How to Write an Ad to Sell a Motorcycle Fast Online

To sell a motorcycle fast, your ad must be enticing, and many sellers have a problem writing good ads. Thus, this article exposes how to write an ad to sell a motorcycle on Craigslist, Kijiji, eBay, Facebook Market, etc.

how to write an ad to sell a motorcycle

Your classified motorcycle ad won’t sell because you’re not pitching the description properly, beginning from the ad title. The platform you choose to sell the motorcycle also factors in how fast you can sell it, though.

When you write a motorcycle ad that sells fast, it typically covers seller expected information about the motorcycle. Buyers hate to contact you for “more information” when they could simply decide from available info.

Pictures are also important! Do not list tiny grainy pics of the motorcycle parts if you want to attract buyers.

How to Write a Motorcycle Ad that Sells Fast

This section reveals the steps to write an attractive classified motorcycle ad that sells. Understand that different platforms demand different bike ad postings, but all are similar. For example, a motorbike classified ad posting CL is similar to eBay listings.

Below are the tips regarding how to write an ad to sell a motorcycle fast:

  1. Know Your Motorcycle

Since it is your motorcycle, buyers expect that you know everything about it. But if you are writing a motorcycle ad for someone, get to know the motorcycle and ask the owner questions to help create an excellent ad.

Most bike sellers online are private motorbike sellers, including people that flipp motorcycles for profit. They know their motorcycles better than a dealer does and are typically descriptive.

If I’m buying a motorcycle, and your info is limited, of course, I will move to the next ad with the impression that you’re concealing information.

For example, if your motorcycle advertisement is a Suzuki C50 B.O.S.S, a buyer wants to know the model year, like 2014 or later. Other expected information will be the sporty suspension or shocks, gearbox, compression, fuel control, etc.

You do not have to know the entire every part of the motorcycle or be a pro to list the ad. But you must highlight the basic info in the detailed description to boost engagement and sell faster.

If you do not know how to label certain parts on your motorcycle, use any online resource that labels a bike. You can search “parts of [motorcycle name]” online.

  1. Maintenance/Service Records

Write an advertisement to sell your motorcycle

Having the service or maintenance records is a plus when writing a motorcycle ad that sells quickly. Of course, a potential buyer wants to be sure the bike was not manhandled.

Service records tell buyers that you are a careful owner. If you have none but can recall the replacement and changes you made, request replica receipts from the repair shop.

It does not hurt to photograph at least one maintenance record because some buyers request them when they contact you.

A buyer also wants to know their stance regarding a test ride. Write in the motorcycle advertisement description that you allow pre-purchase inspection (PPI).

You may want to include your PPI terms. For example, will you allow PPI before or after payment? If you are selling a motorcycle on CL or Facebook, a buyer will only make payment when they contact you in person. Include it in the description that you allow PPI but when a buyer presents a valid driver’s license and completes payment.

  1. Write a Catchy Title

When you write an advertisement to sell your motorcycle, the title must not be clickbait. Keep it natural, but it must be descriptive.

The algorithm of any ad posting platform you use only matches the searcher’s intent and not the hotness of your ad pics. So, you want to match your title with what buyers are likely to search for or expect to see.

Assuming you have a 1991 Aprilla AF1 125 Futura for sale, you must come up with a heading that buyers expect. I.e., your title must contain info a buyer may be looking for in the bike.

Your ad title can be “1991 Aprilla AF1 125 Futura, 35k miles, Well-Maintained for Sale.” You may even include the gearbox and engine type if you have enough character-support for the ad title. Nevertheless, keep the title short.

When your title contains this extended info, the platform algorithm can rank you among the first 10 results. Understand that the higher you rank, the more audiences see your ad.

  1. List Attractive Pictures

Your ad pics can make or break the classified ad you publish. When writing an ad to sell your motorcycle, ensure that your images capture details and not just the motorcycle.

When potential buyers zoom in, they want to be sure of what they see instead of making assumptions.

Make sure to cover underneath the bike, from the headlight, the taillight region, the engine section, the wheels, the gas tank, rider and passenger’s seats, exhaust, pedals, etc. You can photograph your passenger motorcycle helmet (if it’s part of the deal).

