing and soaked in foam, your home pregnancy test can fake your pregnancy.

Product labels usually mention testing by using a clean container to collect urine or peeing directly on the test strip. As such, if the container you use has been washed with soap and not rinsed well enough, soap or detergents may falsify the test, showing positive instead of negative.

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You can also try adding a drop of liquid soap to your urine, dip the test and wait for some minutes to see if it comes out positive.

9. Buy an ovulation test kit

Like a pregnancy test kit, an ovulation test kit has two lines. However, one of the lines is the control line signaling the test is working properly while the other is the test line. The test line can be darker or lighter than the control line, depending on whether there’s ovulation.

Your partner may mistake an ovulation test kit for a pregnancy test since they look alike. Try using the ovulation test kit about 14 days before the start of your next menstrual period to predict a positive ovulation result, which you use to fake a pregnancy test positive.

Using vinegar is another way you can fake a pregnancy test positive. Go here to read about the steps.

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