How to Bump Start a Motorcycle

You should know how to bump start a motorcycle with a dead battery, or whatever mechanical condition.

Besides, most motorcycle racers had to bump start their vintage bikes some years ago since there was no electric starter. As mentioned earlier, a motorcycle can run even with a dead battery.

how to bump start a motorcycle

Typically called ‘run and bump’, bump starting a motorcycle is best for emergencies. You must not bump start often to avoid degrading or damaging your motorcycle.

Is it bad to bump start a motorcycle?

It is not necessarily bad to bump start your motorcycle, especially when you run and bump it correctly without the transmission and clutch compromising. Moreover, your motorcycle must be mechanically sound before you bump it on. Nonetheless, frequent bump-starting, also known as push starting, is not the best way to start a motorcycle. Follow this practice only when you have no options, and make sure to address underlying mechanical issues in the bike.


How to Bump Start a Motorcycle

This section reveals the fastest and most reliable way to bump start your bike. Below are the steps regarding how to bump start a motorcycle:

  1. Find a Slope or Hill

First, find a slope or hill. It could be a small incline; so far, it assists in running the motorcycle to a bumpable speed.

  1. Select the Gear

Next, shift your transmission to the second (2nd) gear. It runs on first gear, too, but the motorcycle might crash, causing you to fall. If your second gear malfunctions, keep it at the third gear.

  1. Engage the Clutch

Pull your clutch in while standing next to your motorcycle.


Now, push your bike backward slightly and let out the clutch plates to free the clutch.

  1. Pull Your Clutch

Turn on the motorcycle ignition and pull in the clutch while running with the motorcycle. You can run between 5mph and 10mph with the motorcycle. You can bump-start the motorcycle with someone if you are inexperienced to avoid crashing.

  1. Jump on the Motorcycle

When the motorcycle runs at 5-10 mph, jump on the seat side-saddle. Let out the clutch immediately your weight hits the seat.

  1. Pull in the Clutch

Finally, pull in the clutch when the engine fires and turn on the throttle to stop the engine from turning off. You may then stop the motorcycle by applying the front brake and get astride on it to ride. Meanwhile, when is the wind too strong for riding your motorcycle?

Should you bump start that motorcycle?

Honestly, if you bump started the motorcycle a day or two ago, you should not bump start it today. Do not make it a habit to bump start your motorbike unless you are willing to damage it faster. Besides, bump staring hates some motorcycles; refer to your manual.

Final Thoughts

Depending on the size of your butt, you want to be careful how you bump start a motorcycle side saddle. Big butts typically run alongside the motorcycle while putting their left foot on the peg and swinging their leg right over the seat.

Before you pop the clutch, ensure that you are on the motorcycle seat; otherwise, you will crash with the motorcycle.

Meanwhile, if you are buying a motorcycle, what happens if you crash it during a test ride when bump starting?

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