If you do not have a top-quality camera, get your friend’s top-quality lens, wipe it and take the shots. You may ask them to help with the shots if you can’t take good pictures.

If possible, take at least 30 pictures of different angles of the motorcycle. Each shot must pay attention to detail. Do not use filter apps or modify the images. Buyers prefer the motorcycle pics natural; otherwise, you ruin your motorcycle ad.

Some sellers list motorcycles for sale without photos, expecting buyers to request privately.

A buyer won’t waste such time. If they even do, you are just an option. If you claim your motorcycle has a bit of scratch, let the pictures do the talking; buyers need to know what they are bidding on.

  1. List a Reasonable Price

how to write a motorcycle ad that sell

The price you list for your motorcycle is significant when writing a motorcycle classified ad to sell a motorcycle.

When your price is too high, expect low balling. Keep the price moderate and be specific. Do not give buyers the room to bargain for too long. If you value your motorcycle at $1,800, start at $2,100. A buyer will likely begin at $1,500, and you can expect to sell it.

Do not mention “no lowballing” because it does not matter. The price listing should match the bike description.

If you are selling a motorcycle on Craigslist, for instance, instead of writing “Engine is ice cold!!! Wheels are wow!!!” write, “Engine and wheels are responsive.”

Also, avoid a vague statement like “it runs well” because a buyer does not take your word for it

  1. Provide Detailed Description

When you make a motorcycle ad for a fast sale, include information such as model, year, category, displacement, engine type, power, speed, compression, valves per cylinder, cooling system, fuel control, gearbox, transmission type, fuel capacity, front/rear brakes, and weight.

If you describe the engine type of a BMW K 1 model, for instance, the buyer wants to know if it is in-line four, four strokes, etc.

Regarding power, the buyer is interested in HP and RPM. So, the power could be 100 HP @ 8,000 RPM.

The motorcycle color is also significant, although the buyer has seen it in the ad pictures.

If you modify your motorcycle, include the upgrades/modifications like fancy wheels, led lighting, etc.

Finally, include whether there has been a recall on the motorcycle. Do not expect a good sale if the motorcycle was recalled and you dishonored the recall.

  1. Write the Title Status

Inform the potential buyer if the motorcycle had major repairs, including rebuild, etc. It affects the market value of your motorcycle, but it tells the seller what to expect.

When you lie about the condition of the motorcycle, it is fraudulent. If your bike was totaled, let the buyer know in the description.

When listing the title, highlight it rather than mention it along with a paragraph, especially when it is a rebranded title.

Most buyers get the impression that you are hiding further info and will cancel not contact you to hold the deal.

  1. Disclose Theft Status

You plan to sell your motorcycle draft a suitable advertisement in English

If the motorcycle was reported stolen, write it in the classified motorcycle ad. Buyers do not plan to buy a stolen motorcycle and would have armed themselves with the tips to avoid purchasing a stolen motorcycle.

If the motorcycle you are advertising for sale was stolen, include it in the ad description. Of course, you may be fortunate to find an interested buyer.

Every buyer runs a thorough VIN check before buying a motorcycle. So, it is not so easy to sell a stolen motorcycle on eBay, CL, etc.

  1. Disclose Odometer Mileage

A buyer is interested in the odometer mileage. And it must correspond with the odometer disclosure statement in the title or pink slip.

You may also disclose the mileage you put on the motorcycle from the date of purchase.

Note high mileage decreases sales value. Typically, 40,000 miles is considered high mileage on a motorcycle, and you do not expect a buyer to price your bike like it’s 500 miles old.

People rollback odometer, so if the odometer of your bike is way smaller than the model year, a buyer will be suspicious.

  1. Avoid All Caps and Exclamations

When writing a motorcycle advertisement to sell a motorcycle, do not use caps letters. If you have emphasis to make, maybe reminding the buyer that your bike is “As Is”, do not use caps.

Avoid exclamatory marks (!!!) too. If you must use it, it should be in strategic parts of the ad you are writing. And make sure you use a single exclamatory mark (!) to avoid annoying buyers.

Know that all caps letters and exclamations do not change what buyers think of you. Write out the descriptions in your motorcycle ad naturally and avoid exaggerating. Besides, the buyer will test ride the motorcycle to confirm your claims.

  1. List the Location

Regarding how to write an ad that sells a motorcycle, make sure to include the preferred location.

