How to Fake a Direct Deposit

Perhaps, your arrival here is no accident but you will learn how to fake a direct deposit. It is a bit technical yet easy to do, and this article explains the ways to go about it.

how to fake a direct deposit


To fake a direct deposit, you have to do an ACH push from a bank account to your target bank bonus account. In some banks, ACH transfers are automatically coded from certain accounts as a direct deposit. You also need to know which bank accounts can trigger the direct deposit requirement.

Before we delve deeper, you can also make a direct deposit through a brokerage account, bank transfer, or with a business checking account. You need to know the banks that work, and I have included a resource to help you know the working banks.


Reasons Why You Should Fake a Direct Deposit

Below are two major reasons you want to fake a direct deposit:

  • To get a bank bonus. You fake a direct deposit to get a bank bonus from the bank. One of the lucrative bonus accounts is the Capital One 360 checking bonus. However, the setback is that banks do not want to make it easy for you to fake a direct deposit. Banks want you to have a recurrent direct deposit for them to continue collecting your money.
  • To avoid bank fees. Depending on your bank, the fees can be waived if you get two direct deposits monthly or thereabout. This means you avoid those checking account fees, and even if your savings account.

When getting a checking account, make sure there are no monthly fees because many banks, including Capital One and Charles Schwab, have no monthly fees.

The setback is that Capital One makes you responsible for the ATM fee from an ATM owner while Charles Schwab refunds every bank ATM fee, even if you are charged by the ATM owner.

How to Know What is Considered a Qualifying Direct Deposit is a good resource for bank bonuses.


Some qualifying bank accounts are transfers and brokerage accounts. DoctorOfCredit uses data sourced from users that have confirmed any methods that qualify as direct deposits.

Changes occur with time, so there is no guarantee that the information you find on DoctorOfCredit is the most recent one. Nevertheless, it is a good resource you can start with to find what counts as bank transfer direct deposit.

In most cases, a brokerage makes it count. On DoctorOfCredit, I looked at the Capital One 360. You might also notice there that the Charles Schwab can work when you click any of the numbers. It redirects you to a user’s comment that shows if the transfer counts as a direct deposit.

Most transfers are from the Charles Schwab brokerage account. However, note that the Charles Schwab brokerage account is different from the Charles Schwab checking account.

Some of the brokerage account methods that work include:

  • E-trade
  • Fidelity
  • Robinhood
  • TD Ameritrade
  • Vanguard

If you use Capital One 360, you want to create a brokerage account. Some users have asked about Zelle or PayPal. Unfortunately, there is no information on that.

For this guide, we use the Charles Schwab Brokerage account to play around with the business checking account. These work like ACH transfers which can also qualify as a direct deposit.

First, you can just check DoctorOfCredit or any website for the transfers that work and from which banks.

A brokerage account is an investment account you can use to buy and sell stocks. The Charles Schwab brokerage account is an example that allows you to buy and sell stocks.

You can move the money directly from the brokerage account to an external bank account which can qualify it as a direct deposit.

How to Fake a Direct Deposit

This section reveals how to make a bank transfer that counts as a direct deposit. Remember that the bank wants you to continue giving them your money. You turn it against them by faking a direct deposit:

  1. Bank Transfer

What qualifies as a direct deposit Wells Fargo

Let’s assume that you want a Citibank bonus and you have visited DoctorOfCredit. It can say that Capital One, Chase, PayPal, and Discover qualify as a direct deposit when transferring money from that bank to Citibank.

We are interested in getting the Citibank checking bonus in this example. Log out of your Citibank account and log in to either your Chase or PayPal account and initiate the transfer from there.

You are going for the Citi bonus and you use one of these eligible banks. If you are using Chase, log into your Chase account and add your Citibank information, and send money from your Chase account to your Citibank account.

Ensure that you are pushing money within your Chase account to your Citibank account. When you push money from your external account to the account you want to get the bonus, it can trigger the direct deposit requirement for Citibank. This does not work for all banks.

  1. A Brokerage Account

Does Zelle count as direct deposit

A brokerage account can also qualify as a direct deposit. If you sign up for a Capital One 360 bonus, a brokerage account can qualify as a direct deposit bonus.

Transfer money from your brokerage account (do not transfer from your checking account). If your account is Charles Schwab, you have to push money from your brokerage account to Capital One.

