How to Make a Fake Walmart Receipt for Returns

You can make a fake Walmart receipt; however, if you lost your copy, you can contact the Walmart location where you made your purchases for a replacement receipt, call the hotline, or use Walmart’s receipt lookup if you paid with a debit or credit card. Walmart employees can spot a fake receipt through the receipt lookup system.

Some customers try to use fake Walmart receipts for returns, and while some are genuine, others use them to get their money back from Walmart after using the item. If you genuinely need to return an item you bought after losing your original Walmart receipt, you might want to make a fake Walmart receipt.


Is Using a Fake Walmart Receipt at Walmart Illegal?

Yes, it is perfectly illegal, and you can take an example from the 3 in jail for attempted theft in Hanford with fake Walmart receipts. One of the culprits is a repeat offender in jail who tried to trick Walmart employees and get away with a TV. make a fake Walmart receipt

This article guides you only to generate phony Walmart receipts for pranks and not for false return of items.

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How a Walmart Receipt Works and How a Fake Can Be

Before you make a fake Walmart receipt, understand how Walmart’s receipt works and its anatomy. The header of Walmart’s receipt information depends on the store. Some Walmart stores list the name and phone number of the manager, while others use the store’s physical address on the receipt.

Example of Walmart receipt
Fake Walmart Receipt

When you create a fake Walmart receipt, these numbers (ST#, OP#, TE#, and TR#) are randomly generated.

  • ST# – Walmart store number.
  • OP# – Cashier number, also called operator number.
  • TE# – Register number.
  • TR# – The register’s transaction number.
  • TC# – Barcode (if you return an item to Walmart, they will scan this barcode for verification).

A fake Walmart receipt generator will list items on the receipt just like on the authentic Walmart receipt so that they are scanned at the time of purchase. On the right of the item price of a doctored Walmart receipt, you might see N, X, O, or T, etc., which means the taxing type of the item. See the tax types below:

  • N: Nontaxable item
  • X: Taxable item
  • O: Sale item (nontaxable)
  • T: Sale item (taxable)
  • H: HSA (Health Spending Account) eligible item
  • F: Food item (eligible for Food Stamps)
  • K: Cashier manually keyed enter (if it did not scan properly)

Your generated Walmart receipt will also contain a QR code and an encoded URL for checking the receipt online.

How to Make a Fake Walmart Receipt

How to make a fake Walmart receipt


Before you generate your Walmart receipt online, get an original Walmart receipt you will use to compare. First, download the Walmart receipt logo like what you see here.

Below are the ways to make a fake Walmart receipt:

1. ExpressExpense

how to make a fake Walmart receipt
What are the codes on a Walmart receipt

It is easy to make a receipt for Walmart purchases using an online receipt maker like ExpressExpense. I have generated several Walmart receipt templates on this website, and they look similar to authentic Walmart receipts for pranks. The font of this Walmart receipt template is a replica of the thermal printer fonts used at Walmart stores.

Below is how you can make a fake Walmart receipt using ExpressExpense:

  1. Go to
  2. Select your preferred template for creating a fake Walmart receipt. The default template is MEGA BIGBOX. You can scroll down and select others like Big Box Store Receipt, Warehouse Store Receipt, Discount Retail Store, Shoe Store Receipt, or Luxury Fashion Receipt.
  3. The next step is to enter the fake Walmart receipt information. First, select the font style from the drop-down. You can leave it in Font Style 1.
  4. Enter the transaction date in the Date field. It must be a past date since you might be needing it to return a Walmart item you bought but lost the receipt. The date must be one of the days Walmart opened.
  5. Enter the transaction time in the Time Make sure your selected time falls in between Walmart’s opening hours, typically 6 am or 7 am until 11 pm.
  6. In the Business field, enter Walmart.
  7. Enter your address in the Address.
  8. Enter your city and state in the City, State.
  9. Enter your phone number under Telephone.
  10. Under the tax fields, enter the tax details.
  11. Under the Payment field, enter the details of your payment option.
  12. Enter custom text in the Custom Text You can skip this section if you have no need.
  13. Tick or untick “Use EURO decimal separator”. Make sure what you do matches with what you have on the original copy of a Walmart receipt with you.
  14. Under QTY (quantity), DESC (description), and AMT fields, enter the item quantity, item description, and amount as you see in the original sample Walmart receipt with you. To add more items, click the green + You can continue clicking it to open new item fields to add more items or products to the fake Walmart receipt.
  15. Click BROWSE and select the Walmart receipt logo you downloaded initially to upload it to the fake receipt you are generating.
  16. Click Make Receipt and your fake Walmart receipt is ready for download. You can download it in PDF or JPG.
  17. Unfortunately, ExpressExpense will add a watermark to the downloaded image or PDF. But you can remove it by making a payment. Alternatively, you can use an image editing/cloning tool to remove the watermark, but this requires expertise with Photoshop or PicsArt (for mobile). You also have to download the fake Walmart receipt as a JPG to be able to edit it.
  18. To remove the watermark, click Remove Watermark.
  19. Select the Standard Plan.

