20 Creepy Ways to Mess with Someone’s Head

Perhaps, you need to know how to mess with someone’s head to play around with them, as a form of pissing them off or revenge.

The average “I’m a principled person” will say, “it’s not okay to try to get into someone’s head.” Really? What with this boring kind of life anyway? If you have your reasons (whatever it may be), then it’s okay to manipulate someone to think their life is an illusion.


how to mess with someone’s head

How to mess with someone’s head

So, what can you say/do to mess with someone’s head?

  1. Stare at a part of them

If someone is staring at you and you don’t like it, stare at their shoes to get them irritated, then look away.

Or, during a conversation, stare at the person’s forehead to intimidate them.

Fixed eye contact can also be creepy, as well as intimidating. When you make eye contact with people, it shows you are interested in what is being said, making them confident about their power. However, if you don’t break eye contact now and then, the person will look confused or feel as if the exchange is too intense.

  1. Predict their future

If you just met someone whose head you want to seriously mess around with, just say to them, “This year will be the worst year of your life,” dust your feet, and walk away.


Even if they do not believe in prophecies, you have messed with their mind for the rest of the day, if not a week or more.

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  1. Writing a number

Any time someone is writing down a number, just say, “Oh sorry, that’s supposed to be an uppercase seven.” Keep your eyes on the numbers even while they are staring at you.

  1. Don’t trust us

When a new guy enters the job, tell them, “Don’t take anything anyone says around here seriously, including my last sentence.” You have just sent the new coworker into an existential crisis.

  1. The missing toothbrush

Walk up to your roommate and say, “Hey, have you seen our toothbrush?” Pretend to be looking for it with a serious facial expression when they respond “our toothbrush?”

  1. Nice teeth compliment

Just walk up to someone and say, “Nice teeth.” Don’t smile afterward, just walk away. This compliment will make the person self-conscious, not regarding how confident they are in their teeth. They can’t help but wonder if something is wrong with their teeth, which can break their ego.

  1. Make a statement without context

Begin a conversation with the person saying, “I’m not racist but…,” then talk about whatever has nothing to do with race. They’d look confused since your opening statement has nothing to do with what you’re now saying.

For example:

I’m not racist but… could you go to the new park on 4th street. The kids loved it when we went last weekend.

Or, you could say, “Sorry about yesterday.” Say this without giving any context to leave someone thinking about when they met you yesterday.

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You could give the person a heartfelt thank you, hug, and walk away, leaving them to wonder what they did.

  1. Everything was a true remark

Suppose you are in a disciplinary with your manager. Say, “Everything they told me about you was true”. This messes their head, even more than you’d anticipate.

This would really make sense if your manager is the type who thinks they are really popular, but happens to be a bit of an a**hole. They could even go out of their way to try to be nice afterward.

Or, you could say that you heard something about them but won’t tell them.

  1. Mimic their pronunciation loudly

When your boyfriend says a word like “toilet”, tell him he says it funny. Whenever he mentions “toilet”, just repeat it back to him incredulously. He’d be adamant that he’s saying it correctly, and it really messes with his head when you say he’s hearing it differently from how it comes out.

  1. Ask a ridiculous question

Ask a question like “What would you change about yourself apart from the obvious?” to savagely get into someone’s head.

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Or, when playing tennis in high school, ask your competitors right before a match, “Do you breathe out or in when serving?”

  1. Leave a creepy note

This method is not spoken but written. For instance, when someone parks a vehicle taking up multiple parking spots, leave them a little note that reads something like:

Sorry about your truck. I drive a small car and thought I could park it beside yours but didn’t quite make it. My buddy says you can buff the scratches out using wax from Autozone. I think the damage is less than $100, so I didn’t bother leaving my information. Good luck.

Just sit back and watch as the owner comes out, reads the note on their windshield, and spends several minutes walking around the car, trying to find the scratch.

  1. Dare someone to do

Say “I dare you” without any preconceived notion of peril. For instance:

You: Hey, can I get a beer?

Him: Sure. In the fridge.

You: Go grab one, I dare you.

  1. “Nice to see you again”

If you are meeting someone for the first time, say, “Nice to see you again.” They’d be trying to figure out the last time they met you and where, because they never did.

  1. Randomly shout at them

People with Tourette, a neurodevelopmental disorder, have their brain send wrong signals to their body, causing them to involuntarily twitch and shout.

To mess with someone, specifically someone a rude person, randomly shout at them and watch them look confused about why you are randomly shouting.

  1. Make a creepy apology

Just put your hand on the person’s shoulder, keep a straight face and say, “I’m really sorry it didn’t work out.” Then walk away.

  1. Maintain silence

Honestly, silence is king. Suppose your friend is shouting at you over the phone. Maintain a total silence on your side to creep them out.

  1. Nod your head like a lizard

When you ask for help from someone, call out their name aloud and nod your head like a lizard. The person may end up doing what you want.

  1. Don’t let them catch you

If you are having a conversation with someone, and the person whose head you want to need with is walking past, slide in loudly, “Yeah, but don’t let [their name] catch you doing that” into the conversation. It should be loud enough for the person to hear. You just got into their head, and they’d be so adamant to find out what you don’t want them to hear.

  1. Use an inexistent quote, followed by “you know…”

Just use a quote or a figure of speech that does not exist, followed by “you know what I’m saying?” when talking to the person. For examples:

“You can’t make a fruit salad if you don’t have any peaches. You know what I’m saying?”

“Same horse different saddle, am I right friend?”

“Can’t catch the termites without the hose. You know what I’m saying?”

“You can’t get 5 nickels until you swallow a quarter. Am I right?”

More often than not, people get confused and just agree with you.

  1. “I know what you did”

Say, “You may not realize this but I know what you did…” This statement makes someone panic briefly, trying to remember what they did. Some people will admit to things you didn’t even know during an interrogation.

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