Ensure that you are logged into your Charles Schwab account. Add the external account information for Capital One and send money from the brokerage account to Capital One. Do not send it from your checking account.

When you receive the money in that account, it will read if it arrived from a checking or a brokerage account. It will also mention the type of transfer.

If you send money from a Charles Schwab checking account to Capital One, it will show up as P2P in the memo notes. However, using a brokerage account will show up as Money Link.

To fake a direct deposit with your brokerage account successfully, try to blast these accounts multiple times to get the bonus. Ensure to play it safe and make multiple transfers from multiple locations for it to trigger. Sometimes, the bonus can take up to months to show up, so you do not even know about it.

  1. Business Checking Account

Direct deposit hack

A business checking account is a consistent way to fake a direct deposit. If you pay someone with your business checking account, it is an ACH transfer, and an ACH transfer is a direct deposit in many cases.

Anyone can get a business checking account for a direct deposit to move money around easily. You need a business checking account with low fees. A business checking account makes you eligible for full value and has fewer limitations.

To have a business account, get an EIN (Employer Identification Number) for free from the IRS. However, you need a business. If you have no business, you register one. In Wyoming, for example, about 150 bucks can get you a business. Wyoming also has low taxes within the 50 states in the US. Find an agent to set up a business for you.

After setting up your business, you will receive documents containing your articles of organization. You will use the articles of organization information to fill out your required information.

They can leave out your name, and even the business name in the editable PDF. Edit the document and save it. With your business EIN, you can get a business checking account.

Ensure to pick a generic business name to prevent the bank from investigating your business. Do not use a name related to adult stuff, money, politics, gambling, etc., to avoid many follow-up questions. You can set up your account with Novo without many questions.

When your business checking account is ready, you can make ACH transfers. Fund the account from your personal bank account and send money to yourself through any bank. The payment will count as an ACH transfer which can qualify as a fake direct deposit.

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How to fake a direct deposit for Chime

Chime is currently offering a $100 bonus for new users who sign up and receive a minimum of $200 via direct deposit. However, there is a workaround to activate the bonus without using a traditional direct deposit. You just require an ordinary bank ACH transfer from almost any bank, ensuring you select the slower transfer option that takes 2-3 days to complete instead of the instant one. This method works with Cashapp, Chase Bank, Ally Bank, Venmo, Zelle, and others.

This process typically offers quick results, with the bonus appearing the same day the deposit is processed. Furthermore, Chime provides a virtual card so you don’t have to wait for the physical card to access your money. This bank has no associated fees and you can close the account whenever you wish without any risks.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to get the $100 bonus:

  1. Visit the link of someone’s referral to sign up for Chime.
  2. Once signed up, find your temporary card in the Chime app.
  3. Add this card to your Venmo or Cash App account (Cash App is recommended) as your credit/debit card.
  4. In either of these apps, click on the alternative option to the credit/debit card in the banks section and link your Chime account or input the routing/account numbers.
  5. Deposit $200 to your bank account THE SLOW WAY (1-3 business days). If you’ve used Cash App, you should be able to “add cash” from your Chime into your Cash App balance to make purchases with your Cash App card (which provides a virtual card instantly upon order that can be added to a digital wallet). If you’ve used Venmo, you can use your Venmo debit card and it will reload from your Chime.

The bonus will be paid out once the steps are successfully completed. Simply put, you’ll be rewarded once the process is completed. You and the referral will both earn $100 when you join Chime and receive a qualifying direct deposit.


What is considered a qualifying direct deposit?

A qualifying direct deposit can be an Automated Clearing House (ACH) credit from a business checking account, or even a brokerage account or a direct bank transfer. If it is a business checking account that becomes ACH, this can include payroll, pension, or a government payment such as Social Security.

Can you give yourself a direct deposit?

Some banks have a link on their websites that directs to set up a direct deposit. You can use it to give yourself a direct deposit. Create a customized direct deposit form via your bank’s website or download the blank form and complete it with your details.

Final Thoughts

You can use Charles Schwab or TD Ameritrade for your brokerage account. Generally, it pays to invest. If you need free stuff as a beginner or pro, you can try Webull or Robinhood for your brokerage account.

There is no guarantee that these methods, including direct transfer, brokerage, and business checking accounts will work when faking a direct deposit.

They work in certain cases does not mean they always work. See it as an investment and give it patience and retry again and again. Do not overdo.

Value comes after investing. However, you must trade responsibly.

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