ExpressExpense for Walmart receipt is not the best option if you are signing up to get a free Walmart receipt. Here, you will need to use your card to make a payment to download your fake Walmart receipt. The final step is to print. Keep reading as I have explained the receipt printing process.

2. nuTemplates

Walmart receipt template pdf
how to make a fake Walmart receipt

nuTemplates has done a great job with its Walmart receipt generator. You can make a fake Walmart receipt

Follow the instructions below to create a printable Walmart receipt template:

  1. First, get an original copy of a Walmart receipt in your location.
  2. Go to Walmart receipt template maker.
  3. Download the Walmart receipt template in Excel, Word doc, or PDF. I recommend downloading it as a DOC file so that you can easily edit and print it.
  4. Add Walmart store details (name and address).
  5. Generate unique receipt codes for identification.
  6. Complete every data field in the template.
  7. Calculate the subtotals of items and the total amount due.
  8. Add the Walmart receipt logo. You can download a logo online, something similar to what I initially recommended for you to download.

Finally, print the receipt. Keep reading to see the correct tips to follow, including the paper to use to print your generated Walmart receipt.

4. Make Receipt Fake Walmart Receipt Online

You can also make a fake Walmart receipt replica to use at a Walmart store for returns. Walmart might not have the best return policy without receipts. However, not having a receipt or using a fake one will still get you a refund or replacement. Make Receipt is the online Walmart receipt generator you can use to create the receipt. Follow these simple steps:

  1. Open your web browser and go to MakeReceipt Walmart Receipt Replica.
  2. Once on this Walmart generator site, you will see various fields where you can enter the details you want to appear on the receipt. This might include items purchased, prices, taxes, etc.
  3. You can choose from different font styles available on the site to make the receipt look more authentic.
  4. Choose the currency symbol you want to use on the receipt, such as $, €, £, etc. You can also include different types of taxes like VAT, Sales Tax, Service Tax, etc., or choose ‘No Tax’ if you don’t want to include any tax.
  5. After providing all the required information and making your selections, click the Make Receipt button to generate the receipt.

Once the receipt is generated, review it to ensure all the details are correct. If satisfied, you can save the receipt for your use.

5. Bills99

how to make a fake Walmart receipt Walmart receipt Logo black and white

If you bought a Walmart item by mistake and want to return it, Bills99 is the receipt maker you need. You can also use this online generator to create receipts for your business that are similar to that of Walmart.

  • Go to
  • Click Get Started.
  • Click Sign Up.
  • From your account, select Grocery Receipts from the drop-down Category.
  • Look for the Walmart Style Receipt Template and click Generate.
  • Enter the Receipt Details required. You can use the sample Walmart receipt on the right of your screen to know what each box requires.
  • Add your logo (you can use the sample logo from this guide or download another one online, but must be similar to the original Walmart receipt logo), applicable taxes, and items purchased. Click the + symbol to continue adding tax or item.
  • Click Generate, your replica Walmart receipt is ready.
  • Click View Sample to crosscheck and ensure you entered the information correctly.
  • Finally, download the receipt.

Your fake Walmart receipt is now ready for printing. You can watch the video below to learn how to use Bills99 to make a fake Walmart receipt that looks real:

6. US Legal Forms Walmart Receipt Generator

So, can you make a Walmart receipt using the Walmart Receipt Generator on Well, yes. However, this method can be a bit complicated, but not too much if you follow the steps below:

  1. Go to the Walmart Receipt Generator on
  2. Click the Get form button to open the document.
  3. Complete all the required fields in the form. These fields are usually highlighted in yellow.
  4. Don’t forget to insert the relevant date on the form.
  5. Before you finalize, review the entire fake Walmart receipt template to make sure all the data is correct.

Once satisfied, just click Done and save the completed document to your computer. You can then save your Walmart Receipt Generator after completing it. Alternatively, you can download the fake Walmart receipt from other places listed here. Then use US Legal Forms to modify the receipt.

What Receipt Does Walmart Use?

