How to destroy a car without leaving evidence

It can be difficult to destroy a car without leaving evidence since cars are made up of many parts that can leave traces or clues used to figure out the culprit. However, there are a few techniques that can be used to reduce the amount of evidence left behind after the destruction.

How to destroy a car without leaving evidence

Below are ways someone can destroy a car without leaving evidence:


1. Remove the VIN

Anyone can destroy a car without leaving evidence by taking off the car’s VIN (vehicle identification number).

This identification number is usually on the dashboard or in the engine bay and is the best way to tell what kind of car it is or the history of a car.


To remove the VIN, the perpetrator can use a cutting tool to cut it out of the car or dissolve it with chemicals. In both cases, they make sure that the VIN is completely wiped off and that nothing, like a piece or an imprint, is left behind.

Note that it is a felony to knowingly remove, obliterate, tamper with, or alter an identification number for a road motor vehicle—U.S. Department of Justice.

2. Smash with a sledgehammer

A car owner can also smash their car with a sledgehammer or another heavy object to get rid of any evidence. This will do a lot of damage to the car. However, any decent mechanic will probably find sabotage.

You can disconnect the electrical system of the car, including the battery, alternator, starter, and any other electrical component that might store data. This will prevent any electronic data from being retrieved from the car and used as evidence.


When crushing the car, people will typically avoid leaving any recognizable marks or imprints, such as those from a sledgehammer or other tool. Also, the person who owns the car would wear gloves to avoid leaving any fingerprints or DNA.

3. Consider engulfing with fire

Using fire is another way to destroy a car without leaving any evidence.

Just pour gasoline or other flammable liquids on the car and set it on fire.

The fire will do damage to the car, making it hard to figure out what caused the damage.

The person has to be careful when using fire to keep it from spreading quickly and hurting people or damaging properties. Diesel fuel or another accelerant that burns hot and quickly could be used to reduce the amount of evidence left behind.

4. Use corrosives

Corrosive chemicals are another way to destroy a car with no evidence. For instance, someone could fill the car with something corrosive, like battery acid, which would break down the metal and plastic parts of the car.

This method is less likely to start a fire, but it takes longer and you need access to the corrosive substance. You’d have to be careful not to come into contact with the chemicals, which could hurt or even be lethal.

5. Use explosives

In some cases, a car owner may choose to use explosives to destroy a car. This can be done by putting explosives in key places on the car, like the engine or the gas tank.

The explosion will cause damage to the car but this method also has a lot of risks because it can hurt other people and damage other things. A type of explosive that is hard to track, like black powder, can be used by the car owner to leave the least amount of evidence possible.

6. Sell to a scrapyard

This method involves selling the car to a scrap yard, where it will be disassembled and recycled.

The weight of the car and the value of its metal parts will determine how much the scrap yard will pay for it. To make sure the car can’t be tracked down, the owner’s information is taken off and the sale is done in cash.

7. Dump it in water

Another way to destroy a car without leaving any evidence is to throw it in a body of water. The car can be towed to a lake, river, or ocean and sunk there.

Over time, the water will cause the car to rust and break down, making it hard to figure out what happened. But this method affects the environment because it can hurt aquatic life and make the water dirty.

Depending on the rules and laws in your area, it may also be against the law to get rid of a car in this way.

Nevertheless, this method is relatively safe, but it takes a long time and might not work in places where there aren’t many bodies of water. Also, the person who caused the damage may leave behind physical evidence, like footprints or tire tracks, that could be used to find out who did it.

8. Rip to pieces

Disassembling a car piece by piece is one of the best ways to completely destroy it without leaving any evidence. This method requires some mechanical knowledge, a lot of time, and a lot of patience, but it can be done without leaving any sign that the car was ever there.

Start by taking out the engine and other big parts, and then move on to smaller things like the seats, dashboard, and trim. After all the parts have been taken off, they can be thrown away in different places to make it harder to find them.

9. Abandon the vehicle

Last but not least, a person could destroy a car without leaving any evidence by leaving it in a remote location. This method is low-risk and does not require any physical effort, but it does not guarantee that the car will be destroyed.

The place where the destruction will happen should be far away from any witnesses or cameras that could record it. A deserted place, like an old warehouse or a park in the middle of nowhere, is perfect for this.

The car will deteriorate over time because of the weather, animals, or other things, but law enforcement or other people might find it and bring it back. Also, the person who left the dog behind may have left behind physical evidence, like footprints or tire tracks, that could be used to find out who did it.

Alternatively, burying the car in a remote location can get rid of any evidence. The person will dig a deep hole in the ground and then lower the car into it. The hole can then be filled with dirt, and the area around it can be covered with plants or other things to hide where the car is buried.

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It is difficult to destroy a car without leaving evidence, and it requires careful planning and execution. Getting rid of the VIN, crushing the car, setting it on fire or using explosives, or throwing it in a body of water are all good ways to leave as little evidence as possible. Think about the risks and consequences of each method, such as how it could hurt you, other people, or the environment.

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