10 Ways to break someone’s ego

Many have delicate egos that can be easily broken, even those who have thick skin. A seemingly insignificant comment from you can be enough to break someone’s ego.

Meanwhile, only use this information for constructive purposes and not to intentionally hurt someone. Avoid these actions and do not try them out unless the person truly deserves it.


How to break someone’s ego

How to break someone's ego

If you want to interact with someone, but they have a large ego, use the following approach to break someone’s ego:


1. Point out their gut

The majority of people are concerned about their guts, as it is the most unattractive part of their body after their testicles. Any mention of the gut, regardless of the context, is likely to make a man feel uneasy.

2. Insult the person’s job

Even if someone diminishes the significance of his or her job, they are likely to have some degree of pride in their work or, at the very least, does not want to be ridiculed for it. Highlighting the negative aspects of his job or indirectly implying that his job is unimportant can be a degrading and offensive way to break someone’s ego. Isn’t that wonderful?!

Begin the conversation by complimenting the person or acknowledging one of their positive qualities. People with big egos tend to respond well to flattery, and starting with a compliment can make them more receptive to the comment you want to make.

3. Compare him/her to his/her parent

Draw a comparison to the person’s father to serve them a particularly low blow. Regardless of whether a man or woman has a good or bad relationship with his father or mother, he/she certainly does not want to be likened to the old, hairy pals. I guess we’ll just have to call it an Oedipus complex.


4. Compare them to an athlete or any celebrity

Making this type of comparison won’t go well with anyone and can mess with their head. A statement like “I wonder if you could even catch one of Zambrano’s pitches!” said in passing can be sufficient to break someone’s ego and get them to switch off the TV and immediately hit the gym.

Similarly, an egoistic man, for example, can feel quite embarrassed when their flaws are summarized in contrast to Bon Jovi or Mick Jagger (especially Bon Jovi, given that Bon Jovi is terrible).

5. Get them oversized clothes

Purchasing oversized clothing is a common tactic used by mothers to break someone’s ego, and it can be quite insulting. Regardless of whether or not a person struggles with weight issues, being given clothes that are too big can prompt them to immediately order a Bowflex in a matter of minutes.

6. Make them look poor

Treat the person like a poor individual. This involves constantly offering to pay for meals, movies, and other activities while making subtle comments like, “You can get the next one after your paycheck arrives.” However, this approach can backfire if the person you’re with isn’t overly concerned with how much money he makes.

7. Compliment their enemy

Give a compliment to someone the person hates to break their big ego. People can be vengeful, and most have at least one arch-nemesis (we like to think of ourselves as superheroes). A straightforward compliment directed at that person’s foe can be like a kryptonite, causing them to experience less death and more pathetic moping.

8. Giggle or laugh strangely when having something with your partner

Laughing during the moment? No matter what the reason, can be taken poorly by men or even women. This trick works for partners only.

They may assume that the laughter signifies that there is something wrong with them. Is their body amusing to their partner? Are they funny like a clown? How are they funny? That’s left for your laughter to tell.

9. Frame the improvement

Frame the improvement as moving from good to great, instead of from bad to average.

For example, if someone struggles with data analysis but has a high opinion of their skills in this area, present the opportunity for improvement as a way to take their abilities from good to great, rather than pointing out that they are lacking and simply aiming to improve to an average level.

This approach is more likely to inspire and motivate the person, as hearing that they are bad at something will likely result in defensiveness while being told they have the potential to be great is empowering.

10. Be sarcastic about their professional abilities

After complimenting the person and identifying an area for improvement, get a commitment from them on a specific next step. Without this commitment, there is a high likelihood that no progress will be made. Given their strong sense of confidence in their abilities, they may believe that their current performance is sufficient. You could even get them fired if you feel they deserve it.

Ultimately, acknowledging someone’s existence but failing to react as they desire, or not showing any interest at all can be a huge blow to their ego. You can always respond to such a person with a shrug and say, “I’m sorry that you feel this way,” before walking away! It can be particularly satisfying. Good luck.

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