A Walmart receipt is printed from a POS (point-of-sale) system using a thermal printer. The thermal receipt paper is produced in rolls and inserted into the receipt printer. The typical widths of these receipts are 58mm (2.283 inches) or 80mm (3.15 inches). Walmart also uses a custom thermal receipt paper that has a pre-printed image for security purposes.

What is Walmart’s Return Policy?

Before you make that doctored Walmart receipt, know Walmart’s return policy. Walmart allows up to 90 days after purchase to exchange or return an item you purchased, except it is part of their exceptions. In the exceptions, some items qualify for 14, 30, and 60 days return only. Refer to Walmart’s website to learn everything about their return policy exceptions. You can return items for free by mail, in-store, or via a scheduled pickup from your home.

How to Print Your Fake Walmart Receipt

There are many ways you can print your Walmart-styled receipt, but most stores use thermal printing technology for receipt printing.

In thermal receipt printing, heat-sensitive thermal paper goes through a heating element in the printer. The heated receipt paper then receives letters or image(s). Other printing formats include laser, dot-matrix, or inkjet printing. However, stores such as Walmart prefer thermal receipt printers for their speed, quietness, and energy efficiency.

Printing on real receipt paper would make the fake Walmart receipt more convincing and such paper might not be too expensive on Amazon or eBay. The fake receipt could pay for itself in no time if used with an expensive item, as greeters asking to see the receipt might not be able to tell it’s fake at a quick glance.

Checkers don’t usually look for line items; they either scan for big purchases or wave people through after looking for the camera. You can search eBay for a thermal printer, and find a new one for less than 30 dollars.

Can you still make fake online receipts and make returns at Walmart?

You can make fake online receipts for returns at Walmart. Unfortunately, there is no satisfactory answer to this question, however, here is a technical response. Reports claim that Walmart POS frontends use IBM running a proprietary OS based on SUSE Enterprise Linux. Walmart handles caching through regional CICS transaction servers running on the HTTP protocol. The APIs for external security validation systems are said to be available when you build HTTP 1.1 GET requests. This is all you should know – it is a bit technical, perhaps only hackers should be reading this section of my guide.

How often does Walmart’s cache update the inventory? Is it in real-time or in batches? Can you use Walmart’s sandbox API, hack some fake Walmart receipt template, or update it? It all depends on how smart you are and how often Walmart updates its inventory or reviews it for returns. You will then have to create a fake receipt that reflects the current inventory.

Alternatively, you can use an RFID jammer during the receipt scan and claim to be in a hurry while walking out. Unfortunately, I do not know how Walmart’s return system works, the data that they manipulate at the POS, and what changes occur during original returns.

In essence, it is not easy to make fake online receipts and make returns at Walmart unless your transaction ID or barcode is authentic, and you merely missed your original receipt. Do not think of defrauding Walmart in this manner, except you can bypass their receipt lookup system.

Can you make Walmart receipts?

You can make a Walmart receipt for Walmart purchases using online services such as ExpressExpense, nuTemplates, and Bills99. These Walmart template generators allow you to add itemized items, Walmart logo, fake barcode, and custom text to your Walmart receipt.

Does Walmart receipt lookup work?

Walmart receipt lookup works. When you present a fake Walmart receipt, the cashier will do a receipt lookup using the purchase history and reference number.

Can a Walmart receipt be modified?

You can modify a Walmart receipt if you want, however, you have to get the barcode correctly. Otherwise, when Walmart scans the barcode, it will not bring up the information. If you lost your Walmart receipt when you fake it to return an item, you have to get the barcode correctly, or it will not work at all. Unfortunately, you will now get unnecessary attention from Walmart’s asset protection associate, which can get you into trouble. They will assume that you planned to steal from Walmart.

What is the font used on receipts?

Helvetica. Reports show that Walmart uses Helvetica font for their receipt. Most online generator tools already use pre-installed fonts for your fake Walmart receipt. You will only need this font type if you are creating your fake Walmart receipt with Photoshop, Corel Draw, or any photo editing tool.

Final Thoughts on Fake Walmart Receipts

Again, this article only shows you how to make a fake Walmart receipt for pranks. If you intend to return items to Walmart without a receipt, you should talk to them about it. They usually accept items even if you do not have a receipt. Walmart typically shifts the loss to consumers – the reason item prices surge overnight.

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  1. Figure out the item you bought, and check the upc number listed on each item on the receipt you purchased and read the barcode number on the products. It’s not all that hard to figure out. Most of the time, Walmart just put a few letters because there is not enough room to write all of it. For example, if you bought a model car, it might appear as “mdlcar” or “mdl car” on the receipt, or a picture frame might be “pct frame”.

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