How to ruin someone’s car paint instantly

It’s odd that you plan to ruin someone’s car paint. Well, I don’t know why you want to but the advice is “don’t get caught”. Ruining someone’s paint is considered vandalism and you could be fined and sent to prison, depending on your state laws though. But just to answer the question, this article reveals the most effective ways of ruining automobile paint instantly. The damage will usually force the car owner to spend a little or more bucks on repairs. Once again, give this a second thought—don’t revenge this way.



This publication discourages ruining someone’s car paint. Whatever you decide to do is up to you and you also get to bear the consequences if caught.

How to ruin someone’s car paint

Since you asked a ruining question, you have been provided a ruining answer. Below are effective ways car paint can be ruined.

Brake fluid

Brake fluid is every vandal’s choice. It is lethal. I had a friend who was dating a divorcee, and her ex-husband would frequently stop by and spray brake fluid all over my buddy’s car. Brake fluid typically contains the toxic alcohol diethylene glycol (DEG), which has a boiling point of about 470°F, per NCPC.


Aircraft paint stripper

Auto paint will quickly decimate if you use an aircraft paint stripper coated in saran wrap. But be careful—it may also eat through several layers of latex gloves. Avoid getting it on any rubber or plastic components you don’t want to be ruined. This awful stuff will literally burn into tires if it comes into contact. Just visit Home Depot and buy a Gel Paint Stripper. Apply on the car paint as you walk past. After about 5 minutes, the paint will bubble right off.

Fresh bird droppings

One of the most frustrating experiences for vehicle owners is returning to their car to find it covered in bird droppings. Bird poop is not just irritating but can also ruin a vehicle’s paint. It could take just over 3 minutes for the corrosive effects of bird droppings on car paint to eat through wax coatings and paint. Bird poop has a pH level of up to 4.5 due to the high amount of uric acid.


Salt (NaCl) will damage a car’s finish—I can attest to it as a resident of the Pacific Northwest and someone who lives in a high desert or on the coast, whether air from the seaside or road salt. Salt has the properties of both an acid and a base. NaCl is a neutral compound, as it has a pH of 7. So, salt is neither acidic nor basic and is formed from a strong acid HCl and a strong base NaOH—

Tree sap

Tree sap can bake into a car’s paint, leaving a conspicuous stain that requires significant work to remove. Additionally, the sap can react with the paint on a car, leaving a rough patch. A mere wash can’t remove baked-in sap left on car paint.


Silly string

The silly string may seem like a harmless prank or revenge on someone’s car, however, it contains resin and colorants that can cause damage to a car’s paint if left to dry in the sun. So, before you go spraying it on someone’s car, think again.


Bologna ought to work; I’ve actually seen a few people pull it off. It’s a perfect circle of messed-up car paint.


A key removes paint instantly. You’d need a key you no longer use to scratch the car as you walk past.

Wet rag

For between 20 minutes and 1 hour, soak a rag and leave it on the surface of the car. It will eat through the paint gradually. This method is best used on an annoying neighbor’s car overnight.


Assuming you can get close to the car, go to Walmart and purchase some sandpaper. Any type will do, but lower grit numbers will cause more damage in a shorter amount of time. For example, using 80 grit sandpaper can quickly cause significant damage—it’s quite an evil revenge.


Eggs pose a serious two-fold risk to the paint of a car. First off, eggs’ acidic whites and yolks might dissolve the clear coat. If it’s baked in, it may also leave a horrible stain and even ruin the base coat.

Shaving cream

If the chemical residue from the shaving cream product is not placed on a car, it will leave a permanent stain on the paint. Conventional shaving creams can be alkaline, with a pH level of 10 or 11.

Shoe polish

Shoe polish, like shaving cream, leaves a stain that won’t go away no matter how long the car owner will scrub the area.

Other things that can ruin a car paint:

  • Coffee and soda
  • Gas
  • Ashes
  • Tar

Whatever you do, don’t be like Eric Scott, a Santa Rosa County man, who managed to cause $600 in damages to a police car paint job with his lethal teeth, reports the Miami New Times.

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