How to destroy an ex’s car

Perhaps, with vandalism out of the question, you want to destroy an ex’s car so that your cheating ex pays for what they have done. You probably just need an idea that will gradually affect the car, such as simple vandalism, but not blatant vandalism. Well, whatever the case,  it is nonetheless a property crime punishable by prison terms, monetary fines, or both.

How to destroy an ex’s car

Since you ask to know, this publication covers common ways people employ to destroy an ex’s car:


1. Sugar in the tank

Sugar in the gas tank must rank pretty highly, right? This will cause a hard, sticky caramel to form on the injectors, valves, and lambda sensor.

I wouldn’t put anything strange in the gas tank or mess with anything else that makes the car run, though. I cringe every time I hear about that. For lack of a better word, it seems cruel to treat the car.


Sugar doesn’t dissolve in gasoline, so the only thing that could happen is that the fuel tank filter will get clogged. Along with the fuel pump icon on your dashboard showing you which side to fill up, there is another urban legend about opening locks with half a tennis ball or a cell phone (unless there is an arrow next to it).

2. Sand in the oil filter

If you can get to the gas tank, you can probably get to the engine and destroy an ex’s car. Sand in the oil filler will mess up an engine, either on its way to the filter or by blocking the filter.

I wouldn’t put anything strange in the oil filter or mess with anything else that makes the car run, though. It seems cruel to treat the car.

3. Leave a shrimp under the carpet

If you leave shrimp under the carpet, your ex’s car will start to smell bad over time, and you won’t be able to get rid of the smell. Also, eggs or milk on the carpet smell bad.


4. Seal the lock

Just go to the hardware store, buy a blank key (for his type of car), and break it off in your ex’s locks. Have fun. Just one or two are required. It only takes 10 seconds to realize that the locksmith is going to charge a lot of money

Alternatively, you can destroy an ex’s car by filling the muffler with expanding foam.

When your ex’s car breaks down on the freeway, it could hurt people who didn’t do anything wrong. This is called “sabotaging” the car.

5. Glass and mercury shards in the gas tank

First, make sure not that mercury is not spread on the wheels or brakes. Aluminum amalgam is created when mercury dissolves in aluminum. From the gas tank to the engine block, every piece of aluminum will turn to dust. But you have to get past the aluminum oxide, the rust that keeps aluminum from rusting.

Glass is pretty good at this, so glass dust in the gas tank will scratch the surface of every moving part it passes.

The mercury will react and rot the engine from the inside out. But the magic is that the dust won’t scratch anything unless it moves across a surface, so it won’t do anything if it just sits in the tank.

A mere addition of mercury to your ex’s tank will have no effect. But when the engine is started, a small amount of mercury and glass is spread throughout the engine. When the engine is stopped, the small amount of mercury left in the system will start working on those scratches.

6. List the vehicle for sale

If you can get the VIN, you know all the online car-buying companies. List your ex’s car with every one of these companies.

They will never stop contacting your ex. The Kelley Blue Book – Sell Your Car is especially interesting. More than 20 dealers will call, text, and email your ex about their car. Better yet, do you know their work phone number? If so, use that too.

Set the mileage as low as possible. Have these car-buying people come out for a test drive, and they all be there within 48 hours, trying to beat out the other dealers.

If you have the information, it can be fun to make car sales ads, but none of them are free anymore. Craigslist is a good place to do this.

Price the car extremely low, as if you need to sell it right away. Make the meeting place their house or place of employment.

Give your ex’s real contact information and their job, especially when they’re not working.

7. Report the car stolen

You can also report your ex’s car stolen and send the report to crime stoppers. If you want to remain anonymous, don’t do the reward.

Now, wait, wait, wait for a few more… Call Crime Stoppers and tell them where this “stolen car” is. It should be where your ex is. Consider using a VPN throughout the process though.

8. Loosen the valve cores

The valve cores should be slightly looser. You’ll need a valve core removal tool which costs $3-5.

  • a “spontaneous” flat will eventually happen as a result of the valve core becoming completely loose.
  • 30 minutes is the absolute minimum amount of time that could be lost. 10 minutes for a skilled driver.

The least damage that could happen is $25, but then there’s the second flat. Maybe a few minutes or a few hours later, but definitely before the spare tire is put on.

1 hour is the absolute minimum amount of time that could be lost. The minimum possible damage your ex will suffer is $120 (tow plus new valve core).

9. Fill the engine crankcase with sodium silicate

Consider filling the crankcase of the engine with a quart of sodium silicate to destroy an ex’s car. Any part of the engine that moves quickly will damage, especially the crank and main/rod bearings.

The substance is known as “liquid glass.” It was used in the “Cash for Clunkers” fiasco in the US around 2009 to make the engines of the cars that were turned in during the program unfixable.

10. Key their car

Keying is a common form of simple vandalism that can 1destroy an ex’s car. This is when someone uses a key or another sharp object to scratch the paint on a car, causing permanent damage.

This can be a costly repair for your ex, who may have to pay hundreds or even thousands of dollars to have the car repainted.

11. Slash the tires

Cutting open or slashing the tires is another common form of destroying an ex’s car. This is when you put a hole in a car’s tires, making it hard to drive.

Tires can be expensive to replace, and being without a car can be a big hassle. Also, someone who acts in this way could face criminal charges, such as vandalism and criminal mischief.

12. Mess with the electrical system

There are also less obvious ways to damage a car that can be just as bad.

For example, if someone takes the fuses out of a car’s electrical system, the engine won’t start. They could also mess with the GPS or take important papers like the registration or insurance papers, which would make it hard for the owner to use the car.

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No matter how you do it, destroying an ex’s car is never an acceptable thing to do. Vandalism is against the law and can lead to criminal charges and penalties, such as fines or even jail time. Also, it can cause a lot of financial damage to the victim and can affect their life for a long time.

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