If you are okay with an out-of-state buyer, include it in your ad. Otherwise, mention that you want to deal with buyers in your state only (specify your state or specific location).

  1. Write Your Payment Option

Regardless of the destination of your buyer, the payment method is determined by the platform. If you use eBay, payment is made before shipping the motorcycle, or the buyer contacts you for a test ride.

On CL or Facebook Market, payments are made on the spot. If a seller is comfortable with your preferred payment method, they will contact you. Pick a payment method most preferred on your ad platform.

eBay can handle the payment, but Craigslist deals are mostly cash in hand. Include whether you prefer checking or cash in hand.

A Good Motorcycle Ad Sample

Motorcycle Information

Year: 1991

Make: Aprilla

Model: AF1 125 Futura

Price: $3,500 (obo)

Subject Line

1991 Aprilla AF1 125 Futura, 35k miles, Well-Maintained for Sale

Body of Ad

I’m selling my fully operational blue 1991 Aprilla AF1 Futura. Suitable for men and women. I’m selling this motorcycle to finance a new car for my new job. Bought the bike in 2010 and I’ve mostly used it in dry weather, covered 35k miles. It’s well-maintained, serviced regularly and ready to ride home. It uses a mudflap, and comes with a helmet. Excellent for commuting, light and flexible riding. I’m selling it at $3,500 or the best offer (obo). Complete paperwork is available. No theft record, never salvaged.

Are you familiar with the bike components? If yes, include them to prove to a genuine buyer that you know your motorcycle.It’s okay not to know much because bot everyone is a pro bike user. You can also include a link to a review article of your motorcycle. Make sure the make, model, and model year are the same with yours. You can also put a link to a full description of the bike by the manufacturer. Simply, write something like “here’s a link [add link] to the manufacturer article describing my 1991 Aprilla 125 Futura”.

Technical specifications

Engine: 2 stroke, single cylinder light alloy

Cooling system: Liquid cooled

Ignition: Electronic

Power: 30 hp @ 8800 rpm

Torque: 14.5 lb-ft @ 10000

Top speed: 104 mph or 167.2 km/h

Transmission: 6 spd

Besides, most amateur buyers are not interested in the technical information, except a few basic information, including the bike condition.

If you do not have a complete paperwork for the bike, write something like:

Motorcycle has no title. No theft record. You will get the bill of sale and register with it with the motor vehicle agency.

If the motorcycle has a lien on it, inform the lienholder first. In the description, explain that the lienholder is aware of the listing and will show up during the purchase to sign over the title.

Have you dropped the bike before? If there’s a visible crash on the bike, mention it in the description. However, it’ll affect the sales price, but it’s better to be honest to get the best deal from a genuine buyer.

A Bad Motorcycle Ad

When you write a bad motorcycle ad for selling a motorcycle, you won’t sell the motorcycle faster, and lots of lowballing sets in.

Moreover, buyers will contact you with too many questions. When writing your classified motorbike ad, avoid including “Contact for more information.” It is a bad strategy, and buyers will avoid your ad.

A bad motorcycle ad sample:

Subject Line

Selling hot Aprilla AF1 Futura, perfect condition, cheap, and FAST!

Body of Ad

I’m selling this super hot motorcycle very cheap at $3,500 (no lowballing) to a lucky buyer. I have a new bike and I don’t fancy this anymore. NO RUST! All wheels are still new and the bike has never dropped. Bought new tires recently, so I’m increasing the motorcycle price. I’m giving it away to the fastest bidder. I will fix the damages for free before you ride home. Come with your mechanic.

The ad above is bad and almost provides no information about the motorcycle. A buyer might think it’s a stolen bike because the advertisement tone is aggressive and not much information. Most buyers do not like asking too many questions, so you want to cover as much information as you can in the description.

Final Thoughts

The most important aspect is to keep the motorcycle ad brief and concise. Use key terms that users will search for and understand that every buyer sees you as a liar.

You are selling your motorcycle “As Is” and should not be mandated by any buyer to apply sales warrantee.

Always check and answer your emails regularly. When you find suspicious emails, do not click or respond.

And to avoid bearing the loss when a buyer crashes during a test ride, hold the cash. Besides, your insurance may not cover them.

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